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I'm penny proud

I'm cute & i'm loud

AND I got IT

Goin on! new FIX-ATION

hi u can call me shariz cherri or inuyasha obsessed i respond 2 all i love movin around caz i'm real hyper/crazii i love great books that take me places and the people i meet that are like that 2 i love my life and my friends but my spanish teacher from freshmen year is evil i'm asain black so deal with that i'm proud and not afraid i'm tiny and dont give a what i dont stop talkin and my friends love how i can always get them to laugh right now there isnt that special someone in my life hahaha i'm strong willed and had a great time last year because of it evil smile hehehe i love to laugh and i love thinkin different than other people so i'm always jammed with new ideas and concepts i love outsmarting people and fashion JAPAN (duh) i'm facinated by my surroundings and i love art music dance i draw and (of course) i write i'm spontaneous

love u all sin-cerly

Jada Pinkett Smith look-a-like (except i have a mole)

Kimora Lee (as my friends say or maya...of course i have no idea what they are talkin about)


name: Shariz, Sher , weird... you name it and now Renda NEVER Ren -


hair color: really really dark brown (cuz people swear its black its not)

eye color: hazel

pet's: none they died

siblingz: 1 1/2 sis named lisa 3 1/2 brothers i havent meet 'em

parent's: both a mom and dad Mom:ellen Dad: Herman her-man hehehe

fav. show: Inuyasha (me:duh)(inuyasha:no shit)(me:thats not nice!)(inuyasha:ya! neither is this...KAZE NO KIZU!(actually it means wound of wind) not -- (MEANS WIND SCAR)(ME:OSUWARI!)(means sit)(inuyasha:crashes to the floor...what the hell was that for!)(me:if u have to ask than ur more ignorant than i thought)(inuyasha:ya whateva baka ningen...goes to sulk somewhere)(if i'm a stupid human that makes you a baka hanyou(love u anywayz) stupid half -demon) hehehehe i'm crazy...

fav. movie: The Movie1 Inuyasha and the castle of the lookin glass

fav. basket ball team LANCERS (whoo hoo school spirit) dont worry i wont do that again...any time soon

fav. color:Dark Blue and Purple

fav. bands: Black Eyed Peas , G-Unit green day ...crap like that

fav. singer: Missy Elliot & Mary J. Blige

fav. food: Egg mito! (hahahahahaha u dont know what is!)

fav thing to do: Write storiez or go on the computer and torment my friends (whops did i say that out loud!)

my worst fear: uh bein wrong and payin for it

wish:i could b invisable and fly

wonder: what's on the other side of a mirrior (havent u)

my dream: (for this month... and the next) go to Tokyo University, already learnin jananese and Kanji

Random: Capre doom= stupid Capre deim=seiz the day(love latin)

Random2: disclaimer i dont inuyasha or its characters. if i did i would b the happiest bitch alive...thatz the truth

my best moment: When i watch Inuyasha ! and when my first boyfriend said he loved me ( that didnt last long) shut up inuyahsa tries to hit me on the head i give him a smile and catch his arm hehehe

my best friends: Deja&Portia, Lexie and Cara Jackson Ellie Neke Vanessa Rambo/Tommy (i guess i dont really know )

la famila: cece (my support and my sis (really my cuz)

other thingz: i love 2 sing and dance. i love actin and the theatre. i love doin nothin with myself or with a special some1 and rockclimbin! i love 2 watch music videoz and moviez.i love music. i love 2 when there is nothing else 2 do i either write or i read or draw or go on the computer. and i play lil' tricks on people. my mind is...not to be triffled with...evil smile




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Lady In The Dog's Den by The Queen's Shadow reviews
Kidnapped and held hostage by the Demon Dog Lord, InuYasha...The proud Lady Kagome refuses to submit to such rough treatment. Defying her captor at every turn, she fights furiously for her freedom. But he has other plans, he will keep her no matter what..
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A lord is ill and Kikyo is summmoned to heal him. But Kikyo recieves a nasty shock of who it is... and now that she's there will she ever be free of him? Rated M for langage, sex and violence. If that isn't your thing I wouldn't suggest reading this. R&R please!
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 3,685 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 3/22/2009 - Published: 5/17/2006 - Kikyō, Naraku
Maybe Love? by InuyashaKagome1778 reviews
Kagome became a goth girl when her family died in a tragic car accident. On her last day of high school, there's a substitute art teacher who gives her a detention to go on a date with him after school. Who is this guy? InuKag SanMir
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This poem tells readers what Edward Cullen means to Bella Swan. POSSIBLE SPOILERS IF U HAVE NOT READ THE TWILIGHT SERIES! i hope u like it!
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She was perfect. No one questioned the fact. Her life was great. No one guessed at how broken her life really was. None of them knew that she was a Silent Screamer...
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What happens when and exmiko and friends along with a msyterious guy have chatrooms, set in modern day. Does love form for this exmiko, or does it fall apart? KagXxSess, KikyouXxInu, SanXxMir, KaguraXx? [LAST CHAPTER IS UP!]
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Desiree tricks Sam into making a wish that turns Amity Park into a modern Arabia and sends Danny and Tucker four years into the future too late to stop her evil regime. Full summary inside. DVS. TS.
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Lovers maybe, Sisters, Babies reviews
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A girl has had enough and rans away from her home in a desperate search of someone who will set her free, and become her escape. NOone can change her mind. Why does Sesshomaru become interested in her?
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