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Author has written 12 stories for Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Name: Little Duchess

Age: 19

The current fandom I write for is Fullmetal Alchemist and I prefer to focus on the EdxWinry pairing though I do enjoy RoyXRiza now and then. I have a weakness for coming of age stories and would say my favourite character is Winry.

Unfortunately I'm kind of over Inuyasha so my fic for that is abandoned. Also I am a procrastinator of the highest order, so whilst I get lots of ideas it takes a while to formulate.

My Fics:

(Fullmetal Alchemist)

Revelation: The plot bunny bit me and wouldn't let go. So far this has been very succesful- it appears you guys like it. It's a bit fluffy (though not too much), but contains mostly that kind of embarrasing humour that makes the chracters involved want to crawl into a hole and hide. Poor Riza. Roy seems to be enjoying himself though. Just a Oneshot so no commitment involved in reading it...

Whisper Underneath

Short bittersweet piece that came from the picture of Winry going through Ed's stuff in his absence out of worry. Developped slightly differently but I like it.

Stand to Attention

I have a thing for reading novels that are dark, funny and have absolutely chilling implications about war and so on. This look at Mustangs introduction to war was kind of inspired by a scene in Catch-22. Okay, shamelessly adapted from with only enough individuality to avoid claims of plagiarism. :P

Falling Into Now

Again, I like exploring the quiet moments where characters develop or discover what they are meant to be. This story developped from the last line backwards.

Only Possible Scenario

Winry doesn't seem to be the type who is going to halt her life or stop having a good time whether Edward is there or not. This may come as a shock to Edward. I'm planning and outlining a sequel.

Funny That

The Elric brothers' impact on Izumi always seemed underrated to me- I really believe that we make our own families and though Izumi doesn't have a biological kid she has two boys she's raised just the same. I wanted to address that.


Everytime I read it I find technical and construction errors but you guys seem to like it a lot.

Development: Wrench Wench

Evidence of my love of both coming-of-age and Winry. I've tried to think of a sequel written from Ed's or Al's point of view, which was the plan, but I'm stuck and it's not happening. Mostly I was trying to capture a mood in this.


Close My Eyes: It's always bugged me how come no one seems to notice that something rather big is up with Kagome, or how Inuyasha keeps escaping detection. This is my attempt to adress that. I'm focusing on her friends and on an original character- a teacher who starts trying to find out if she's really all that ill. My chapter plan is pretty long so this is going to be ongoing for a while. There is going to be action and a mystery involved- and don't worry, the main characters will make an appearance though the very driving force of this fic is their prolongued abscence.

Really Do Come True

It's a crack pairing but not a crack fic. I'm actually really proud of this one- because it never should have worked and not that well!

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