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Typical Canadian 16 year old girl, too wrapped up in dreams an fairytales to be totally healthy...So, I'm starting out with some Inuyasha fanfiction. I've had the urge to write recently, and I have these outlines just lying around from three years ago...I'm running with it. I don't know if ayone really cares about Inuyasha now that the series is really, truly, finally over, but hopefully the story will be good enough on it's own to gain a few good reviews..?

Hey, check out my Fictionpress account - it's a little more, shall we say, developed (Yes, I've actualy posted something over there):

Also, if you're familiar with Deviantart, I'd love for you to take a look at my account - there's a lot more going on over there right now than there is here...:


None yet.


Here are a few of the fanfic ideas I'm toying with (all Inuyasha fics...). I may or may not get around to writing them all. So if you are interested in one, e-mail me about it, and I'll see if I can drag my lazy butt outta bed a little earlier than noon to do some more writing...

1. Royal Pain - Kagome is the Princess of the Higurashi clan. Her father's land is great and prosperous - that also means that it is coveted by many. In order to gain both peace and allies, Kagome is to be married to the young leader of the wolf tribe. It is rather simple plan: Take the lady Kagome to the wolf clan, come home, don't let anyone get kidnapped, tortured/killed. Well, it would have been, anyway - except that the head guard to lead the peace mission is a certain ill-mannered, hot-tempered hanyou...(AU)

2. The Red Dragon - "I just got dumped..." "I need a job..." "I've never felt so alone..." Listening to and solving everyone else's problems without judgment is all in a day's work for you're typical, quiet bartender. But what happens when the bartender is no where near as 'typical' as they may first appear? First impressions and hopeless crisis melt away at The Red Dragon...(AU)

3. Beyond Lies - The great miko, Kikyo, hid the sacred Shikon jewel from would-be enemies many decades ago, and it has not been found since. But now there are rumours circling that her descendant, Kagome, knows where to find it. When Inuyasha hears this, he is determined to seek out the unsuspecting girl and trick her into revealing it. It's hard to get close to her, gain her trust, convince her to go out and find the jewel - but it will all be worth it when he gets his hands on the jewel... (AU)

4. Broken Wings - He was an undecided, floating...waiting...Until one day, he was given a second chance. She needed help, and they sent him. But if he can rescue her soul, perhaps she can save his...Psssssshhht, right...

P.S. I've got a few more ideas swimming around in my head, but they aren't very developed yet. I'll keep this list updated just in case someone out there cares.

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