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First things first.

I love Charlie Pace, no matter what happened on the show.

He's a character on the TV show "Lost." He plays bass, he has a killer voice, he's a musical genious (he plays piano, too), he has a sad past, and an awesome future. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen "The Moth." Or any of his other episodes. Because they are all heartbreakingly sad and so, so, so sweet. And he is so awesome.

Here's some stuff in case people for some strange reason want to know stuff about my stories... Firstly, a longer summary for my first story, Fate...

"When a cruise linercrashes on the island, the flight 815 survivors find new hope--in many different forms. Charlie starts to fall for a very different kind of girl, Claire might be having thoughts about a very dangerous kind of guy, and in between, Kate and Sawyer find time to reassess their relationship... But no matter what kind of hope they find, along with it come shocking realizations about fate. As they confront the Others in many different ways, they learn answers, but they also recieve devastations. CharlieOC, KateSawyer?ClaireOC? May be a season 2 spoiler."

The other story I'm writing is a round-robin with CharliesHoodie called Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own. It's pre-Ana/Libby-death, so it has lots of characters and pairings. Reviews are appreciated!

That's about it for now with my stories!

Now, about me. Starting with favorites!

FOOD: Pizza, cookie dough, cookies, ice know, junk food. And spring rolls, which are actually pretty healthy.
DRINK: I'm easy. Pepsi's good, so's Coke. Anything goes. Milkshakes are good, smoothies are just okay.
ANIMAL: I've always been a sucker for horses. Well, and the fact that I take horseback riding lessons.
COLOR(S): Green and black, especially mixed together.
SPORT: Volleyball and football. Yes, I'm a girl, but football is fun. And volleyball is, too.
STORE: I buy most of my CDs from Best Buy, so I guess there, but any cheap CD stores I can find are awesome.
HOBBY: Playing the electric guitar. Then again, I take lessons, so maybe that's...? No, I guess it's still a hobby.
IDOL(S): Joan Jett of the Blackhearts and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
BAND: So, so many. Narrowed down to five...I guess Nirvana, The Kinks, Pixies, The Cure, and Joan Jett. And the Offspring.
TV SHOW: Lost. And Wildfire, Friends (you know you watch it too), Charmed, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, etc.
MOVIE: Way too many to choose from. Cute 80s movies are good. Best modern: hm...probably Empire Records.
PERSON: Dominic Monaghan. Or Charlie Pace. Actor, character, pretty much the same in Lost. He's awesome.


Charlie/OCs (Charlie/Claire's are okay but not that great), Kate/Sawyer (I really don't like Jate), Sun/Jin, Alex/Karl, Sayid/Shannon or Sayid/Ana

Phoebe/Cole, Piper/Leo, Paige/Henry. I don't like Coop much.

Kris/Matt or Matt/Dani; some Kris/Junior

Phantom of the Opera:
Christine/Erik and Meg/Raoul

Lord of the Rings:
Aragorn/Arwen, Faramir/Eowyn, some Legolas/Arwen (though I think they're distant cousins...)

Harry Potter:
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, some Draco/Hermione if written well.

Roger/Mimi, Mark/Joanne or Mark/OC, some Joanne/Maureen, Angel/Collins, Mark/OCs

Ellie/Craig, Ellie/Sean, Paige/Alex, Paige/Spinner, some Alex/Jay

Nothing else about me is very important...I'm a redhead and I'm 14 and I love reviews... They make me very happy. So if you read my stories and like them, please review. Flames make me sad so please don't, but constructive criticism is fine.

Here are some quotes I love from songs:

"Life is but a dream for the dead." ~ MCR

"If you ever try to breathe under water, you'll choke." ~ Cauterize

"You owe me an IOU." ~ Hot Hot Heat.

"The deepest blues are black." ~ Foo Fighters

"I don't give a damn about my bad reputation." ~ Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

"Don't forget to dance." ~ The Kinks

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous." ~ Nirvana

"Living is easy with eyes closed." ~ The Beatles (and on Charlie's tattoo!)

"Make out kids never had a chance to be best friends." ~ Motion City Soundtrack

"The only difference between martyrdome and suicide is press coverage." ~ Panic! at the Disco

"Friends will be friends--when you're in need of love, they give you care and attention." ~ Queen.

"I believe in miracles." ~ Ramones (everyone should.)

"'Cause I wanna be an anarchy in the city." ~ The Sex Pistols

"Every second I'm without you, I'm a mess." ~ The Used

"One more cup of coffee!" ~ The White Stripes (doesn't everyone say this?)

Notice: I deleted "Commit This to Memory" after feeling inferior when I read the Deathly Hallows (which was amazing by the way, I reccomend it - but it definitely had its disappointments death-wise). I might revise it and publish it later.

Anyway, comment, loves! (I'm not British. I do like Brits, though.)


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