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Author has written 12 stories for Slayers, and Invader Zim.

Sorry I don't ready a lot of fanfiction anymore. Between having two jobs, writing, and trying to maintain a social life I don't have as much time.

Favorite couples: Invader Zim: Lard Nar and Tallest Miyuki or Prisoner 777 and Tallest Miyuki. (I normally dislike all other pairings. I sometimes dislike these pairings too. It depends how it's written).

Skip Beat: Kyoko and Ren, and every once and a while (if it's written well) Kyoko and Sho.

Invader Zim Fanfics I had Previously Finished Writing:

.What Kindness Does

Rated T for Violence and probably swearing? Maybe?

Completed but filled with plotholes. This one had been begging me to either rewrite it, or come up with a second one to fill these nasty holes. Currently festering in a pile of mold.

.Lord of the Universe

Rated T for Violence, Violence, Gender confusion, Partial Nudity, and overall Stupidity.

It was complete. =) Then it got deleted because I couldn't think to make backup files. Currently I'm rewriting it. It needed to be rewritten anyway.

.Shaping the Future

Rated M For Violence and Mature Subject Matter... Currently under revamping to make it Rated T (and to fix accidental plotholes) It is now rated T, and the plotholes are sort of being paved over in the new chapters I think. Hopefully.

The first draft is completed. I just haven't finished uploading it, and now that I'm fixing the fic, it could be a while before I start uploading again. -ATTEMPTING REACTIVATION- Success, just don't ask me to rewrite any of the previous chapters yet.


Because sometimes communication can be a real pain, especially when one doesn't do it well and the other guy hardly talks at all.

Prisoner 777 is a prisoner on Vort who's been stuck in solitary confinement for almost a year. There are guards around, but they'd rather zap the prisoners than talk, so life can be a bit boring sometimes. Then one day he rescues a former co-worker from getting executed, and life becomes a bit more exciting. He might even figure out what exactly the Irkens put in the grey 'stuff' the prisoners have to eat every day. Maybe? Maybe not.

Contains: brief torture scenes, some blood, dead things, bullying and intimidation, bromance (totally platonic of course), nakedness, and some mentions and attempts of suicide.

Invader Zim Fanfics Near Completion:

Irken Matrix

Rated T For Violence and Slight Torture

There's only two chapters left until completion. It's the story of the Matrix using Invader Zim Characters. Before it got deleted anyway... all of it. I'm currently trying to update this one... if you see an update, don't get your hopes up too much. I'll be very very slow with this fic.

Imprisoned By the Empire

Rated T for torture scenes, violence, and other such things involving blood and whatnot. The Resisty is destroyed, shattered, annihilated, and Lard Nar finds himself on board the Massive which is the last place the leader of a resistance wants to be. Why isn't he dead and just what's up with the Tallest and the Control Brains anyway? I wasn't happy with the title, but I've talked myself into liking it after seeing one of the old titles and being like "gah... the terribleness."

I'm also updating this one... not very fast despite it being almost finished. You would think I would just upload the darn thing before all of my files get deleted again right?

Invader Zim Fanfics that Aren't Near Completion:

Impending Survival

Rated T for Violence, slight Mature Subject Matter, (and right now swearing and horribleness. My writing style isn't... what? What happened? Ah well. I might start posting this...)

Irk and Vort have been destroyed by the Meekrob and the survivors hunted down. Contains OCs. Completely gone, but I remember enough to rewrite. Ew I hate the stuff I rewrote. I might have to rewrite it again. Nope. Too unmotivated. I apologize for plot-holes and mary/gary-stues. I may hand out forks for you to use to stab my OC characters with. xD

I swear I used to log on a whole lot more before they introduced the code thing... I'm like code thing impaired. It takes me between 3-7 tries to log-in every time!

I'm a Christian. I've been baptized and I attend church semi-regularly. My current job is at a drop in centre for at-risk youth, and a daycare, so don't expect fics with slash or porn from me ok? I am a slight (very huge) angst fan however, so you can expect angst fics as well as hurt and comfort. I fail at writing romance, so I try not to write it too much.

I've finished studying to be a social worker, so I don't have homework and stuff. That doesn't really help my updating at all. I tend to update faster when I get reviews (either critical or positive) because I can't forget about updating when there's always reminders in my in-box. I check my email pretty much daily. You never have to write me reviews to get me to update though. I will update regardless. It might just be a little faster if I'm reminded.

Oops, I forgot for over 4 years to update this.

Writing, drawing, hiking, kayaking, and watching movies are my hobbies. Sometimes I even try to write novels; fantasy, science fiction, and modern day are what I usually go on about, or at least have enjoyed writing before. As for drawing I've improved on my stick man.

So yeah. That's me.

(Sorry, I keep forgetting to update my age, so I made it leave). I'm Canadian which means I might spell words differently like: colour, flavour, neighbour, favour, levelling, fuelling, centre, and more I can't remember. I like my Ls and Us.

Mekrelmar by HeCallsMeHisChild reviews
Resilience Saga, story 2: Mekrelmar-Meh-krell-mar-: Disloyal, betrayer, one who commits treason, turncoat. Common definition: Worst possible sort of traitor in history. Trigger warnings.
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With Laes once again inside the Irkens' prison system, Darden finds himself searching for a new purpose. Meanwhile the Resisty is barely surviving, and the enemy the Irkens are fighting against keeps drawing closer to both Irk and Vort... but are the worms really the galaxy's biggest threat? (Takes place after Misunderstandings)
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Misunderstandings reviews
It's been a while since Vort fell to the Irken Invasion, and Prisoner 777 finds himself getting used to life behind an electrical force field. The food is gross, the guards are short-tempered, and he often wishes he had more conversations, but it could always be worse. Then one day he rescues his former co-worker and suddenly prison life becomes much more complicated.
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