Mugen Kokorozashi
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Joined 04-04-06, id: 1021862
Name 11 vowels, 18 consonants, and 34 keystrokes if you type it, you do the math

Nickname Zamba when technology is involved, Stalker to my enemies, and Fallese when in a game as a female

Eye color orange(scientifically brown with not enough blue in it)

Age=x (10x+48-3x)/2=80

Sex virgin

Race as much as I hate to admit it ‘human’

Personality many

Favorite words stupid, hell

Popularity not very, but my enemies know I show no mercy

religion science

Quote I live by “Indifference is the answer to everything out of reach, but first reach to make a difference.”

Things I…
like the taste of pizza, cookies, human blood (like iron/copper flavored liquid candy)
like to do watch anime and movies, play videogames, read(duh)
like in a man strong, white, and nerdy, not to mention the huge hose they need
like in a woman nothing too big, nothing too small, except maybe her ego
barf after reading the ‘things I like in a man’ section, eating cooked spinach,
don’t like to eat cooked veggies
fantasize over dragons, the moon, cybernetics, wolves, angels, and Jedi
hate stupidity, prejudice, and humanity as a whole
pride myself in being loyal to my friends and mercilessly cruel to enemies

Bad Ass Granny
Meanwhile, back at prison…
“LIAR, everything this 73 year old woman sent to prison for forced rape says is false,” the security guard yells, “and you aren’t going anywhere Lucy Fur.”
“That’s what you think, sonny,” Lucy screeches as she kills him with a toothbrush that has been melted to make it sharp, “Granny's out of here. He, he, he!”
to be continued… next time on Bad Ass Granny, is anyone safe? NO!