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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, and Digimon.

Name: San Child of The Wolves, also known as San for short.

Age: 23

Axileo region: A new pokemon region has been discovered. Travel with three new trainers as they experience and meet and interact with new pokemon and trainers. No Flames please and R&R! Some language and violence. (COMPLETED BUT IS CURRENTLY BEING REDONE... VERY SLOWLY)

Axileo Region: Plots Thicken and A War begins: The real Fade is somewhere... While Fadetwo is with Aira and the others, Professor Zen, and Flora. Can the real Fade get out, while helping other freaks like him? Can they survive and get away from the Teams hunting them down? The real summary is inside. (Discontinued)

Re-write: Axileo Region: A new pokemon region has been discovered. Travel with new trainers as they experience and meet and interact with new pokemon and trainers. No Flames please and R&R! Some language and violence. (DISCONTINUED. BEING RE-DONE)

I know I've discontinued and deleted a lot of stories but that's because they weren't going anywhere and I wasn't get any motivation from my reviewers and readers.

I'm currently working on the another Rewrite of the Axileo Region (because I really don't like where it is going... and I have a better idea of how I want it to go) and another story that is a "what if" multi-chapter spinoff of CS(Cassidy S. Waters) story Pokemon Legends: Project PRSON, the story I'm working on is called Pokemon Legends: Project R-VERSE.

Pokemon Axileo: Train and Saya: (My friend made this? Isn't she awesome?)


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