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Poll: Who should Reina Moore from my Final Fantasy IX fic have as a lover? I'll need this before the forest and Blank become petrified. About ...oh 4-5 chapters from now. Depending on who she is with the story can swing one of three different ways. Thank you very much for taking time to vote in my poll. Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Earth's Children, Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン.

Info on me. The Rini-Ness

I'm pretty nice once you get to know me, though with my writing I do suffer from writers block a lot. Something I am trying to work with great difficulty.

My favorite color is Orange and my fav anime is Fushigi Yuugi. XD

I am interested in making friends on here, but not enemies. If you are an enemy I will throw flaming marshmallows and laugh in your face. Mahahaha!

I have come to a major decision about a few things lately. Though fanfiction is full of people who like to flame and put others down. I have recently decided to go ahead and write what I want to whether everyone here likes it or not. I will focus more on writing what I like and what I want from now on. if you or anyone on fanfiction doesn't like what I write...too bad. Deal with it! This includes any writing I do that bashes characters from a show. Just because some people like a certain person person or person's from a show doesn't mean everyone will. And the way I see it it is my right to choose who I like or do not like. Also for parings in the fic I will sometimes pair the characters from the show together and sometimes I will throw in an oc. It is my fic and I will pair my character with whomever I please when I want to. If I don't like someone in a show I will probably do a little bashing on them. If I get too many flames for it I will then kill of the character in the most gruesome and horrifying way I possibly can.

Just wanted to add in another little something I hate that a lot of people do when they review. A lot but not all scream Mary Sue/Marty Stu the moment they see an oc in a story. I guess to not be one of those you have to be completely ugly, in a wheel chair, blind, and only have one arm. *rolls eyes* Like I said though, I'm not accusing everyone of that and there have been some fics I've seen that have been so obviously a Mary Sue/ Marty Stu. But to some people if your oc likes or gets with one of the main characters they are automatically a Sue/Stu.

There are a lot of immature people from what I've seen on fanfiction that like to put people down in their fics, saying things like you should just go die. People that do that I assume are really young and lack the maturity of adults. So for me I guess it's hard to feel to angry. What's the point of being angry at a small child after all. ^^

If anyone feels like they have to flame because they are upset at life or their parents you can message me, and I'll listen and try to talk toy you as best as I can. But remember anger only leads to more anger, violence to more violence, hatred to more hatred. Make friends not enemies. ^^

Here is an example of pairing's I do not like and will never ship. So do not bother trying to convert me...I will just laugh in your face.

WinryxEdward (FMA)

MamoruxUsagi (Sailor Moon)

Icky, icky, yuck! No way! As far as I am concerned she can die and rot. lol

And an example of a few parings I like

MayxDrew ( Pokemon )

KagomexMiroku ( InuYasha )

Rising Moon pics:

Reina as she is now: http:///art/Pokemon-OC-188634124

Reina's possible new look: http:///art/Reina-s-choice-188709587

If you love the name Isshu and think it never should have been changed to Unova copy and paste this to your sig. :P

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What if Ayla reviews
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