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Warning: egomaniac with a key board and the desire to ramble on about herself and make horrible jokes. Turn back now!

Me: (pushes away the Announcer with a glare) Who hired you!

Announcer: I am your Censor, making sure you don't say anything that may scare the veiwing audinence.

Me: You mean all of those little people down there?

Announcer: Yes.

Me: Well...

Announcer: BEEP!

Me: Okay...

Announcer: BEEP!

Me: That is!

Announcer: BEEP!

Me: (head turning into a megaphone) SHUDA UP!

Announcer: (gets pushed off stage)

Me: Thank you!

Now we got that out of the way allow me to introduce myself. I am Razamataz13, you may also know me as BettyJuice13, CrazyBlonde13 and hey-were-you-that-crazy-Beetlejuice-fan-that-is reveiwing-my-stories. My real name is Sam and I am Canadian.

(A Canadian Flag is hoisted up behind me and I put my hand over my heart with pride)

Now since I know I will make all my interests into one giant sceenplay filled with insane antics lets make them into a cute little list.

Name: Sam (for all A.D.D kids out there)

Age: Hey, stalking BJ authors is my job punk!

Sex: Female (What male writes like this? If there is one, EMAIL ME ;))


Auidence: ASYLUM!


Southren Ontario, Canada

Favourite songs: The Question is...what don't I like! Buttt I don't like the following artists...All American Rejects, Simple Plan, Shawn Desmean (or how ever you spell his name), The Trews and unless the song is SUPER ADDICTIVE AND I AM OUT OF MY MIND WHEN I FAV IT most female alternative rock, country, and pop singers (in short if her vocals are played with and she sounds like every fruit of the loom girl singer I AIN'T LISTENING TO IT)

Favourite Albums (to save typing): Fallen by Evanesence, Once by Nightwish, Aladdin OST by some brilliant Disney guy who died and now most Disney scores suck, Black Album by Metallica, Big Shiny Tunes 9, and Silver Side Up by Nickelback.

And of course I love Danny Elfman! My favourite Composer of all time! HE IS MY FRICK'N GOD! I AM NOT WORTHY OF HIS FREAKTASTIC PRESENCE! (Is slapped) I'm okay...

Favourite Elfman Compostions: Farewell, Alone, and Final Confortation from Spiderman OST oh and of course the main theme (it was my first Danny Elfman song to start my love toward him -); Augustus Gloop, Vercua Salt, Mike Teavee and the Main Titles from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory OST; Remains of the Day, The Piano Duet, Into the Forest and Ending Credits Part 2 from Corpse Bride OST; Batman theme, Batman Finale from Batman OST; Birth of the Penguin, Batman Returns theme from Batman Returns OST; Spidey Suite, Doc Ock Suite from Spiderman-2 OST annddd Beetlejuice Animated theme; as well as the Beetlejuice theme, and the Incantation, SandWorm Land and the Fly from Beetlejuice OST; Futurama theme, This is Halloween, Jack the Pumpkin King, the Oogie Boogie Song, Making Christmas, Kidnap the Sandy Claws and the Rescue from the Nightmare Before Christmas OST as well as the Bonus theme and Nightmare Before Christmas theme (gasp) I think that's all of them

Though he didn't compose it, I adore the Batman Begins theme by James Newton Howard.

Loves: Tim Burton (worships screen), Danny Elfman, anything the two do together with their brilliant minds , Black Cherry Vanilla Coke (goes crazy just hearing the name @_@), macaroons (goes even crazier), Harry Potter, anime, Harry Potter anime (I fell over with joy after I discovered it!), Halloween, Beetlejuice (scroll down a bit and see just how much I love him), Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp (HOT! (Drools with other fan girls)), Inuyasha though I haven't seen enough to become a true fan , Beetlejuice, Horror movies, Batman (all of em), Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton Batman, Robert Sean Leonard, House M.D,



Auidence: (le sigh)

pinstripes (gee I wonder why XD), black, green, bats, any superstitious animal, the number 13 (I'm not actually 13 people its my fav number!), spiders (seriously they eat BUGS! BWAHAHAHA!) and the Mario Brothers (older version's they're ruining their image now 'a days!), did I mention Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice: (pops up) It's show...HELL NO NOT YOU AGAIN!



Me: (catches him and squeezes him in a clingy hug) There, feel better.

Beetlejuice: (choking) TOO. MUCH. LOVE! Get off of me! (pries me off) You think a woman your age would have picked a more decent cartoon character to obsess

Me: (with puppy eyes) But I've woved you since I was four.

Beetlejuice: (with disgust) Now you're really freaking me out! (is bagged by one of my BJ fan compadres)


Beetlejuice: HELP! THEY'VE GOT ME! (screams girlily)

Moving on lol...if you want to add me to your Msn Messenger, my email is above. We can be Burton freaks together! Hope you've enjoyed my stories and thanks for the reveiws guys!

Find me as:

CrazyBlonde13 on Youtube (Channel Beetlejuiced! It is my homepage on here, check out my clips and tributes and my friends AceripXF (BJ pic masta!) and Lubelorien (she's got most of Season one and two of Beetlejuice on there!)

BettyJuice13 on possibly the Yahoo Group BeetlejuiceForum (I can't remember XD is it Betty or Raz?) and on Imvu as just BettyJuice

Razamataz13 on LJ and well any other thing I signed myself up as XD

Other things you may not know:

-My Pet Peeve is people who leave Tea Bags in the sink

-I am currently being sucked in to Days of Our Lives thanks to LUMILOVER! (cries) I'm Dramatic enough THANK YOU!

-I am not goth; in fact I am super happy and giddy and crazy to boot (hmmm would have never guessed that XD) I just like gothic things.

-CANADA IS WARM! EVEN THE INUITS WHO LIVE IN IGLOO'S LIVE IN NORMAL HOUSES! THEY EVEN GET SUMMER! Just to people who don't know...where do you think the imported lumber and wheat comes from if it is SO DAMN COLD?! XD XD

-I am notorious for having brickwalls that last...a very very long time. It's not that I am lazy and dislike writing...its the fact I can't think of something :S

Scumming soon to a Fanfiction window near you!

1. New and IMPROVED sequel to It's Only Me

2. The life and afterlife addition and prologue to the Orgin of Betelgeuse (childhood included...and on?? ;P)

3. An update on Get a Life! Sorry I have writer's block.

4. In the immortal words of Jack Skellington...Something new? XD Keep posted!

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