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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Air Gear, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I'm not a college writing person so forgive my mistakes when I am writing.

The stories I'm doing are now are Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I will start Naruto again over the summer. I know people been asking me but I lost my muse with Naruto. It must be the filler curse as Naruto Shippuuden progress.

I anyway like crack fic, and long story fanfic that make sense. So if your in this area PM me and I will read your story and give you a good review not those one line reviews. I hate those. I do my own fanfiction the way I do it and don't care what people say. You have a strong comment because what you didin't like I will give you a comment back. That’s why its called Fanfiction.

Flamers will be ignored. Flamers to me sound like nagging women who just need to kill themselves because they didn’t get their way. If you don’t like mary sue story (is what you guys call it here) just click the back button and go on with whatever you do with your lives. If you want to read a story just because you feel like it then proceed ahead. That’s all I ask. Just a warning to flamers if you have an account here that I will give you the nicest possible comment I can give you.


I have a PS3. I like mostly Socom series, GOD4, GTA, Naruto games when in japanese mode talking, Assassin's Creed, Kingdom hearts I & II, and Resistance: Fall of Man. If you have a PS3 name send me a message.

Stories of Mine

Naruto: Naruto a new Chapter- Done

Naruto: Clash of two Worlds- Sequal to Naruto: Naruto a New Chapter. Still working.

Also I do AMV on both of them on youtub and my member name is Fallenangelx5433. So look into that.

I also do pictures of my fanfiction.

Here are pictures I did of Tori, Naruto and Sakura

I made another picture of my fanfic again. Its Naruto and Nezumi this time. Hope you like.

Here a picture of Okami (The Eight Tail Wolf Demon) and Tori.

Here a picture of Tori, Itachi and Kisame.

Chapter cover for chapter Four: Lambs and Wolves.

Chapter cover for chapter five: Truth in Power

Chapter six cover. It is Hinata and Okami.

Chapter seven cover. It is Kuma.

This is a commission Dannex009 did for me for helping me finalize what Tori look like. He did a good job and I love his artwork. This is picture is Tori and Naruto for chapter 16. I just added the manga cover look. he did the rest.

This is his deviantart website. Look at his artwork.

Chapter 17 cover. It's Hinata and Tori. Another commission from Dannex009.

Chapter 18 cover. It's Tori and Kyuubi. Another commission from Dannex009.

Chapter 19 cover. It's Yamagata Fushicho final look, another commission from Dannex009. This guy is on fire with my OCs.

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TSCC: The Beginning to the End reviews
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