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Author has written 4 stories for Superman, and Harry Potter.

Update 9-2-18: Okay, so with regards to the laptop situation. My brother is going to crack it open and see what shape the hard-drive is in. He's not totally optimistic about recovering any of the files, but he also tends to default to "worst-case scenario" so I'm taking his opinion with a grain of salt. Right now, it's a solid 50-50. Either or. I'll know by the end of September what's up.

If the files are not salvageable, the basic gist is that I will have to rewrite the four chapters of Formation I added earlier this year. As far as I can tell, chapters 19, 20, 26, 27, and possibly 25 were all added or expanded upon since last December, meaning they are not in the backed-up version on the Dinosaur Dell. I'll be honest. Not really looking forward to the prospect of having to rewrite them memory/scratch at all. Writing's hard y'all.

Now the "okay" thing to come out of this is that the rest of the laptop's components seem to be in good shape. Regardless of the state of the files, I might actually get the laptop back with a new hard-drive and a new cooling fan, and all for way hella cheaper than if I sent the laptop in to the HP guys. Suck a dick with your planned obsolescence, HP.

What is Shatterpoint?

Aside from being an umbrella title, Shatterpoint is a “rebooted” DC fanfic universe that I started writing back in February 2013. The New 52 just wasn’t doing it for me and I had a lot of ideas that I needed to get out of my head. I found it difficult to write within canon because hey, DC doesn't really have a wholly defined canon. They've had so many Crisis events and so many legacy characters and it's spread across so much media that it's hard to know where to start. So I started cherry-picking, trying to streamline the characters and the plots of various stories. I've culled ideas from a multitude of media/comics. As the fanfic universe progresses, you're likely to find a little bit of everything.

Keep in mind that I'm writing well ahead of where I'm actually posting so the stories will likely pre-date any of the upcoming DCTV or DCEU releases. And since I'm drawing inspiration from the same sources as the DCTV/DCEU, most similarities are either going to be coincidences or straight up rip-offs. Not gonna lie. There's gonna be some very familiar recycled material.

When I first started, progress was stop-start since I was writing piecemeal and out of order. The internal continuity was wonky as hell, so I had to go back to the beginning anyways. In the last five years, the 'verse undergone some considerable revision and it grew a lot larger than I predicted. I've ended up with an extensive timeline, a long list of potential stories, more DC comics knowledge than I thought I would have, and plots that should stand up to most scrutiny. I've only just recently gotten into the habit of writing story-wide outlines, so the first 4 stories are a little scattered in terms of plot. Definitely not as tight as they could be.

Ten stories are confirmed for “Phase 1”, which takes place over the course of four years and contains two crossover events. Phase 1 will introduce Superman, the Flash, and Wonder Woman, and their associated supporting casts. Currently, Formation is on hiatus.

If wildly AU origin stories comprised of canon-welding, canon cherry-picking, and a “back to the classics” approach are part of your jam, then I might have something for you. All current titles are presented below in chronological order.

Phase One

Crucible- COMPLETE, POSTED. 42 chapters and an epilogue. This is the Superman origin story that employs a lot of canon welding and was mostly inspired by Superman: the Animated Series. The first half of chapter 1 is kind of rough, but stick with it. It gets better going down. I'll fix that some day.

Architects- COMPLETE. POSTED. 15 chapters and an epilogue in total. A story about the Metropolis P.D. Special Crimes Unit, featuring Maggie Sawyer. A pseudo-sequel to Crucible. Takes place about three months after Crucible.

Formation-COMPLETE. 8 CHAPTERS POSTED. 43 chapters. All revisions complete. A proper sequel to Crucible. Takes place about five months after Architects and nine months after Crucible. Semi-temporary hiatus due to computer going kaput.

Lightning Storm- COMPLETE NOT POSTED. The Flash origin story. 46 chapters and an epilogue. There’s bits of foreshadowing all over this one. Begins about eight months after Formation.

Whiplash- Sequel to Lightning Storm. In progress. 6 chapters and counting.

Adamatine: The final part of the Superman trilogy. Begins about 4-5 months after Whiplash. Includes: You not Superman. Me am Superman! And, Jim Gordon does something dumb. Got a few plot-lines to juggle in this one.

Speed and Flame: The final part of the Flash trilogy. Takes place right around the same time as Adamantine, just a few days apart. I can't tell you much without seriously spoiling Whiplash, but shit happens, as it does. Title comes from the quote "All matter is speed and flame" which i thought was fitting.

Hunted Heroes: Look at that sort of ominous title. The crossover. The Flash and Superman team up, a little reluctantly, to deal with the (proverbial) boom caused by all that metahuman hate. Begins about 3 months after the trilogies are finished. (possible guest appearance from Batman??? not sure yet, might be too early)

To Another Shore: a Wonder Woman story. Not really an origin. More like a second origin? Anyways, Steve Trevor meets Diana Prince. Total heart-eyes. Takes place concurrently to Hunted Heroes. (Not ruling out another WW standalone for Phase 2)

The Miracle Mile: The fun and light-hearted end of Phase 1. The world demands to know who is the Fastest Man Alive and there's only one way to answer that question.

And a few side-stories to have fun with including: Lois visits Smallville and what do you mean the space-time continuum is in danger? Lois hates Smallville now. (no title). Takes place during the events of Lightning Storm.

A Halloween story with James Harper and Clark Kent and their hilarious efforts at pretending to be normal in front of each other while dealing with some haunted house ghost thing (tentatively working around the title "The Devil and Lake Superior").

Charades: the full story of what happened in Maggie Sawyer's first two-three months in the SCU (summarized in chpt 10 of Architects; i was gonna write it as a flashback, but then it got long).

City of Storms: A Batman... prequel? Bruce Wayne returns unofficially to Gotham after ten years abroad, to try and get a feel for things before he makes a public return. This one promises to be relatively short. Like 5 chapters or less. Really won't get into any full-on Batman things.

Other stories

Actually posted

Foundations: CHAPTER 4 UP. Harry Potter Marauder era Fuck Canon AU. The Marauders from beginning to end. Teaching old cliches new tricks. More OCs than you can shake a stick at. A small army of OCs. Why is it part of a planned series. Why do I do this to myself. Really really slow updates. Temporary hiatus due to computer going kaput.

Planned, intended, or otherwise in progress

Untitled How To Train Your Dragon story- A rewrite of an older fic of mine from a different account.

The Busman's Holiday-Defined as "a vacation or form of recreation that involves doing the same thing that one does at work." Roy Mustang goes on vacation at the behest of scheming superior officers for his "mental health". What could possibly go wrong? (everything) A prequel to Conqueror and will probably get posted first. FMA2003-verse. 9 chapters and counting.

Conqueror: a FullMetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa AU. Title probably going to change. Damn thing’s been knocking around half-completed for a few years now. Planning to rewrite it. Currently brainstorming. Coming way later than I thought it would.

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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Mystery - Chapters: 29 - Words: 118,292 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 49 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 6/9/2010 - Published: 7/26/2006 - Sora, Roxas - Complete
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Shatterpoint: Formation reviews
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