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Author has written 7 stories for Flight 29 Down, Wrestling, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Hay Ya'll I'm 'JohnAshley n RandyMickie Fan' ! I love Wrestling & Degrassi stories. I write a lot of wrestling stories but I'm bout to write a few more and some Degrassi stories. First I'll talk about my love for wrestling.

Wrestling: (Sorry I haven't been updating! I'm just busy and I go places but I try my best on the weekend.)

Favorite Wrestlers:

John Cena- I am sooo pissed that he is out for almost a year but anyway. I am so surprised with his talents.He has such a beautiful smile and his dimples are incredibly CUTE!! When he first got there everyone loved him. Wow He just got me speechless right now.

Randy Orton- He may be a heel but I love him so much! He is just so funny! The stories with Randy in it just makes my day. It' just too hard to explain how he makes me feel.

Matt Hardy- Love Matt SOO much! He is just so cute and I don't read that much stories with him as a good guy but I still love him.

Chris Jericho- I have not heard from him in a while but I just love him. I read so many stories with him and Trish. Ya gotta love it!

Triple H-He is so CRAZY! I loved him in DX so much! I am so happy about his baby girl and Steph.

Shawn Michaels- He is SOO Funny! I'm so happy he's back at WWE : ( We needed him so much.)

Bobby Lashley- He is soooo wow! Even though he got a meatball head thats still my dude!

Edge/Adam- Even though he's a heel I like him. Don't know why but I do

Least Favorite Wrestlers:

JBL- Such a loser. He needs to get over the fact he's not president (So does Kurt)

Kurt Angle- He is so corny. He sucks butt 4real

Umaga- His big umpa-lumpa self! Just go some where

Ric Flair- He madd old! Just give it up. Still trying to wrestle cuz thats the only way he know how to make money.

Favorite Divas:

Ashley- I LOVE Ashley so much!! I didn't like her at first until I started reading stories with here. (Note to readers: If you wrote a story with Ashley and John to together and it's on my favorites than I'm talking bout the stories you wrote!) Ashley is such a punk star. All the people that hate on her need to go some where.

Trish- I love Trish!! Why did she leave?? We need her so much! All the years she has been here was like wow. LOVE U LOTS TRISH!!

Mickie James- She is soo CRAZY but I LOVE her sooo Much!! Don't know why do I just do. If some one got a problem with me LOVEN Mickie then go kick rocks cuz thats probably the most important thing you gotta do. And you can just go to the top and send me a message about how you feel. (Don't get scared cuz I will send a message back.)

Lilian- I don't have a problem with Lilian but she need to wrestle for real!! I do not know how in the world she maken money by calling people names and singing cuz she sho can't sing.

Maria- I don't like her been such a flirt and pushing up on John cuz there are other wrestlers. (He should be with Ashley 4real)

Layla- I ain't like her all that much at first but now I think she cool.

Christy - I love her sooo sooo much! I'm pissed that she left. She is so pretty and I miss her dearly!

Joy- I love JOY! She is just so funny! When she put the ice cream on her chest- it was a classic! LOL

Lita/Amy- Even though she a heel I like her. I love stories with her. Don't know why but I just do.

Stacy- Lord knows why she left WWE! She was on "Dancen with the stars" dancen her butt off. Her long behind legs can get her to stardom.

Victoria- Even though she look like a man and she got some hard features I like her. I don't have a problem with her.

Least Favorite Divas:

Torrie- I just hate her! She looks old and she got muscular shoulders. I just can't stand her or stories about her and John (Unless she going to be breaking up with him and he going to get with Ashley: Like ing the story "These Dreams" by 'Attitude' you should read that who ever is reading my page and you like wrestling.)

Cherry- Who in the world is she?? I don't even know her! She just look a HOT MESS!!

Sharmel- I hate her. She need to go some where! She don't even be wrestling. It would be so funny if someone just come out and beat the crap out of her. She do be wearin some pretty dresses though, it's just her thats not pretty.

Kelly Kelly- She is a complete slut! I mean it, she is a skinny chick that need to put just a little bit more cloths on.

Melina- She think she all that just cuz she can do a split. I can do a back flip. Bet she can't do that huh. LOL!

Candice- She just think she the best diva but she not. I just don't like or can't stand her!

Beth- Why in the world is he womens champion?? He sho don't look like a women. I like it better when Melina was champ and I hate her! Beth is a DUDE.

My Favorite Couples:

John/Ashley- THEY ARE SOO CUTE. I love the thought of them. Punkie princess and chain gang soldier is the bomb I just love them.

Randy/Mickie- People don't like the comparison but I like it. They just seem so cute to me.

John/Lita- I didn't like it at first but I'm alright with the two. Im not a fan that would go crazy over the two like I would for John and Ash.

John/Candice- They are really cute even though I hate Candice. I like the two!

John/Trish- These two were my favorite at first until John and Ash but I still like the two together.

Randy/Ashley- I never thought of the two but they are just too cute together. I just love it.

Randy/Lita- At first I thought they two looked nasty together but they are x-tremely cute but if you read the story "A Secret love" by xxxxcrazychickxxxx(A really good story! It had me crying and I'm not lien either!)

Randy/Trish- They look WOW to me I really love the too because... I don't know they got me speechless! lol

Randy/Candice- Again said I hate Candice but the two are an amazing thought.

Matt/Ashley- I didn't really care for the two until now. Rock on punkies!!

Ashley/Edge- Some people never thought of the two but when I did I liked it. Don't know why but the thought of them is cute!

Mickie/John- I know weird but to think of it in my new story "Love is that amazing" I think the two are amazing together!

Batista/Mickie- I got this couple from a story called "Secrets Pain & Love" by WriterDude1994 and now I love the two together. (The story is totally amazing! Thats where I got the thought of Randy/Candice & John/Candice but in this story Randy is the bad guy)

Hope you read the stories I pointed out (if you like some of the things I do) because those stories are rockin (or just look in my favorite story list cuz I like some really good stories)


Favorite Peps:

Manny- She is so pretty and funny. She may have slept with a few people she's found her self and it's all good...4 now.

Alex- This is my homie dawg right here. She may be a lez but she hardcore.

Paige- She is so funny. And she can act too. She good at being popular in Degrassi and being a school good in take the lead.

Music Baby

I love music there so know doubt to that. Music is my life and I'm nothing without it.

Favorite Female singers:

Mariah Carey: Without a doubt in my mind this girl can blow. Even tho sing better in the past then now she still raw. I don't care what anybody say this chick right here...THIS CHICK RIGHT HERE...can SANG!!

Christina Aguilera: My God she is the bomb. Her voice is so strong it's not even funny. When she hit her high notes it's a wrap. And she got madd control in her voice. Congrats to the baby, Tina.

Beyonce: She can sing if you hate or love her. It's a fact not an opinion

Alicia Keys:

Jill Scott:


Transformers: This movie is da bomb! I don't care what nobody say the graphic was awesome! I love this movie to death. They is so funny: (Favorite moment) Tyrese: Who been up in here Freddy Cougar? Anthony Anderson: Naw man, he got 4 knives thats 3, thats Wolverine!(Haha that joink was funny.)

Take the Lead: This movie was so good! They dance skills was off the hook. Speaking of hook my dude Asian boy was in "Hook". And he was on "Moesha" and Yaya from America's Next Top Model, and Girl from da other dancing class was in my show "Dagrassi" !! Anyway thats my movie the dances and songs was hottt!!

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