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Author has written 11 stories for Twilight, Safe, 2012, and Mechanic, 2011.

Update 11/16/13: I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I'm back and writing! Not as fast as I'd like and I know updates are still not as frequent as they should be, but I am here and working both on Cullen's Anatomy and Wright or Wrong. I still love Twilight and Edward and Bella specifically, but I'm also in love with Jason Statham, and so, am working on some fics with his characters. I'm hoping by mixing it up a bit, I will stay on task and not get blocked like I was last year! So if you are still with me, thank you for your encouragement and reviews! You all are fantastic!

Update 12/29/12: I've had so many people review, favorite, and follow me that I am beyone humbled that so many of you enjoy the twisted ideas in my head. Many are asking about Cullen's Anatomy and whether it will update again. The answer to this is YES! I know it's been a while, but I've had a severe case of writer's block on this story (and others). So, my fix to this has been to write something totally different and out of the Twilight fandom. Don't worry; I am still around and reading some awesome Twilight fics as a Twilighted Validation Beta. I just haven't had the ability to write any of my own. In order to combat this writer's block problem, I have started a story on the movie Safe with Jason Statham and have written a one-shot for The Mechanic. I hope that by writing about something other than Edward and Bella that those creative vibes will come again. Thank you all for your unwavering support!

Update 5/17/12: Okay, I am totally ashamed of myself that I have been gone for close to a year! My computer died a slow, painful death and it's taken me a while to resurrect it, but I AM BACK! I am getting back into the groove and will hopefully be updating soon. Thank you to everyone who has sent me lovely messages to let me know that I am missed. I have missed all of you too! Happy reading!

Update 4/21/11: I have actually started a new story, Cullen's Anatomy, that is an AH story, BXE, with lemons. I hope you all will check it out!

Update 2/12/11: I have posted a new story that is a collaberation with the great EternallyCullen! The title is Eyes, Look Your Last and it is an AU, even though it appears to start off as AH. Check it out under my profile and I hope you enjoy!

Update 2/12/11: A couple of my stories have been nominated for a Vampie award, so to those of you who nominated me, let me just humbly say thank you. Deliver Me From Evil was nominated in the Bloody Brilliant category and The Chimera Project was nominated in the I Can't Believe It's Not Sparkly category. Let me encourage everyone to visit www (dot) twificpics (dot) com (backslash) vampawards and vote for your favorite fics when voting opens. This is always such a huge honor and really encourages us writers to keep it up! Thank you!

I have started on the sequel to Deliver Me From Evil, which is titled Into the Hands of Our Fathers. Inspiration has finally struck me, and I have officially started on the story. I am going to try to keep pace with two stories this time, while I start this new story and work on The Chimera Project. If you haven't checked that story out, I'd be grateful if you'd give it a try. It's completely different from DMFE and I'm enjoying writing it. So, hopefully updates will not be too far between now that I've found what i needed to start this story.

Also, check me out on Facebook under Lisa Dawn Fanfiction and follow me on Twitter @LisaDawn75 for updates on all stories, pictures of the honeymoon getaway, sneak peeks, and teasers.

Thanks again to everyone who has reviewed, alerted, or PM'd me. More is coming soon!



Hi, all! Just some basic information about me, if you are interested...I'm a 38 year old, divorced mother of 2 boys, ages 20 and 15. I am a nurse and live in Kentucky where I've lived my entire life. I enjoy movies and I love to read. I discovered fanfiction after I read Harry Potter and was immediately hooked. My current fandom obsession is Twilight and it has taken over my interests so much that I finally decided to try my hand at writing. My first ever story is posted here at Some of my favorite fandoms include:

Movies: Twilight, Harry Potter, IronMan, Red Eye, Star Wars, the Bourne trilogy, and The Mummy, anything with Robert Downey, Jr, and most especially any movie with Jason Statham. However, if I watch a really good movie, I always go check out the fanfiction to see if anything catches my interest.

Books: Twilight and Harry Potter. Again, if I read a really good book, I gotta check out the fanfiction.

Comics: Spiderman, Batman (I know, I'm somewhat of a nerd)

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