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Author has written 17 stories for Teen Titans, Halo, Godzilla, Mass Effect, and Star Wars Rebels.

I suppose I have tell you what I like and hate huh? Very well.

Video Games: I'm an avid gamer. Yet I find that many games are too short for my liking. I finish many of them in two days.

TV: Who doesn't.

Comics: Duh!

Movies: But some are crappy.

I am also a pop culture junkie, which fervently means I'm going to have a lot of pop culture references in my stories.

Alert: Teen Titans the Musical has been removed, because FF.Net is being snippy and stupid. However you can now find the story here:

z10.invisionfree (Dot) com / The_BBxRae_Shrine / index (Dot) php?showtopic=2891&st=0&#last

Updated periodically for your pleasure.

Annoucnement: Due to's new policy, all outgoing links have been changed. Please paste links in address bar and replace (Dot) with periods from now one. Apologies for this sudden turn of events, it is beyond my control. Youtube links seem to work just fine and remain unchanged.

Emergency Imperial Broadcast! Godzilla Sighted! For More Information Click Here:

Part One

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/04/author-notes-for-force-of-nature-part (dot) html

Part Two

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/04/force-of-nature-behind-scenes-notes (dot) html

Part Three

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/05/star-wars-force-of-nature-behind-scenes(dot )html

Part Four

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/06/behind-scenes-of-star-wars-force-of (dot) html

Part Five

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/07/behind-scenes-notes-of-star-wars-force (dot) html

Part Six

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/09/behind-scenes-of-star-was-force-of (dot) html

Part Seven

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/11/behind-scenes-of-star-wars-force-of (dot) html

Part Eight

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2015/12/behind-scenes-of-star-wars-force-of (dot) html

Updates with Every New Chapter! All Praise Emperor Palpatine!

Well with all the old stuff now out of the way, time for all the new profile information. Fanfiction writing is often something that is often maligned by many. Countless slash fics and other crappy stories have given it an image that it's an excuse by the fans to do shit that makes no sense. There's a semblance of truth to that, but I also see it as something more. A chance for aspiring writers to enhance their skills and actually get some practice in story telling/writing. Not everyone can be a good writer of course, but a good story teller can come from anywhere. Fanfiction can help you understand how to become a better one. Its rare to find a good story on though, and this is more because of the internet's nature then anything. The fact is the internet is a playground for anyone with a keyboard and an opinion to spread. I'm mainly saying all this to explain, just cause most of the stuff is bad doesn't mean one should give up trying to create or find good stories.

I'm also saying this all to explain my hope with my new direction. I've been writing Teen Titans fanfiction for awhile, but the thing is Teen Titans has been cancelled for years. Eventually you get bored of writing the same damn thing over and over and this is especially true when you don't think you're living up to all your standards. script format isn't exactly a high water mark of writing. So over time I abandoned the script format and started writing stories how I knew I could and should write them. And most recently after finishing my final Teen Titans story I abandoned the Titans altogether, believing I had told all the stories I wanted to tell with them. In fact in my last story I even made reference to what I was going to do next by having Shepard appear alongside Grunt to be the new stars of my fanfics. It was a taste of where I wanted to go from there.

Which brings me to my new ongoing project, "The Wormhole Chronicles" Series I'm currently working on. I had the idea awhile ago. Mass Effect in my opinion is a terrific science fiction story, despite what a few detractors say, most of them disillusioned fans that popped up after ME2, In addition, I think Halo is also a fantastic science fiction story. Both of them create large expansive universes, with tremendous amounts of mythology and lore surrounding the races, planets and individuals who inhabit them both. And yet while both are exceedingly popular, Mass Effect isn't as derided as Halo is. I have a number of friends who dislike the franchise because of myriad of reasons. The story isn't good, the characters are bland, it killed innovation in the shooter game genre, etc. I've heard most of the complaints. While I don't think they're entirely invalid, I don't agree with them. I think Halo, while being less high brow then Mass Effect, is no less a good story then it. Comparing Halo to Mass Effect is like comparing say Blade Runner to Aliens. Both are great movies, it's just the former has a few more complex deeper themes then say Aliens or if you wanna go a bit more "low brow" if you will, Predator. They each have their own special qualities that make them great.

And that's what I'm attempting to do here, showcase Mass Effect and Halo's unique qualities that make them both wonderful science fiction tales. This isn't some VS. storyline, it's asking the question how would these two universes interact should they come across one another. I'm aware that many people are wary of ME and Halo crossovers, too many try and fail quite often. Especially ones involving other dimensions. So I decided if I was going to do this I was gonna do it right. I wasn't gonna rush into things without first thinking how the heroes of both games would react to each other. How they'd clash, how'd they'd become friends, which ones would become friends, how the different ideologies and beliefs would work against or for one another. For the most part the response seems to be overwhelming positive. Which is pretty good, but I don't want it to go to my head. I'm always trying to see where I can improve and if I can improve. and I'm always thinking "What can I do that would make this story even more interesting?"

It's a constant process, I'm not trying to win over everyone here, but I do have a story I wish to tell and I'm gonna tell it. Cause as a fan of both series I want to do them both justice. I won't play favourites, if I think something from the Halo-verse is stronger then something from the ME verse or vice versa I'll show that. AND I'll also show what it takes for the weaker side to come out on top should it be required. I don't want to do curb-stomp battles unless it's to illustrate a point. So that's my mission statement more or less, explore the reactions of both universes as they come into contact with one another. Whether I succeed or fail is left up to the audience to decide. All I ask is for people to be honest and constructive in whatever they have to say about it. I'm tough, I can take it.

As a final caveat, a TV Tropes page was created for this fanfic. As a bit of a troper myself it's kinda charming to know I'm featured there. Huzzah for 15 minutes of internet fame! XD Anyway, feel free to check it out at your leisure and edit it if you so desire. I like checking up on it now and again, just to see what people noticed or discovered or whatnot as they were reading. I like seeing if what I aiming for got across, that's the mark of a good writer. You can find the page here:

tvtropes (dot) org/pmwiki/pmwiki (dot) php/FanFic/WhenThereWasATomorrow

Guilty Sparks also has it's own page now as well:

tvtropes (dot) org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/GuiltySparks

Voice Over Performances - Presented by HellFox83:

The link below will lead you to a playlist showcasing some miniature reproductions of scenes from "Guilty Sparks." Think of them as tiny radio dramas if you will. HellFox would appreciate your feedback on his work and I hope you will enjoy actually hearing these scenes being given a voice. I had a kit if fun listening to them myself and I'm glad I can finally share them all with you.

Here are four of the most recent ones, both from Chapter 32 involving Zek and Varvok's further plans and the consequences. Spoilers for those not that far In the story of course.

Thel's Vendetta and Varvok's Plan:

Unlikely Allies:

Silva's response to the Proposed Alliance:

Linda, McKay, Johnson and the Flood in the Engine Room:

Colonel Holland contacts Major Silva:

Silva's Mutiny Begins as the Spartans Strike Back:

Brand New Audios!

Taq's Briefing

A Heated Exchange between Shepard and Varvok

Shepard Makes A Deal with Ackerson

Captain Carter Learns of Unknown Elements

Normandy Prepares for Mission

Welcome to Reach

Noble and Normandy Teams on Mission Together (This one, while a work in progress, is still fairly complete and I wanted you guys to get a chance to see it because it's just so well done. When a new version is completed, the link will be updated)

Xytas' Final Confrontation

Spartan Reunion

Notes on Guilty Sparks:

-Do not read unless you are up to date with all the chapters-

Notes for Chapters 1-10

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2013/10/author-notes-from-guilty-sparks (dot) html

Notes for Chapters 11-16

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2013/10/a-continuation-of-authors-notes-from (dot) html

Notes for Chapters 17-26

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2014/06/guilty-sparks-notes-chapters-17-26(dot) html

Notes for Chapters 27-Finale

lagoonofthelizardman (Dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/04/final-author-notes-for-guilty-sparks (Dot) html

Remnants Chapter Notes

Prologue and Chapter One:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/04/author-notes-behind-scenes-of-remnants (dot) html

Chapter Two:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/05/behind-scenes-remnants-chapter-2 (dot) html

Chapter Three:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/05/author-notes-remnants-chapter-3 (dot) html

Chapter Four:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/07/behind-scenes-remnants-chapter-four (dot) html

Chapter Five:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/08/behind-scenes-remnants-chapter-5 (dot) html

Chapter Six:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/09/behind-he-scenes-of-remnants-chapter-six (dot) html

Chapter Seven:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/10/behind-scenes-remnants-chapter-7 (dot) html

Chapter Eight:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2016/12/remnants-chapter-eight-behind-scenes (dot) html

Chapter Nine:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/03/remnants-author-notes-on-chapter-9 (dot) html

Chapter Ten:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/05/remnants-chapter-10-notes (dot) html

Chapter Eleven:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/07/remnants-notes-for-chapter-11 (dot) html

Chapter Twelve:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/09/behinds-scenes-on-remnants-chapter-12 (dot) html

Chapter Thirteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/10/remnants-behind-scenes-chapter-13 (dot) html

Chapter Fourteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2017/12/author-notes-for-remnants-chapter (dot) html

Chapter Fifthteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2018/02/remnants-chapter-notes-part-15 (dot) html

Chapter Sixteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) ca/2018/05/remnants-chapter-sixteen-notes (dot) html

Chapter Seventeen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) (dot) html

Chapter Eighteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2018/08/remnants-behind-scenes-for-chapter-18 (dot) html

Chapter Nineteen:

lagoonofthelizardman (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2018/09/remnants-behind-scenes-notes-chapter-19 (dot) html

Special Message: Listen, I've gotten two people so far who apparently think Thel is in Remnants and just died for some reason. He is not. He appears nowhere in this story. He is not a character in this story. Therefore he cannot die, because he isn't in it. More specifically, he is not on the Carrier in the most recently released chapter. He is nowhere near it. Not every Elite Shipmaster is Thel. Orna was not Thel either, nor was the Elite on the bridge of Truth and Reconciliation in case you were wondering. The Arbiter isn't dead, please stop claiming he is. It sends a false message about the story and what happens in it.


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