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UPDATE: I’m altering my email. It’s now I’ll be using this one from now on. I’m letting the other ones rot.

Pen name: Fiamme (It’s Italian, meaning flames/fire)

Age: Ah, you didn’t really think I’d give it to you that easily, did you? Compute for the distance of the following points. The distance would be my age. (-86/5, 33/2) (-287/35, 63/14)

Since I know you’re slow, I won’t make things abstruse: I’m a flamer. I’m a fucking bitch according to Meister (go figure who he is), an attention-whore as stated by fake Bet You Love That (the daunted idiot hasn’t come back yet, how sad), and Tom, the pusillanimous anonymous, told me I’m not the queen of the world. (Hahahahaha! Soon, I will be, darling.)

When I flame, I’m always ingenuous. Candor surely infuriates flamed writers (they’re adamant when telling me they’re writers and that they do their best when creating fan fictions. Alright, then, they’re writers – writers who write horribly), and it’s really fun. Thing is, I don’t engage in palaver and I don’t write hollow reviews like ‘Ooooh! It’s so nice! I love it!’ or ‘Update soon!’ or ‘I’m going to die if you don’t update!’ Geez. Such boost one’s ego, but they're ineffective in helping authors develop their skills (if ever they do have some).

I’m immature (as said by Peeps1993 mother – or so she calls herself) but hey, at least I’m mature enough to figure out I shouldn’t:

1. fantasize characters from anime
2. create aggravating Mary Sues
3. upload crappy fan fictions
4. hostage chapters for reviews

If you receive my flame, don’t hesitate to PM me or proceed to my blog. Let’s settle our fracas there. Just heads up: Don’t tell me I’m a cynic or emo or hateful or anything like those; they have nothing to do with me flaming. Moreover, don’t tell me you’re a beginner writer; it doesn’t justify the fact that you write like a zygote.


If there's anyone here I've forgotten to insult, I apologize.

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