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About Me
PenName : Hinata and Kiba 4ever
Age : 15
Favorite color : Blue
Favorite animal : Tiger
Friends : Joe , Kyle, Courtney, Melanie, Julia, Bethany, Jesse, Brett, Terry, Kara, James,and more, but I'm not listing them all down!
Hobbies : Writing (Duh!) , Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Videogames, and Hanging out with friends.
Personality : I am generally a very kind person, but if I see someone being mean to one of my friends in a non joking manner, I can get pretty vicious. I'm also very accepting, not minding if people make mistakes, and instead tries to help them through it. I am great in school, scoring good on everything besides homework (Hehehe...), and most people see me as a really smart person, though I'm really just average. I love to create things, ecspecially stories. I tend to hide my feelings a lot, and don't give my trust very easily.
...This is begginning to sound like a police report...

And than of course the important things!

Favorite animes : Naruto, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and more that I will list when I think of them.
Favorite pairings : Hinata+Kiba, Tenten+Neji, Ino+Shikamaru,and Hinata+Sasuke (Naruto), Ed+Winry and Roy+Riza (Full metal alchemist), Sango+Miroku (Inuyasha)
Favorite Characters :
: Hinata, Sasuke, Kiba, Shino, Tenten, Akamaru, and Ino!
Gundam Wing : Quatre, Duo, ...and that's about it...lol!
Full metal alchemist : Roy, Ed, Riza, and Winry
Inuyasha : Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, and Kagura!

Me in anime (though I know you probably don't care. XD)

Weapon of choice : I don't think I'd have any physical wepon. I'd be a magic user, and probably wield it freely, without the use of a staff, kendama, ect. If I had to choose a specific type of magic, it'd be healing. I just find the art of healing so incredible, and it fits my personality well. Offensive ice type is cool too. Freeze the opponent in their tracks. Mwahaha.
Type : I'd be one of those peaceful, violence hating types. Hinata from Naruto would be the best comparison. I'd have little confidence in my skills, would always be shy around others, and would probably take a long time to reach my full potential. I might be a bit more outspoken than Hinata though.
Anime I'd want to be in : Umm...Naruto. Duh!

Fanlistings I've joined :

Release (Neji x Tenten)
Believe (Hinata x Naruto)
All You Have Seen (Hinata x Sasuke)
Devotion (Hinata x Kiba)
Aburame Shino, Hyuga Hinata, & Inuzuka Kiba Fanlisting (I don't think it had a name.)
Shinjitsu (Kiba & Akamaru)
Entomologist (Shino)
A Ninja's Best Friend (Akamaru)
Change (Hinata)
Wild Instinct (Kiba)

Opinions on Naruto(According to me!)

Tenten : She's such a cool character! The best female on the show after Hinata of course! It's too bad they show like...none of her. I swear to god, she was only put on the show to give Neji and Rock Lee a teammate. I've always liked the idea of Tenten and Hinata being best friends, you know, like Tenten supporting Hinata through hard times, and Hinata helping Tenten win Neji's heart XD! As I'm sure you can tell from the last comment, fav pairing for Tenten is Neji!
Neji : I used to really hate him, because of his rude personality towards Hinata. But after seeing more of how unfair the branch family has it, I guess he at least has reasoning for these hard feelings. I like the idea of Neji being a protective cousin, looking out for Hinata. Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting the romantic relationship between the two! I have nothing against fans of incest...but I just don't like it. Sorry.
The Temari-Shikamaru-Ino Triangle : Me? I'm for Ino+Shikamaru. Personally as a character, I like Temari better, but for Shikamaru, Ino's the only one.
Haku : I agree with the people who think he looks like a girl...cause he does. But don't worry! I am a total Haku fan. He's an awesome character, dedicated, loyal, strong, caring, smart, blah blah blah...
The Naruto-Kiba-Hinata-Shino-Sasuke-Gaara-Neji err...heptagon (Wow...I had to look that term up XD!) : Okay...look at my penname and just guess which is my favorite. My rankings : 1st Kiba 2nd Sasuke 3rd Naruto 4th Shino 5th Gaara 6th Neji

Team 8 From Naruto!

Okay...am I the only one who likes team 8 the best on Naruto? Just asking! I mean...come on! The are so awesome! Who can't totally love them to death?
Hinata : OMG OMG OMG! OMG! I will never be able to stop liking her! She is soooooo the best character in the show! If she was real I would so be her best friend! Lol! Love the Guardian of the Eight Divination Seals attack! So cute and shy. The timidness just makes you want to hug her! I kinda like the jacket, but I like that black outfit she was wearing for the scouting mission with Naruto better!
Kiba : The coolest male character in the show! His attacks are just...undescribingly cool! And Akamaru...EEEEEE! ADORABLE! I WANT TO HUG HIM TO DEATH! (Not literally of course!) Great attitude, very confident, and a protective leader for the team. And...he's a doggy fanatic...just like me! Woohoo!
Shino : Umm...can't really say much about him. Does he reveal anything in the show? Lol! But his mysterious attitude is one of his wicked qualities. The Bug Host Skill...creepy...but too cool! I wanna see his eyes! Does he ever take those fricken glasses off! It took long enough before the producers of the show finally showed his fricken mouth! Love the jacket! The hair...kinda needs to go...but now that I think about it...it works with him!

Kakahi's team : Naruto is too darn ignorant! He's helplessly in love with Sakura, who never shows any affections back (yet), yet there's this way better girl who's totally in love with him, and still all he can think about is SAKURA! Sasuke's cool! The only member of Kakashi's team (besides Kakashi) that I actually like! Sakura...ugh...there's just too much about her that I don't like! I'm not going to bother listing them, since you Sakura fans have probably heard enough Sakura bashing.
Asuma's team : Ino's decent. Sure...she's like...2x more annoying than Sakura, but she's got a funny attitude. And the hair, while most people hate it, I absolutly love it! Shikamaru is the bomb! Lol! If only the teams were teams of 4 instead, and Shikamaru was placed on cell 8! Lol! Choji...I'm sorry...but WTF! His attack is making himself fatter than he already is, and rolling around trying to crush the opponent. When I first found that out, I could not stop laughing for like...a day!
Gai's team : Sure...Neji acts like a jackass towards Hinata in the show...but he's still awesome! The eyes...wicked! Lol! I love the byakugan! Tenten needs more credit! I can't believe how little they show of her on the show! She's really cool I think. She's a fricken deamon with long ranged weapons =). Too cool! And than they ruin a perfectly good team...a team that was on par with team 8...by adding...Rock Lee! I run to the bathroom to throw up every time he appears on the show! And the Lee/Sakura pairing...NO! Even Sakura deserves someone better!
Garra's team : On this team...everyone has their pros and cons. First, Garra. The eyes...I have to hide under a fricken blanket when I see those things. Lol! Jk. But seriously...freaky. Other than that, gotta love everything else about Garra! Than there's Temari. Again, only one small bad thing. The hair. What the heck did she do to get it that way! Love her attitude and fighting style (I mean come on...a fan! Gotta love it!). Finally, Kankeru! Umm...face paint needs to go, as well as the clothes. But he has got one of the coolest fighting styles in the game! A puppet! LMAO! Too bloody awesome!
1) Kurenai's team! DUH!
2) Garra's team! Do they have a sensei?
3) Asuma's team! Only because of Shikamaru! Lol!
4) Gai's team! Would tie with Asuma's if it weren't for Lee!
5) Kakashi's team! Sorry...just don't like them. They're just so boring compared to the others...

So anyways...because I love this team so much, any Naruto fic I write will have a little convo that I'll write at the end of each chapter! Joining me in these convos will be none other than team 8! Even Akamaru will put in a word every now and than, which you will now be able to understand with my super doggy translator! Lol! These convos are just little things I add when I have way too much time!

Video Games

Favorite video games : Tales of Symphonia, Star Ocean (Till the end of Time), Baten Kaitos, Fire Emblem 8, Soul Calibur 2, and more!
Favorite pairings : Sheena+Lloyd and Raine+Kratos (Tales of Symphonia), Fayt+Nel and Albel+Nel (Star Ocean), Kalas+Savyna (Baten Kaitos), Xiangua+Kilik and Talim+Yunsung (Soul Calibure 2). When it comes to Fire Emblem 8 though...hehehe...where do I start? I'll try to list all the ones I remember. Innes+Erika, Innes+Vannessa, Ephraim+Tana, Lute+Kyle (No Funk...not you!), Lute+Forde (Lol! Sorry...sort of made that one up myself!), Seth+Erika, Franz+Amelia, Forde+Vannessa, Ephraim+L'Arachel, Marissa+Joshua, ...and that's about all I can remember right now. I'd say my favorite has to be Forde+Vannessa!
Favorite Characters :
Tales of Symphonia : Sheena, Raine, and Kratos!
Star Ocean : Albel, Nel, Mirage, and Fayt!
Baten Kaitos : Savyna, Kalas, and Llyude!
Soul Calibur 2 : Taki, Kilik, Talim, Xiangua, Yunsung, Maxi, and Sophitia!
Fire Emblem 8 : Lute, Franz, Forde, Kyle, L'Arachel, Ephraim, Innes, Nemi, Vannessa, Ewan, and Marissa!

Favorite Sayings!
"Death awaits the overconfident...remember that!" : Nel, Star Ocean
"Naruto-kun...is finally watching me...I won't take back my words...that's my way of the ninja!" : Hinata, Naruto
"Hoo!...Are you ready?" : Taki, Soul Calibur 2
"What do you think your doing you perverted little monk!" : Sango, Inuyasha
"You can not oppose fate." : Kratos, Tales of Symphonia
"There is no one better than me! I can't have you threatening my natural superiority here!" : Lute, Fire Emblem 8
"Well...it's just...my books don't tell me anything about how to deal with love!" : Lute, Fire Emblem 8

Favorite Moments!
Fire Emblem 8
"They're kind of cute, don't you think? I mean, like those revenants, for example." : Lute
"It's fair to say I will never understand your tastes. Besides, I thought you enjoyed using them as, well, magic practice." : Artur
"Oh I do! I do indeed! I use my magic to rip them to shreds...with love of course." : Lute
"Your way of expressing love is somewhat frightening..." : Artur

"But, I've practiced. I'm a bit more sociable." : Marisa
"In what way? You don't appear to have changed at all." : Gerik
"Your wrong. Let me show you." : Marisa
"What? You're going to be sociable? This I've got to see. Well, go ahead." : Gerik
"You won't laugh, will you?" : Marisa
"No, I won't laugh." : Gerik
"Truely?" : Marisa
"Yes, I promise." : Gerik
"Here goes...Hello Gerik! Wonderful day for a battle, isn's it! ...Why are you looking away?" : Marisa
"N...no reason...mmha...Bwa hahahaha!" : Gerik

"How is it progressing, Dozla? Is it working?" : L'Arachel
"Gwah ha ha! You will be pleased, Princess L'Arachel! Just recently I saw a group of villagers together gossiping. They'd seen a suspicious young woman in fantastic garb riding around at night. And they called that enigmatic woman "The beautiful princess of peerless beauty"!" : Dozla
"Yes, they were most certinaly talking about me than. Finally I'm becoming known across the lands. Those three long trips I took around the area were well worth the trouble!" : L'Arachel

"L'Arachel...You don't have to be so defensive. Why don't you come talk to me?" : Ephraim
"...That depends. You're not going to try to attack me again, are you? You won't go ripping the armor from your...well-toned body, will you?" : L'Arachel
"L'Arachel...That was all just a simple misunderstanding. But I apologize if I offended your sensibilities in removing my armor." : Ephraim
"Well, I suppose I can forgive you for this one indiscretion. I wasn't prepared. I've never seen a man's naked body before..." : L'Arachel
"Naked?...I was only showing you the scar on my shoulder, like you asked!" : Ephraim
"A naked shoulder is a big deal! I was so shocked. Why, I could hardly sleep at all that night!..." : L'Arachel
"What's wrong L'Arachel? You seem different somehow." : Ephraim
"No...everything is fine. Please don't look at me in such a vulgar, learing way. I find it very inappropriate." : L'Arachel
"Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea. I certainly would never--" : Ephraim
"What? Are you saying that you do not find me attractive!" : L'Arachel
"No! I...What do you want me to say?" : Ephraim
"How can you be so calm at a time like this? Don't you see what you've done? Ahhhh! I'm so frustrated! Don't you ever forget this, Ephraim! I hope that, someday, some girl comes along and gets you all rattled too!" : L'Arachel
"...I just do not get her. She is rather cute, though." : Ephraim

Information on my writing!

Grammer : Names from animes, whether it be people, places, or things, are a little hard to spell. If you notice me spelling a name wrong, please notify me in your review, so I can fix it for next time. Thank you!
Reviews for me : I always enjoy constructive criticism, as it helps me improve, so flames are okay. But if you do flame me, at least have a logical reasoning behind it. For example, don't just say you thought my story was horrible, please give me your reason for thinking so.
Reviews for others : I love to read stories created by other people, because some are very imaginitive, and create well developed stories. If I have something bad to say (which I rarely do), I will explain what, give reasoning why, and say something good to follow it up.
O.C. : Yes...I'm sorry. I love making stories with original characters. Well...they're really just some of my friends from school. lol! Sorry, but it's so much fun. Seriously, try it once. Don't worry though. Any story that does have 1 or more O.C.s will have a page explaining a little about them so you can enjoy the story more thoroughly.
O.O.C. : Yes...there will probably be some of this in my stories as well. If you see a character who seems out of character, don't bother telling me, because I probably already know.
A final note : I know this section of my profile makes me seem like a real jerk, but I just like to be official in these kind of things. Don't worry, I'm actually a very light natured person. I actually couldn't care less if you did any of the things I asked not to above. Lol! Makes it seem pointless...huh?

I've been watching some amvs and flash movies lately, and some are very well done, or really funny. I'll try posting some up here.
A Sasuke/Hinata Amv : Song is Not Gonna Get Us
A Kiba/Hinata Amv : Song is You and Me
Another Kiba/Hinata Amv : Song is Why Can't I
Another Kiba/Hinata Amv (What you expect coming from me) : Song is Tetris
A Hinata Amv : This song suits Hinata so well! Definitly reccomed you watch this one. Song is...I think Lost Inside
A Amv of Team 8's battles in the chunin exams : Song is Last Resort, good for any cell 8 fans out there!
A Hinata V.S. Neji Amv : Song is Crawling.
A Tenten V.S. Temari Amv : Song is Naturally. There's a bit of Temari's battle against Shikamaru, and Tenten's battle against that lightning dude.
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