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Thanks for stopping by,

As you might tell by my profile picture I have been in the U.S. Army once in my life, but no longer. The picture was taken January 2011 when I was twenty-three years old in Kandahar Afghanistan. It’s probably my favorite picture of myself at my element. My personal catch slogan “Another day in paradise” defiantly applies to that picture. I figured a picture that represents my personality over my appearance is best.

Why Soti 13F?

Well 13F, or 13 Foxtrot, was my MOS, or military occupational specialty, when enlisted. In my particular job I was required to carry a bulky radio with a twenty-foot antenna on my back with a plethora of gadgets for target location and friendly marking. I was trained to use my radio to call for fire. In civilian terms call in mortars, artillery, helicopters, jets, and anything else under the sun to drop ordinance on the enemy. And I’ll have you know in my personal record only the enemy ever got touched by my fire missions. I get a lot of bad mouthing from people when I tell them I use to call in air strikes while running around with cavalry scouts in Afghanistan for a living.

While conducting foot patrols and reconnaissance in Afghanistan I developed a strong friendship with the locals whenever possible. Children of course, like anywhere else in the world, are easiest to get along with when neither of you speak the same language. School supplies, candy, jokes (arm farts are the best, but sticking your finger in your ear and using your tongue to make it look like it's somehow is reaching your mouth is always a good one), general mischief, and anything else I could give or do with them I did. It didn’t take them long to be able to pick me out of all the other similarly dressed soldiers with my signature hundred and fifty pound backpack and twenty foot antenna. With language assistance from the interpreter they asked me what my name was, and I told the interpreter they could call me “radio” rather then my actual name, which I figured was harder to pronounce. He told them to call me “Soti” which was Pashto for radio. The name stuck then and every time I’d go to a village I was generally mobbed by children calling me Soti and begging for candy and writing utensils I always kept my enormous radio bag stocked up with.

Not that every day in Afghanistan was a vacation of course, but I want to keep this bio positive.

I’ve only just picked up writing since the time before I enlisted and clearly need to gain the skill I had previously lost. Every story I will write will undoubtedly have some element of warfare. I might be the only combat veteran on and I’m not going to write another fluffy romance story. Too many of those on this site!

Well I might later on, but that hasn't happened yet...

My stories interpret the more graphic part of the war that many people really don’t want to go. I try and write the stories I don’t think anyone else has. It’s defiantly not the best-written stories on this site for sure, but I challenge you to find something that can compare. At the very least I don’t think they’ll have much company.

Right now I'm trying to tackle an idea I head years ago. What if the D.A. in Harry Potter were more like an actual army? I figured the best why to do this is have Harry learn about the prophecy at the end of his first year and go into a magical arms race, so to speak, against the dark arts. Then or course when he forms the D.A. they take after him.

I have the first chapter up, and I need a beta reader who can handle not only my horrible writing but also the sever violence and profanity of my story. I pretty much set out to make the most messed up Harry Potter war fic out there, so the beta needs to understand it's only a story. I really don't know if I need to go browsing through posted beta readers or what, because I'm sure the lot of them would be turned off by the graphic nature of my story.

Beta? Anyone? Hello?

Children of War reviews
A militarized Harry and the DA fight against Voldemort's forces alone as child soldiers, sacrificing themselves for a future peace they will never have. The young have inherited the war of hatred their cowardly elders let happen and refuse to assist. Now they commit the sin of heroism. War movie-ish EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND PROFANE -by an army combat veteran
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