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Greetings! I am Lord-Zing (The dash between Lord and Zing is optional).

My only story as of now, A WTF Day, is a bit of silliness I began to write one day in order to avoid my studies. Turns out it exploded into an uncontrollable... something...

As you can probably guess I am a lunitic. I am also a genius (Bet you couldn't tell.).

Enjoy your demented stay.

~ Lord-Zing


The April '06 Stuff of the Month

Word of the month: Horniness

Line of the month: His nose exploded into a faucet of blood, red liquid shooting through his fingers like strands of silly string on crack.

Quote of the month: "R-R-Raph... T-those..." The knight turned his face away with a blush, "Those will not fit me!"

Character of the month: Siegfried Schtauffen

The May '06 Stuff of the Month

Word of the month:pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis

Line of the month:Maxi, failing to get the memo that clearly stated chocolate would no longer be called 'plain chocolate', but 'milk chocolate', went on with his life unaware some demonic 'milk chocolate' enforcing cult was stalking him.

Quote of the month: "You don't like nuts?"

Character of the month: Maxi

The January '07 Stuff of the Month

Word of the month: COOKIES!

Line of the month: She landed with grace matched only by a carton of milk-laden, soggy Oreos.

Quote of the month: "I see you’ve not only read chapter one but," Ivy's smirk grew, "You'll have to stay here until he wakes."

Character of the month: Kilik

The September '07 Stuff of the Month

Word of the month: footsy/footsie/foot-see/fhootsei/phootsy

Line of the month: Maxi and Lord Zing were entertained to no end when Xianghua’s face contorted in a glare that said, are you saying I’m boring, inexperienced, ugly, not-worth-it, have anger issues, AND my butt is too big while my breasts are too small?

Quote of the month:Whaaaaat?

Character of the month: Xianghua

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