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my profile used to have stuff about my favourite things. But i realised that was all kinda n00bish so I changed it. I noticed a while back that peoples profiles can be really boring because they go on about NOTHING so I decided to write something that will keep us all entertained, and teach people that are new to fanfiction a thing or two. Anyway here it is

How to make sure your OC isn't a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu

you just thought up an OC, you think everything is grand and dandy, you have a great OC and an OK story-line. You post it on FF and everything's great. You see you've got your first review yah, you go onto the review page and BAMM! you just got flamed because your great "OC" is actually a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu. So I've written this to make sure something like that never happens to someone who reads this.

1) when you think up a OC your probably going to give them powers or something e.g there super strong or super smart or something like that. Anyway don't give them to much powers/strength. Everyone has an Achilles heal. Even if they don't have powers Oc's also need flaws in there personalty e.g they talk to much, there vain(this can work as a good or bad personalty trait) or there just plain annoying.

what i do when i come up with a OC is I sit down, get a piece of paper or Microsoft word and make out a table like this.

OCs name: Sara (this character/OC is not in any of my stories)

Strengths: very funny and can cheer people up easly

Weaknesses: can be really annoying sometimes and doesnt take things seriously

2) please, PLEASE don't make your OC the most beautiful thing that ever existed. I am begging you please don't, that is one of the most Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu ish things you can do, if you can pull it off great that's good for you, but please be realistic it is not humanly possible to have no feature flaws. I do the same thing I did with 1)

OCs name: Sara

Best features: her sky blue eyes, thick black hair and long curly eyelashes

Worst Features: Has a growth on her chin, always has bags under her eyes and has a constant red nose because she always has a cold.

3) don't make everyone of the opposite gender fall in love with him/her unless they have a love potion or something just don't. maybe have them fall in love with one person, but just one person, you could try and get away with two, it's really up to you.

4) The main evil character does not want to capture your OC because of there extreme power. Every single Mary-Sue story that I have read has that plot line. Maybe have it as your OC gets into a fight with someone and becomes evil in spite. (hmm must turn this into a story) seriously just don't write that plot line, everyone on FanFiction is sick of that plot line, even Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu writers are sick of that plot line. So don't write it.

well I I've been helpful with this guide :P

The totally awesome, amazing generation is on hiatus because I've lost my muse(waaa) i might re-write it sometime, for for now meh. Also i'll try and continue The warriers dream...but im going to camp for two weeks so yeah give me some time and stuff

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