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"It takes twenty years of peace to make a man. Twenty seconds of war to break him."

- Anonymous (my way of saying I forget who said it.)

General Badaxe- Been a long time since I've updated my profile. I have mixed feelings about it, as usual. I'm surprised I'm updating it in the first place. But at the same time, after three years, I feel it needs doing so I need to get off my lazy bum, and update it. I'm still keeping it mostly the same, only a few changed here and there. But at the same time. I'm updating a few things And changing others I feel are a little childish and immature at the time of my writing them. And some things need expanded upon. As such, please bear with me. (Though to a small degree, I'm surprised you would want to read my profile. Must be better things to do, like find one of those rare stories on this site that hasn't been overdone.)

General Badaxe- age- 20 (Currently at least)

Gender- Male (to those idiots who couldn't figure it out already.)

Location- Deployed- FOB Sharana, Afghanistan. In Garrison- Ft. Stewart, Georgia

Personality- It has changed a little. I've mellowed out a bit of what I can't exactly call my rebellious high school days, I wasn't much of the rebel type. But I don't take things as seriously as I used to. Almost dieing a few times will do that to you. But I find my patience for idiots has lessened severely as well. I have a tendency to leave them while they are talking, just so I don't have to listen to them. Slightly childish on my part I'll admit, but I've learned that no one is perfect. And as such, I have my own flaws that I need to honestly recognize. And if I deny I have these flaws, I'm only hurting myself in the long run. So, I'm working harder on being completely honest with myself.

"Relationships are like Teeter-Totters. Both of you are working hard to find that one balance both of you can live with. It has it's ups. It has its Downs. And in the end, if one of you decides to jump off, the other one gets hurt."

- LDS Member

I've decided to remove the section that used to be here. No one honestly needs to know about the personalities I'm interested in. Or the ones I dislike. Odds of me actually meetings someone from this site are rare, and honestly, if for some reason someone wants to meet me (Though I'll admit that would creep me out a little) I don't feel I should give someone some base personalities they feel they should mold off of if they wanted to be in good graces with me. In the end, if someone isn't acting themselves with me, I feel as though they aren't being honest with me or them self. So please, I implore anyone who feels the need to speak with me, in real life, or in cyber space, please be yourself. Even if I don't like the kind of person you are, I would rather someone be completely honest with me, than lie in order to impress me. Or make an attempt of impressing me.

Side Characters get no damn respect!

-Laharl Krichevskoy (Disgaea 2)

General Badaxe- I'll admit, I don't really read fan fiction anymore. So I have to remove this section, I can't keep it in good tastes. I really can't judge anyone when I haven't read their work, and in all honesty, I need to work on stopping myself from judging people altogether. I'm not sure I'll be able to accomplish this one, but I'm going to try. If someone wants me to read their story, and get some advice, or you just want an honest review on it, send me a message and I'll comply. When I'm able to of course, I'm still deployed and that won't end for a few more months. Also, working on being slightly more polite. I prefer being blunt, but not a lot of people understand that. That, and I still have a rather sarcastic mouth on me that has a tendency to get me in trouble. But the people I work with have come to accept that about me.

"Those who live off of hope will die fasting."

-Benjamen Franklin

General Badaxe- This is a bit of a new thing. Of course, removing the authors I don't like, I can't keep the ones I do like, in all fairness. So I raked my brain for something new to speak about, and I guess I'll put down something that I feel needs to be said. This is my own opinion, and so no one has to take it seriously if you don't wish. If you wish to skip this section entirely, that is fine with me, because this one holds little and quite pointless information. With that being said, I'll start it off, and after you read the first sentence, most of you will either decide to read it because it is one of my rants. Or you will skip it. (I honestly get the feeling most, if not all people, will read it.)

I Absolutely HATE women who show off their bodies. Those women who wear the short skirt, tight blouses, revealing tops, overly tight pants, anything of that nature, as a general rule, disgust me. Now don't get me wrong, I'll admit I probably look more than I should and get one or two dirty thoughts. But with that out of the way, you give all women a bad name in my opinion. You flaunt yourselves to gain attention, and use the one asset most men have a hard time ignoring.

I personally was raised to have a lot of respect for women, by my father. And I do my best to uphold this. Has it led to a little sexism in my life? Yeah, I generally am kinder to a woman than I'll be to a man any day. But at the same time, the women that show what they have for the world to see seems to degrade that image for me. If you have a hard time getting a man with your face and personality, then you obviously either don't have enough confidence in yourself, and probably should not reproduce. It's hard for me to imagine these people as good parents. I know I'm being slightly biased, everyone likes to feel like they look good. But please, stop going into public a quarter to half naked.

Finally, if you are the woman that does this, and you have a boyfriend, I'm sorry, but you seem a lot like either an attention whore or a slut at this point. And in my opinion, it is even worse when you are with said boyfriend. (Or sometimes girlfriend) Look, I don't care to look at you if you are in a relationship. It makes me feel bad, because I abhor cheating on any level. Not to mention it's either (Normally) an attempt to make him jealous, or make him see how 'Lucky' he should be because you could replace him any time you want. So, please, if you are one of these women, just stop. Thank you.

"Those without Courage oppress the weak."

-Yoshimitsu (Soul Caliber)

Reveiws- (General view on reviews, from most liked to most hated.)

Favorite- The ones that tell me where I can improve, what holes I left, and ideas for this fic, or possibly another one I could use. I prefer this more than any other.

Decent- The standard review. They tell you you did a great job, and want you to update. The psychological support is nice, but that's all it is.

Pointless- These are the reviews that don't mean a thing to me. These ones yell at me for my spelling and grammar mistakes. People I'm sorry, but I am not an English major or teacher. So I will make mistakes. Not to mention, everything makes mistakes. That computer, right next to you, that you think is perfect makes about one hundred mistakes a second. It just corrects them just as fast, so you people think it is flawless. However, it makes more mistakes in one day than most people make in a 50 years. Quite an accomplishment really.

Not decent- These are the flames. They tell you you are a horrible author who should be in a ditch dead. Honestly, they are people who have no life, and must make others feel bad so that they feel good. Not worth my time and energy to retaliate against. So, I will just ignore them.

Worst- Yes, I believe there are reviewers worse than flamers. These people tell you what they would do in the story, and point out why. They will tell you what should happen, and why. Honestly, they are the worst. Not only do these people, who sometimes have never authored a story, tell you what to do, they try to give you a reason. You people want to give me pointers? Write me an entire chapter on what should happen, point out why, and then, somehow, you have to get into my mind to see if what I wrote had an impact at a later part of the story. You people I will retaliate against, and if you tick me off, it won't be a pretty one either.

General Badaxe- Well, that ends what facts about me exist, and need knowing honestly. You may know more than you wish, and some people may even think I'm slightly crazy or warped. That's fine, to be honest, I'm not one hundred percent sure I'm completely sane. And the longer I reflect on this time in Afghanistan, I'm sure that a part of my sanity has definitely ended. I get the distinct feeling I'm supposed to be dead from time to time. I'm alive though, and the only reason I can give for it is that it was a miracle of God. For that chance, I'm ever grateful to the man. I hope that every one of you out there reading this, whether I end up liking you or not depending on your personality, lives a good and respectable life. Even though I'm still young, I have lived, in my opinion, a good and respectful life. And I can easily die with a smile any day now, knowing everything I have accomplished. I have kept true to my faith in God, through hard and easy times. The Easy times though, were the hardest to keep faithful, I have to admit. I have become what I feel an honorable and respectful man. I have no debt associated with my name, and continue to help my family out with as many problems as I can, repaying my parents for their kindness upon me in my life. Even though when I think on it, I don't deserve the parents I have been gifted with. And I'm what I've wanted to be in life, A soldier. So, all in all, I'm content with my life. I wish the same joy to everyone reading this as well, and the ones who don't. Life is precious. One thing I have learned the hard way. So don't take your life for granted. Live it in a way you can never regret. If you die with regrets, then it would be hard to enjoy the afterlife. Good Day everyone, and Until my next update. Goodbye.

"That place is dark, appears dangerous, feels hostile, small chance of us getting out alive, and it seems our torch is burning low. Let's go!"

-Any true adventurer.

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