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Hi everyone...first off, I want to apologize for the very long absence. While I could give excuses, I won't, because it's not right or fair to all of you who have been great fans, friends, and supporters of my stories, and who have been waiting far too patiently. I am deeply sorry, not only for keeping you waiting with my stories, but for not making any sort of contact, especially to those of you who emailed me with your concerns. I am ashamed of my treatment to all of you, and hope to rectify the situation as soon as possible by getting my work updated within the next week or so, and when I say work, I mean ALL THREE of my current unfinished stories. I want to get "Tapestry of Deceit" finished as soon as possible, and get back to work on "Erik, the Date Phantom" and "The Mask and the Slipper". Once more, I am very, very sorry and hope that you can forgive me and that you will continue to enjoy my stories. --Lady Rosesong, March 3, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Currently, I have been writing "Phantom of the Opera" fan fiction. I saw Webber's musical on stage when I was 13, and I remember crying my eyes out at the end. Since that day, I have been a HUGE Erik/Christine shipper, and I am determined to write stories where they have a happy ending, as I believe they deserve. Therefore, if you do not like reading Erik/Christine, well, I'm afraid my stories are not for you. Also, my experiences with "Phantom" are purely based on the musical and film. If you choose to read my work hoping to see a Leroux-type story, I'm afraid you will be disappointed.

Phantom Characterization

Erik is what I like to call an "antagonistic hero". He begins as a villain, a man who has been plagued by demons all his life, who comes across as cold, unfeeling, fearsome, and perhaps, even a little mad. Erik thinks very little of himself, in fact, he prefers not to think of himself at all. All his pride is given to his music, and any pride he may feel towards himself, is strictly related and based on music. As the story unfolds, Erik relunctantly finds himself in situations where he is forced to rethink his character, especially after he meets Christine. Whether the story follows the "typical" POTO plotline at the Paris Opera House, or the characters are placed in an alternative universe, Erik will go through this transformation from villain to hero, yet no matter what, he will always remain dark, powerful, and mysterious. Not to mention tempermental. Other notes on Erik: I tend to copy actor Gerald Butler's age and look for Erik--tall, slightly broader and more muscular than Butler, dark hair (shaggy looking) with amber/gold eyes, and the famous half-mask. Unmasked Erik tends to follow the unmasked look of Michael Crawford's Phantom. Erik's voice is a combination of the best elements from both actors.

Christine is perhaps the most fascinating character to me. I often feel that this young woman, who captures the Phantom's heart, has been unjustly treated by other writers, both professional and amateur. Erik strikes me as someone who is quite intelligent; a genius with music, and as we learn from Madame Giry, he is also an architect, scientist, etc. While I'm sure Christine was quite pretty, and as we understand from whatever versions we read/see, she does indeed have a most beautiful voice, I can not help but think that Erik, with all his great intelligence, would loathe having a little obedient doll who sang whenever he wished and not once show some strength of spirt. Therefore, in my portrayls of Christine, she may begin meek and mild (in truth, I think this is purely her innocence), but as the story continues, she will come to a better understanding of her personal strength, and stand up and speak her own mind and heart. Other notes on Christine: I tend to copy the look of Christine based on look of Sarah Brightman--curly brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure, but with obvious curves. I tend to base Christine's voice and age with actress Emmy Rossum's characterization.

Other Characters: Depending on the story, I sometimes use other famous characters from "Phantom". Because I write Erik/Christine, Raoul, should he appear, has either two portrayls: friend or villain. Yet no matter which way I choose to write Raoul, this will always remain true about his character: he will always be handsome, he will always be wealthy, and he will always inspire some feeling of jealousy for Erik. Carlotta is another character that often makes an appearance. Beware fans of Carlotta: she normally plays a villainous role in my work. Meg Giry is another character that I normally include. She is always portrayed as being very pretty and a close friend to Christine. Like Christine, Meg is strong-willed as well (a trait she most likely gets from her mother), and sometimes she is my answer to the Erik/Christine/Raoul triangle. Do not be surprised if I pair Meg and Raoul together.

Story Genres

I love most genres for Phantom. I prefer to write historical romance, simply because I am not confident with my skills when it comes to writing a contemporary setting, but perhaps one day I'll try my hand at it. I enjoy both the "traditional" universe for POTO, as well as historical "AU" universes. I try to be as accurate as I can be with the historical settings of my work, but sadly, I do not always have the opportunity to do research. Basically, I am asking you to please be kind, should I make a historical error.


I love feedback! I love hearing what readers think of my stories, so please, leave a comment if you can! However, if your sole purpose is to flame me, be big about it and email me personally. The most immature act is flaming someone where everyone else can see it, so please, if you have an issue with my writing, email me and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Well, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my work!

~Lady Rosesong

HEY EVERYONE! Ani has done some BEAUTIFUL artwork for my fic, "Tapestry of Deceit". Check out her drawings!

Sir Erik von Desslar, the Black Knight:


Sir Erik & Lady Christine: http:///my.php?image=ecf2ze2.jpg


Christine when she was a little girl: http:///my.php?image=csmallfuh8.jpg

The following links show pics of

Elizabeth: http:///my.php?image=elizabethfkj7.jpg

Beatrice: http:///my.php?image=beatriceflb1.jpg

Sir Raoul: http:///my.php?image=rafej4.jpg

Images and pictures from "The Mask and the Slipper". All artwork is done by Ani.

Erik, all grown up: http:///my.php?image=erikslf1ak0.jpg

Another wonderful pic of Erik! This is from Chapter 6, when Erik enters the palace, all "hooded up". http:///deviation/59070580/

NEW! Her Royal Highness, Princess Christine of Eastergard: http:///my.php?image=chrisfun6.jpg

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