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Also a "Profile".

So. On With The Basics.

Whoare you? Jule. You might recognized my name from Wandering Mind's stories. As it happens, she will no longer be writing anymore fanfictions, as she is busy working on her new novel: Turquoise. I've been relieved of my editing duties so! I've taken up the habit myself. I'm almost fifteen, and tragically written.

Where do you come from? Up my mom's butt and around the corner.

Why are you here? To scare little children. To disturb old people. TO RULE THE WORLD WITH A COTTONY, PINK, PUFFY FISt! And to write fan fiction.

Do you plan on doing anything else? Uhhhh no.

Are you single? Yes.

Are you inter-- No.

Are you sur-- Yes, I'm sure. No, I don't want to ride in your Mercedes, and yes, I'm sure you have a great personality.

Keep telling yourself that.

The Only Thing That Sucks More...

My life. Welcome to it. Here is what I'm doing RIGHT NOW:

Making this profile

"Working" at this compact magazine store in the airport surrounded by Covergirl, Vogue,and Seventeen covers consitently reminding me that I will never be that beautiful, and that I'm working in a magainze store in the air port. Tell me when we're having fun. I dare you.

Listening to my X-boyfriend DJ live from Fort Myers beach (I cannot avoid this, as his voice is blaring from all sides of the airport)

This is what he's saying:

"Hhhhheeeey every body this is John Keller here on the beautiful Fort Myers beach, surrounding by even more beautiful your friends a holler, ladies!...(Laughing) yeah, they seem to be having a great time! (calling out to the more beautiful ladies) don't forget the whip cream contest! Alright, well...I'll be reeling off another string of great hits so you just stayed tuned! Wait for me ladies!"

Fianlly, a commercial.

But not all is lost. Narie--AKA Wandering Mind--is with me. Woo-hoo.

Friends...People Who Stab You In The Front

I have two close friends. Narie, and Ferimetta.

(Actically Ferimetta's real name is Ashley but since she believes there are too many Ashleys in the world, we are forced to call her that God awful Italian name).

Facts about Both

Ferimetta loves romantic novels: Narie hearts Vampire stories.

Narie is steady: Ferimetta is frantic

Ferimetta is realistic: Narie daydreams

Fermietta is the crowd pleaser: Narie is xenophobic

Narie is insightful: Fermietta is "What you see is what you get"

Narie walks in the rain: Ferimetta carries an umbrella

Ferimetta maughs brightly: Narie smiles sadly

And that's pretty much it.

It's Not Having What You Want, It's Wanting What You Got

They say the definition of a person comes from: Family, Stuff they own, people they hang out with.

I'll stary with mi familia.

I live with grandparents, aunt, uncle,and cousin in a boarding house. Everything is always a bit hectic. I shall demostrate this chaos in play-form.

Chaotic Reasoning presents:

A Typical Saturday Morning In Her Household

Aunt (screaming to the top of the stairs): JULE! ERIN! WHERE ARE MY KEYS?

Grandmother (entering the living room): Oh, Darlene, don't be so impatient. Why not have some tea?

Aunt: I don't want tea! I want my keys!

Grandfather: $#! $($($! & &#@!

Me (coming down the stairs, hair looking as though it came from a horror movie): Did you try your pants pocket?

Aunt (suddenly pleasent as to find her keys in her pocket):Well would you look there! Good job, Jule. Yes, mom, I would like some tea.

Erin: AHHHH! DERICK IS OUTSIDE! (opens the window. Screaming out the window): Derrick! Jule is going to make sweet love to you!

Me:...Uh, no.

Erin:(screaming out the window)Nevermind!

Grandpa: $&! $! ($!

Grandma: That's nice, Tom.


Our family owns three cars: My grandmother's porshe, my aunt's lexus, Uncle's van. My uncle's van, actually, is the embarassement of my family. Erin calls it the "Mexican Dream Machine". Fully equipped with:

Sixteen passenger seats

Surround sound stereo

Smelly air conditioning

Christmas Lights

The Mexican Dream Machine is great for all family vacations. It's large as the west coast, and marroon. Also available for alien immigration uses.

Fickle Fangled Words Confuse Me

Things You Should Consider (Or Will Eventually Run Into OnThe Front Of Hallmark Cards So You Might As Well Read Them Now):

Death is more universal than life. We all die, but not all of us live. live once. Make every chance count.

Nothing in life is coincidence. Fate plays it out, but you make your own Destiny.

If you never make mistakes, how will you learn?

Love might be a mistake, but it's worth making.

Don't regress. Look to the future. If it hurts, cry.

Crying is not a weakness. It is the stregnth to show who you are, in a moment of need.

Now, if you excuse me, I hear my X again.

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