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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Danny Phantom.


Newcomer here, kinda freaked out for my first few stories but I'm sure this has been said before. I'm actually so ready for this like you wouldn't believe. This is gonna be short but let me know if you want me to put anything about me or OC(s) on my profile. Later.

OC Profile: Wraith

Name: Khai David Lawson

Superhero Alias: Wraith

Age: 16

Birthday: April 6 2001

Ethnicity: African-American

Height: 6’0”

Skin Colour: Medium Brown(Human form)/ Grey-Blue(Ghost form)

Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown(Human form)/ Emerald Green(Ghost form)

Hair Colour and Texture: Short, waved and black(Human form)/ Silver flames(Ghost form)

Personality: Laid back, not overly confident, lazy (at times), quite sarcastic, charming, can be easily swayed by a nice pretty girl, goofy, quite secluded, brave, forgetful, intelligent, tends to have infrequent dark thoughts.

Likes: Being a superhero (when he wins), being happy, staying home, his mother's overbearing nature towards him (at least he knows she cares), Ines, Tucker, pizza, junk food in general, bats, Batman, some parts of the Ghost Zone, superheroes, having freedom, aspiring to be like his father, Paulina (when she doesn’t insult him, or when she’s just by herself).

Dislikes: Being a superhero (when he loses), feeling useless, when he argues with Tucker or his mom, people dying because of him, his enemies, when enemies try to attack his family, the thoughts of Ines or his mom dying in his arms, people want trust but can’t be trustworthy themselves, being called ‘ghost kid’, the Ghost Queen, Dark Phantom, embarasssing himself, cheese, constant annoyance.

Equipment: Uniform (imagine Dan Phantom suit but colours are inverted), Ecto Belt (helped control Khai’s powers when he first gained them, but doesn’t use it that much), Ghost Gauntlets (can manipulate the soul within a person. Half ghost are easier), Thermos (traps ghost momentarily before being released into the Ghost Zone). Everything is prone to malfunctioning.

Love Interest(s): Paulina Rubio (in a solo future, fanfic)

Tiana (2 week fling at 12 years old)

OC Profile: Theodore Riddle

Name: Theodore Silas Riddle

Age: 14

Birthday: April 6 1980

Ethnicity: British Caucasian

Height: 5’6”

Skin: Pale white

Eye Colour: Bright Hazel/ Deep Scarlet (when under the influence of his father or seriously livid)

Hair Texture and Colour: Very dark brown(on the verge of jet black), straight/curly that comes to his ears. Varies between neat and messy

Personality: Cunning, ambitious, naturally charming, cynical, intelligent, short tempered, resentful to those that abandon him, unapproachable (to some), very prone to act on malicious thoughts and ideas, cocky, has a superiority complex, harbours many hidden aspects such as the fact he is secretly a courageous boy who is willing to fight for others despite his parentage, is capable of being kind (rare), sarcastic, can be hopelessly oblivious and naive to attention from girls (although he is aware of it sometimes)

Likes: Collecting information that would benefit him greatly, being in control, seeking power, his talent, Hogwarts Castle, reading, being a leader, Louise, Hermione, Neville, Harry and Ron, teachers giving him praise, Draco(to an extent), his wand, Madam Geoffrey, the Weasleys.

Dislikes: Being usurped constantly, having his time wasted, being told what to do, being lied to, Dumbledore’s nonchalant demeanour, being distracted, heights, the Sorting Hat, being truly alone, not getting the credit that he deserves, people discriminating him for who his parents were/are, feeling powerless, Sister Gretchen, Simeon, Lavender Brown’s and Parvati Patil’s constant annoyance, his father, his entire family on his father’s side.

Equipment: A wand, Acacia, twelve and three-quarter inches, Thestral tail hair core.

Love Interest(s): Aaaaahhh...

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