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Author has written 15 stories for Invisible Man, Wild Wild West, and Leverage.

UPDATE (11-28-2012) - This is the current agenda for my fanfiction writing.

Chapter 30 is still underway. I will finish this novel fairly soon. Once I get my muse out of hibernation.

Here's a list of loose threads I have plans for tying up. Please, if there's something else you think I haven't resolved properly yet, PM me! I have yet to bite anyone who tried to suggest improvements to this story, as you'll see if you check the author's notes on the chapters. Even if I decide against a suggestion, I still appreciate it being made. Let me know if you feel like I haven't really given you enough clues to understand the whole mystery house/Grant Street connection, and how Nate got from one to the other after injuring himself escaping Eliot and de Theil's men.

Nate still has to deal with the Sophie's reactions to his actions.

The involvement the mystery house has to be explained - a writer can't feature something so prominently and never tie it to the main plot.

Obviously Doc and Jorheed also have to be tied in to the main plot somehow, and something good needs to result for their heroic actions in helping Nate.

I really feel like I kind of owe it to Dr. Harry Sullivan to let him lecture Nate about taking care of his health.

Oh, and there's still the question of who was behind the attack on the team, and why.

Next project up is The Mind-Leverage Job, which I actually had started and then took what I thought would be a quick break to write a short little story about trust. This will not be posted as a work-in-progress, (although I have to admit that working on Trust Issues with actual eager readers panting down my neck has kept my nose to the grindstone better than anything ever has before) so I won't be posting anything (except one-shots that their plot bunnies get too rough on my ankles) until it is finished and rested for a while and then reread and re-edited and proof-read.

Then... I managed to order some DVDs of High Chaparral, so I'm going to watch some of those and get on with the crossover project with Wild Wild West and HC. I hope Pet and Apple and Pidge will once again loan me their magnificent Beta-ing talents on that one.

Maybe my I-Man/Leverage crossover idea will demand attention pretty soon (Yup, I finally had to write a plot bunny cage for it). I mean, think of the humor of the two cat burglars talking shop. I know; Darien hasn't been a burglar since he got the invisibility gland and started working for The Agency, but still! Fawkes and Parker has GOT to be a funny combo. And Bobby and Eliot? Short guys kick posterior, with or without a lot of hair! The Leveragers would never complain about Nate ever again after they see the way the 'Fish treats his agents. [Nor would they see his alcoholism as so bad after dealing with Bobby's bi-polar, ADHD, borderline schizophrenic problems - never mind Darien's quicksilver madness.] Eberts and Hardison? Geeks of a different feather! Oh, and Claire and Sophie, both so British! It's a natural crossover if there ever was one.

"Shut up, Eberts."

"Damn it, Hardison!"

I have now gotten Season 1 of I-Man on Region 1 DVDs! For the longest time they were only available in the British Region 2 format, which of course I own, but my multi-region player gave out some time back. Any of my fellow I-Maniacs (especially Hobbes Honeys) that happen to see this will be glad to know that it looks likely for this show to get back into my active fanfiction writings list.

It appears people actually come here and read this profile. So, I'm going to try to put something interesting here besides just my endorsement of NaNoWriMo (last paragraph).

Who is the Gorgolo Chick? A middle-aged professional woman with medically-controlled severe clinical depression (not bi-polar, as there is no manic phase). Meaning I write Bobby Hobbes of 'The Invisible Man' from a place of loving identification with his problems. I live alone with my two cats because I'm not comfortable in constant companionship with other people and find trust very difficult. I love most forms of animal life except for primates (including real humans - fictional ones I like) and cockroaches; and most forms of plant life except for okra. I prefer cool colors over hot, especially jewel tones (I have great night vision and weak color vision).

I've done a lot of amateur theater as a character actor. (You should see my CV. It's kind of astonishing.) I gave theater up because I decided I had to chose between using my spare time for rehearsal or using it for writing. Writing obviously won.

I love forests and hills, rivers and lakes, true friendship and thoughts of adventure. I prefer my days cloudy over sunny, love the sound of thunder and to dance in the rain. Besides reading and writing, I enjoy hiking, swimming and horseback riding. I rarely find modern television shows worth watching (Timothy Hutton seems to be able to create exceptions!), and am devoted to a select group of old shows, which I like to collect on DVD.

I enjoy writing fanfiction when a show really inspires me, which usually requires a strong 'buddy' angle. I suppose I largely see a true bond between men as one of the most inspiring forms of interpersonal relationship. I like men, what can I say? My fanfiction certainly has its emotional elements, but I especially enjoy writing adventures for the characters; I try to make it mostly things the reader can easily imagine seeing happen on the screen. Occasionally, though, I am tempted into writing stories that examine the thoughts and emotions of a character. I also have a fanfiction screen play in progress I hope to finish one day. My fanfiction is generally a basic 'what if' idea let loose to happen as I write.

My current fanfiction works-in-progress include the following (not in order of what will be attended to first):

unfinished cross-over novella of ‘The Invisible Man’ and early ‘CSI’ [You Can’t See Me – You’re Dead]

long I-Man story [The Serpent’s Tooth] and a third story for my ‘Convergence’ trilogy [The Ooold Rollercoaster]

I-Man short story [It's a Crappy Life]

‘The Wild Wild West’ novel [The Night of the Descendants] and several stories of various length [The Night of the Broken Men, The Night of the Handsome Stranger, The Night of the Two-Bit Terror (combining several plot bunnies), The Night of the Red-Haired Witch]

turning my WWW novella The Night of the Cold Blue Light into a screen play

a cross-over for WWW and ‘The High Chaparral’ [The Night of the Cannons]

a screen play for ‘Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s The Lost World’ [Hunger of the Jungle]

a ‘CSI:Miami’ story [Damage Done]

a 'Nero Wolfe' novella (may cross-over with the pulp mysteries of 'The Shadow') [One Less Corpse]

another 'Nero Wolfe' story [A Private Famine]

a 'Leverage' short story … novella … novel [Trust Issues]

a 'Leverage' story [The Mind-Leverage Job]

a 'Leverage' story [Dying to Live]

a 'Leverage' crossover with 'The Invisible Man' [The Invisible Job] - Plot Bunny caged as 'Invisible Leverage'

Original fiction is also one of my passions. I have several partial novels that I need to get myself organized to complete. I have various short stories out for competitions, and plenty of ideas for more. So far, I'm not really a published author, but I plan to be before too much longer. I love to read - and so I write - genre fiction in several different genres. Literary fiction generally doesn't interest me; my own life is quite sufficient harsh reality for my needs.

This year it is my solemn intent, my promise to myself, to finish and polish at least one of my original manuscripts. I have been undecided between the space opera 'The Socratic Dilemma' and the historical mystery/fantasy 'Murder Limited'. Due to certain fiction that has recently been called to my attention, the balance is now shifting heavily toward Murder Limited, which takes place on the night trains between New York and Chicago in the 1930's.

In common with my favorite actor, when he was interviewed on 'Inside the Actors Studio', my favorite curse word is 'SHIT!'

I strongly recommend all writers, whatever your level of experience, to investigate National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org). This is an incredible support system for aspiring writers and a really fun time for all writers. The actual 'competition' occurs in November, since that is National Novel Writing Month, but the information is available 11 months of the year (they shut down and clean house each September in preparation for sign-ups and writer preparatory talk in October). The basic concept is thousands of people all struggling together at the same time to write a 50,000 word novel (each their own novel) in one month. And not caring if the whole thing is unmitigated crap, as long as you WRITE. The founder of this now going on 13-year-long ongoing insanity, Chris Baty, has a book out that also helps, called 'No Plot? No Problem!'. I own an autographed (personally) copy and am now an eight year participant & seven year winner (reach 50,000 words, not complete the story)! NaNo operates under the auspices of a non-profit organization, the Office of Letters and Light.

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