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Author has written 2 stories for Phantasy Star, and Resident Evil.

I'm afraid if you were looking for some special introduction or something around those lines you will be pretty disappointed. I'm a being of few words, and because of this you're more likely to have a pleasant conversation with a wall. I have no intention of telling you anything about my personality or anything around those lines. If you want to learn something about me,you should read my stories because that's as close to an insighton me as you're going to get. My suggestion is that you leave now before you die of bordem.

... Why are you still there?

Persistant are we?

You're not going to leave me alone are you?

Fine, if it really kills you so much to know something about me, I guess I shall state some obvious things.

There are two things I have written stories on so far that I actually like, and they are these:

-Resident Evil

-Phantasy Star Online

Why do you not see any of the completed ones here? Simple. Most of them are written only in my head, and the ones actually not within thought are handwritten. Besides that, I have a lack of ability to write them sometimes. Thanks to a certian author on this site though, I may yet regain my ability. I've been writing since I was in about fourth or fifth grade, so needless to say, most of my past stories sucked. They've gotten better and better as anything else would with practice.

I've actually started stories on these two subjects, but there are other interests:

-Armored Core

-Prince of Persia

-Alien Vs. Predator

Each of these I've started in my head, but I've not even been sure enough to write down a couple of starting points. Whether I ever will or not remains to be seen. Seeing as I'm new to this story site, I'm going to test out what I have first and see how things go after that. Should they go well, I may or may not add more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All, ALL, of my stories are on an indefinite suspension. I've recently came to the discovery that I can't be a working college student and do this at the same time. I'm really sorry for those who liked my stories, but I simply can't afford anymore time. It's quite the strain on me as it is. It was fun, and I may be back one day, but don't count on a whole lot from here on out.

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