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Author has written 55 stories for Tales of Phantasia, Anime X-overs, Legend of Zelda, Legend of Heroes, Mega Man, Tokyo Mew Mew, Tales of Symphonia, Jak and Daxter, Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ar tonelico series, Golden Sun, Breath of Fire, X-overs, Castlevania, Mario, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Arc Rise Fantasia, Okami, Strider, Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy X-2, and Tales of Hearts.

Musashi the Master

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Likes: Video Games, Basketball.

Favorite Series: Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, MegaMan, Dragon Quest 8, Star Fox, Metroid, Custom Robo, Legend of Zelda, Musashi: Samurai Legend, Legend of Heroes, Star Ocean,Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia,Golden Sun, Kirby, Phantasy Star Universe, Spectrobes, Izuna, Kameo, Enchanted Arms, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Tales of Legendia, Xenosaga and that's all i can think of.

Favorite Game Characters: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, NIGHTS, Ratchet, Clank, Fox, Krystal, Jak, Daxter, MegaMan, MegaMan X, MegaMan.EXE, Zero, Axl, Vent, Aile, Sora, Riku, Roxas,Link, Issac, Felix, Kirby, Samus, ProtoMan, Lloyd, Cress, Senel, Chole, Luke, Tear, Atsuma, Izuna, Wayne Holden, Ethan Waber, Karen Erra, KOSMOS, Shion, Kameo, Jaster Rouge, Kisala, Klonoa, Geo Stelar, Omega-Xis, Sonia Strumm, Neku, Shiki, Beat, and that's all I can think of again.

Favorite Anime: Mew Mew Power, Infinite Stratos

Favorite Mew Mew Power characters: Zoey, Bridget, Renee

Favorite main Mew Mew Power pairing: Zoey/Elliot

Favorite pairings: Mario/Peach, Sonic/Amy, Fox/Krystal, Sora/Kairi, Ratchet/Sasha, MegaMan.EXE/Roll.EXE, Lan/Mayl, Lloyd/Colette, Ethan/Karen, Senel/Chole, Cress/Mint, Shion/Allen, Jaster/Kisala, Geo/Sonia, and it may sound weird, but MegaMan Trigger/Tron Bonne, Neku/Shiki and again, that's allI can think of.

Pairings I like to pair with the three Mew Mew Power characters and other anime characters: Zoey/Jak, Bridget/Avin, Renee/Shadow, Cress/Zoey, Renee/Chaud, Bridget/ProtoMan, Bass/Osaka, Bass/Motoko, Zoey/Lloyd, Zoey/Riku, Atsuma/Zoey, Wayne Holden/KOSMOS, Vent/Zoey, Luneth/Zoey and that's all.

Hated Villains in Game Series: Bowser, Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Vega (MegaMan Star Force), Solo AKA Rouge (MegaMan Star Force), Vayne Solidor (Final Fantasy XII), Venat (Final Fantasy XII), Feolthanos (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings), Sigma, Dr. Weil, Ridley, Black Doom, Dhaos, Andross, Team Rocket, Dark Samus, Errol, Emperor Percival Tachyon (Ratchet and Clank Future), Clockwerk, Xemnas, Renvolt Magashi (Phantasy Star Universe), Thorn (Kameo), the Gnosis, The Krawl (Spectrobes), Mithos, Schwartz, Queen of Ice (Enchanted Arms) Dennis Isenberg (Lost Planet), Promethus and Pandora, Valkog (Rouge Galaxy), Reala, Wizeman, Megumi Kitaniji (The World Ends With You), Nene (Blue Dragon) and that's all I can think of.

Friends: Tailsmos4ever: His stories are awesome. My favorite story of his is Catch Me If You Can! And his Sonic Sailor Moon crossover trigoly. Go check them out if you can.

Zero Cross: Or Heartless Nobody in here. He's a huge fan of SonAmy. Check out his stories too!

Yoshilzilla: He's really funny and his stories are awesome and funny.

Silver Horror: A Jak and Daxter fan and my first friend.

JP The Robothedgehog: A good friend and Robotboy fan.


Bullies who pick on people.

People who diss certain games I like.

Upcoming fics:

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition: KOSMOS edition (Lost Planet/Xenosaga) Summary: After the final battle with the Gnosis, KOS-MOS is transported to another universe identical to the one she comes from, only she is on a frigid ice planet and has human emotions. Will she find a way home?

Phantasy Star Universe: A Mew Hope(Phantasy Star Universe/Mew Mew Power) Summary: Zoey is transported to the Guhal System to save it from the SEED. Will she save her new friends from total destruction? Find out!

MegaMan ZX: The Power of the MegaMan (MegaMan ZX/Mew Mew Power) Summary: After they are transported into the future, the Mew Mews must help Vent and Aile, two siblings save the world from the evil Silther Inc.

Final Fantasy III: Legacy of the Gulgan (Final Fantasy III/Mew Mew Power/ Sonic the Hedgehog/ Ed, Edd N' Eddy/ Tales of Symphonia) Summary: Zoey is chosen to save her world, a world blessed by light and other worlds from a terrible darkness. With her new friends, she will succeed!

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Mew Mew (FE:TSS/Mew Mew Power) Summary: Zoey is sucked into another world where she along with brave heroes must protect the Sacred Stones and prevent the Demon King's ressuecrtion.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Xover Edition (Metroid/Namco X Capcom crossover)

Luigi's Mansion: Luigi's New Partner (Luigi's Mansion/Mew Mew Power) (Proberly out in October) Summary: Zoey must team up with Luigi to save Mario and Elliot from King Boo and his gang of ghosts.

Final Fantasy XII: The Legacy of Hope (Final Fantasy XII/Mew Mew Power) (Cancelled for may be sequel to Ar Tonelico: Heroes of Elemia)

Tales of Phantasia: A Mew In Time: Revised Edition Summary: An even better version of my Tales of Phantasia fic. Zoey is transported to another world and must help Cress Albane and his friends save it from Dhaos.

Phantasy Star Zero: To The Future (Phantasy Star Zero/Mew Mew Power crossover) Summary: Zoey is transported into the far future. With her fellow Hunters, she must stop a second Great Blank from happening.

MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew: Director's Cut: A director's cut of the smash hit since 2006 with more scenes, more crossovers and crossover characters that didn't make it into the original thing! Follow Lan Hikari, MegaMan, the Mew Mews and their friends as they fight to protect Lan's world with the help of people from other worlds against the evil desires of Dr. Wily and his sinister World 3 (WWW)!

MegaMan Star Force: Next Generations of Heroes: Rise of Apollo Flame: A non canon MegaMan Star Force: Next Generation of Heroes story that tells what will happen after Saga 2 but before Saga 3 with Pretty Cure All Stars and Cross Edge and the Cross Edge part will be at the beginning of Cross Edge, but set in the MegaMan Star Force world instead of the Cross Edge world. When a new evil sucks the Pretty Cures and people from 8 worlds into Geo's world, Geo Stelar, Omega Xis, Sonia Strumm, the Neo Mew Mews and their new comrade and friend, Kotonoha Katsura Stelar must team up with them to prevent the universe from being enslaved by the mysterious Apollo and his Flame Knights and Mirror Warriors. An epic crossover event.

Spectrobes: Galaxy Defenders: The Mew Mews are sucked into a star system known as Nanairo. How will they get back home? Also, the same thing happened to Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon and Queen's Blade. Little did those 5 groups of people know that they will be involved in the battle between a legendary race of creatures called Spectrobes and the evil Krawl.

MegaMan Revolution: Based on Maddrex's Mavericks fangame series. A evil from the future has dark plans for Zero and when Sigma, the Repliforce and Mavericks are brought back by this evil force, X and Axl realized they'll need some help from people from the future and anime worlds to help save the universe from the evil Dr. Weil. Coming soon.

Just started:

Hyper Dimension Neptunia: Legacy of Neptune

Golden Sun: The Maidens of Hope

MegaMan Star Force: Next Generation of Heroes (On hold till Star Force 4 is annouced someday)


MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew

Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of Nazo

Sonic the Hedgehog: Erazor's Revenge

On hold:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Strike of the Red Baron


The Legend of Zelda: A Dream Come True

And that's all until now!

So bascially, I'm a author who loves crossing series over with each other. Any reviews is welcomed except for rude or hateful reviews. I will not tolerate them.

So that's all about me. Hope we become friends with the rest of ya.

Update 6-28-10: I been thinking about something. Ever since the compeltion of my huge project fic, MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew, something in my mind tells me to make a director's cut of it. The director's cut will feature scenes that didn't make it into the main fic, more crossovers to add to the ones that appeared in the original fic (new crossover characters included) and totally reivesed scenes from the original fic as well. So coming soon... MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew: Director's Cut. As soon as I get Tailsmos4ever's permission and proseal to this idea, he and I will start working on it.

Update 10-14-10: You know, everyone almost everyone loves my stories and I been busy writing new chapters for my stories I work on and may continue on. But now, a new attention occured to me. RPG Making using RPG Maker 2003. So I decided to take a break from fanfic writing and work on a project invloing MegaMan X on RPG Maker 2003. But don't worry, my beloved fans, I will return to write my stories someday! So until then, Musashi the Master... signing out for now! : )

Update 10-20-10: Guess who's back writing fanfics?! :D Did ya all miss me? I can tell. Well, I been thinking since I took a short break from fanfic writing. What if, I made a sequel to my MMBN fic with new anime characters and my own OCs involved in the storylines of all 3 MegaMan Star Force games? Would it be cool to have anime characters help Geo Stelar and Omegaxis fight the bad guys with the descednants of the Mew Mews? If so, tell me what you think of this idea. Well, I better get back to work on Brave Story. I'm glad to be back! ;3

Update 10-26-10: Okay, here are the profiles of the Neo Mews, the group who will star in MegaMan Star Force: Next Generation of Heroes

Susie Hanson

Age 14

Descirption: Has two pink long ponytails, cyan blue eyes, wears a sugar pink shirt with blue shorts, and wears white sneakers.

Neo Mew Form: Her tutu is blazing red, has a yellow cat tail, yellow cat ears, has a blue arm strap on her left arm, blazing red gloves and boots and her weapon is the Neo Rose Saber, a pink energy saber that fires powerful energy stars at her foes to finish them off.

Personality: A cheerful easy going girl who is fascitnated by the stories of her great great grandmother's adventures in a certain world she's been to. She is nice to others, a bit clumsy and afraid of ghosts like her great great grandmother and bugs. She also gets easily angry from people who tick her off and make fun of her. But deep down, she can find goodness in people's hearts. She is the leader of the Neo Mews and head singer of the Mew Lights. Like her great great grandmother, she has the DNA of the Iriomote Mountain Lion. She has a thing for the desendent of Elliot, Micheal, but is too shy to admit her feelings to him, but it will happen someday.

Carrie Bucksworth

Age 13

Description: Has blue long hair, has pink eyes, wears a styling white long sleeve shirt, brown long pants and white high heeled shoes

Neo Mew Form: Her tutu is crystal blue, has a white leg strap on her right leg, crystal blue boots, crystal blue gloves and she has black bird wings on her back. Her weapon is the Heart Crossbow which fires homing energy arrows at her foes.

Personality: Heir to the Bucksworth Fashion Design Company. Like her great great grandmother, Corina, she is rich and sometimes snoddy and lazy which makes Susie angry, but deep down, she always help her friends out. She finds ghost things to be cool and is always brave, but whines if her dress gets dirty. She is a varbule asset to the team. She has the DNA of the Ultramarine Lorikeet and is the guiltarist of the Mew Lights.

Linda Verdant

Age 14

Description: Has green hair tied in buns, has purple eyes, wears a green shirt with white shorts and black sneakers.

Neo Mew Form: Her tutu is dark green, has dark green boots has two gold bracelets on each of her arms and her companion is Finny, a flying mini version of the Finless Porpise who calls Linda Princess Linda who will fight for her master. Her weapon is the Tidal Lash which when it hits the ground, can create tidal waves to help people and battling evil. Like her great grandmother, she has the DNA of the Finless Popise.

Personality: She is like her great great grandmother, smart and kind, she has a really nice boyfriend named Edge Sanorn who is like her great great grandmother's love, ProtoMan. She is the brains of the Neo Mews and the keyboard pianist of the Mew Lights.

Nikki Benjamin

Age 11

Desciption: She has yellow short hair, has brown eyes, she wears a small yellow Chinese dress with a Ying Yang symbol on the back, wears brown sandels and finally, she wears a necklace on her neck which is shaped like a seashell, it is a memnto of her great great grandmother's adventures in the world she went to.

Neo Mew Form: Her tutu is golden yellow, she has dark gloves and boots, she has monkey ears and a tail like her great great grandmother, Kikki, she has a device on her left arm that lets her increase her speed and agility called the Speedster. Her weapon is the Monkey Yo-Yo, when she flings it, it unleashes deveasting earthqauke attacks on her enemies.

Personality: Like her great great grandmother, Kikki, she is hyper and kind. She is the most altheic of the group and always help out when the going gets tough. She wants to make sure the Benjamin bloodline who saved the universe doesn't die out and the legacy of their heroics live on. She has the DNA of the Golden Lion Tamarin and is the drumist of the Mew Lights.

Rhonda Roberts

Age 15

Description: She has long purple hair, has red eyes, she wears a white long sleeve shirt with a grey jack that said on the back Don't Mess with Me on it, blue pants and dark sneakers.

Neo Mew Form: Like her great great grandmother, Renee, she has the DNA of the Grey Wolf, her tutu is silver with silver boots, on her right arm is a purple knight's gantlet, and on her left leg is a yellow bracelet with a red ruby on it. Her weapon is the Wolf's Katana, a sword that she uses for lighting fast attacks on her foes.

Personality: Like her great great grandmother, Rhonda acts cold and shady, but she has a kind heart like her great great grandmother. She is the heir of the Roberts Archeological Dig Company after her great great grandmother quit being a model and went into archaeological studies at the end of MegaMan Battle Network: A NetNavi and a Mew Mew. She wants to succeed her great great grandmother and someday visit the world she went to during her young years. She is the second guilteist of the Mew Lights and the second strongest of the Neo Mews.

And that's it. So be sure to look out for MegaMan Star Force: Next Generation of Heroes sometime this month or November or December.

Update 12-4-10: Thanks to my friend, TailsMos4ever, he provided a new character to Saga 2 of MegaMan Star Force: Next Generation of Heroes! Introducing, the new Zero!

Name: Kotonoha Katsura

Codename: Zero

Age Appearance: 17

Human Appearance: Long black hair that reaches down to the back of her waist and big, brown eyes. Wears a high school girls' uniform, which consists of a black jacket, white blouse, red bow tie, black skirt, thigh high socks, and black shoes.

EM Wave Form: Black body suit with crimson armor. White streaks are just under her breastplate and on the left shoulder pad is a golden Z, while on the right is a golden omega mark. Her gauntlets are crimson with gold trims. Her boots are slightly heeled, stopping at her knees, and also have gold trims with dark green diamonds on the knees. Her helmet is similar to MegaMan's but with a green lens. Finally, her golden hair flows out freely.

While she still has the Z-Buster, she uses the Z-Saber as her main weapon. She has all of MegaMan's unique powers, including Battle Cards.

Bio: Kotoanoha is really Geo's clone, created from his very DNA. Her personalty is the same as Geo's before he meet Mega and the rest of his friends: sad and lonely, although she doesn't show it when she's among other people in human form. She doesn't need an FM-ian, AM-ian or Mark of Heroes to access her Wave Form, due to half of her body being made up of EM Waves, but she can hide that fact very well. She was created to fight and kill MegaMan, but she soon became friends with him once she learned what he was fighting for, find meaning to her life in the process. She might be considered Geo's sister.

So how do you like her? Special thanks to Tailsmos4ever for coming up with the idea of the new Zero. Stay tune for Saga 2!

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I'm now into Beta Reading! Check it out.

Update 10-23-11: Okay folks, time for my very first and second contests and it's a fanart contest! If you really liked my stories and want to draw fanart of your favorite crossover heroes and pairings namely, Geo AKA MegaManXAiri, MegaMan.EXE X Zoey, Felix X Zoey, etc, well this is the contest just for you! All you have to do is draw your favorite moments in one of my fics like say Hyper Zoey, Mary Magadlena (KOS-MOS' Ultimate form using the Chaos Emeralds) and Hyper Phoneix, please keep it Rated G and kid friendly. Also here are some rules:

1. No Yaoi! I really can't stand that stuff.

2.: No perverted or bloody graphics in the fanarts.

3.: Keep it G or PG depending on what you liked.

4.: And Have fun with it.

The winner will have a suggested plot line for my friend, TheNew959's 3rd Sonic story, cause he suggested that. So credit goes to him. Second place winners will recieve a speical PM from me. Third place winners will get a Speical Thank you for entering message from me.

Second Contest: Okay, I want you as inspring crossover fanatics to write scenes for the following fics: Breath of Fire: Chronicles of a Dragon Warrior, Hyper Dimension Neptunia: Legacy of Neptune and Golden Sun: The Maidens of Hope 2: Dark Dawn.

Some examples like: Luke Fon Fabre' and Tear Gantis's meeting with Sveta at the Teppe Ruins. If you don;t know who Luke Fon Fabre is, he's the main character of the Namco Bandai Game Tales of the Abyss and he will be in his long hair jackassy attitude, so it will be a humor one. Watch videos of the game to understand more. Lloyd, Genis, Collete, Raine, Double Dee and Nazz meeting Matthew, Karis, Tyrell, Zoey, Corina, Bridget, Kikki, Renee which the Mew Mews are all grown up, Susie who is an OC of my MMSF fanfic now she is Zoey's daughter along with the rest of the Neo Mews who are now the original Mews' daughters in my GS:DD story, Reina, her daughter, Saina, another OC I created for the sequel that will soon happen, Nowa, Alleyne, Nanael and her assisstant, Lyla at Patcher's Place, again, look up the TOS characters in sites that show info on them and watch videos of Tales of Symphonia on Youtube to understand it and the Dog Days gang meeting our heroes at Craggy Peak.

Here are the rules: Ahem, Keep it kid friendly as much as possible. You must have either known about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn to understand the characters in the sequel and must known about Queen's Blade and Rebellion to do this. And again, like my fanart contest, have fun with it.

Okay, that's enough from me. Have fun and hope you see the contests. Also, send your fanart by email, not by PM.

OC for sequel to HDN: Legacy of Neptune


Age: 50 (Maybe an divinity who has lived for 400 years.

Description: He has black long hair and wore clothes similar to Asch from Tales of the Abyss wore, only they're evil looking, wields a demonic looking sword called Deathbringer

Personilty: He's a mysterious cold as ice villain who has brought the five Nicktoon worlds to Gamindustri. Like Arfoire, he wants Zoey and her fellow Mew Mews' Ultimate Magic so he can reshaped the universe to a universe with no suffering but everyone in it as empty shells and him as the ruler of all things.

Upcoming future story: Code of Princess: The Heroine of Legend

Summary: Bridget is transported to another world including part of her house! She meets Princess Solange and the thief Ali. Currently, Solange's kingdom is under the rule of the evil Distron Army and they are after Solange's sword, the DeLuxcslibur. Bridget decided to help her new friends search for others like Bridget who may have been pulled into Solange's world or others who are native to Solange's world and fight to save not only Solange's world, but the entire universe from a evil legendary fallen angel. Coming soon!

Check out my blog, right here!


Future fanfic update:

Final Fantasy 8: The Meaning of Love

Summary: Zoey is mysteriously transported to a world where she enrolls in Balamb Garden and meets the cold as ice Squall Leonhart, soon, she learns that she's not the only one who arrived in Squall's world, some of which have lost their memories. Now, Zoey, the otherworlders and a mysterious resistance leader named Rinoa Heartily must thaw out Squall's cold heart, defeat Squall's rival, the relentlessness power hungry Seifer Almasy, otherworlders who are mainplited due to their lost memories and try to save the universe from the evil sorceress Ultimecia. All while finding their path and love in the adventure ahead. First ever Final Fantasy 8/Mew Mew Power crossover. Coming soon.

Update 6-7-13: My computer died a few months ago and now I'm using a iPad my parents gave me till I get a new computer by my birthday. But I'm sorta getting the hang of writing on my iPad. Also, I made some new friends at the NISA forums. Also, after downloading Record of Agarest War from the PSN, I plan to one day make a fanfic out of it following the storyline of that game. Hence, the future fanfic: Record of Agarest War: My Immortal

Summary: Renee, and many anime and game characters are transported to a world called Agarest, losing their memories in the process. A mysterious woman named Dyshana appears before them and calls them the Immortals, meaning they have become immortal and therefore cannot die until they leave this world somehow and when they do, their ages remain the same after leaving. Now, Dyshana has tasked them to guide a former general named Leonhardt and his descendants to seal away an evil god's power in five lands. Can they do it or will the evil god Summerai rises again to destroy Agarest and the countless worlds?

Record of Agarest War: My Immortal will be my first M rated fanfic, I swear. Anyway, see you next update.

New upcoming fic to work on including my ROAW fic!:

Senran Kagura: Way of the Shinobi


Summary: Zoey moves to a town somewhere in Tokyo to her family's shrine where Zoey discovers she is from a long line of legendary shinobi called the Hanson Clan. She is then enrolled at Hanzo Academy where she meets new friends Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi, Yagyu and Hibari who are also shinobi in training. But when the Cyniclons steal a powerful Ninja Scroll from Hanzo Academy that holds the secret of dimension travel and join forces with Hebijio Clandestine Girls' Academy, a rival school that follows the way of evil, characters from anime and cartoons are pulled into Zoey's world due to the two group of villains' using of the scroll, Zoey and her new friends must fight their rivals and save the universe from the Cyniclons and Hebijio school and anime and cartoon villains who will join forces with the two forces of evil all while balancing school life, shinobi training, keeping Zoey's shinobi secret from her fellow Mew Mews and normal friends while Zoey tries to keep her Mew Mew identity a secret from her new friends. All in a day's work!

Upcoming Fanfic Update February 20, 2014: Strider: Hiryu of the Rebellion

Plot: Descendants of the Mew Mews who bear the same names as the heroines lived in a future Earth ruled by the evil Grandmaster Meio. Zoey Hanson is a scientist who works to Meiocorp in Kazakh City. One day, after finishing her job at Meiocorp, Zoey meets a mysterious man named Hiryu who is revealed to be a Strider, a mercenary group of assassins who work in secret around the world. And her life is changed forever when Hiryu saved her from Meio's soldiers who deemed her a S Rank Criminal working with a Strider. And after Hiryu revealed to her she is the descendant of the legendary heroine, Mew Zoey the First, Zoey must find the four remaining descendants of the Mew Mews and help Hiryu spark up a revolution to free Earth from Meio's grasp. But then, they learned that Meio plans to invade other universes by pulling in people from said universes. This future fanfic follows the 2014 version of Strider.

Author's Notes: March 29, 2014: Good news everyone! Since HDN: Rebirth1 will be released in the US and Europe thanks to IF International, I will discontinued my Legacy of Neptune fanfic and it will be reborn as Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Legacy of Neptune Rebirth. Here is the plot summary:

When Magical girls are kidnapped and brainwashed by an evil entity named Arfoire, Zoey, her friends and some new friends of theirs are transported into Gamindustri where they meet Neptune, a hyperactive girl with amnesia, Compa, a apprentice nurse, and IF, a treasure hunter. Together, they must unite in order to protect the Mew Mews' Ultimate Magic, recruit the three goddesses, Tsundere goddess of Lastation, Noire aka Black Heart, hot headed goddess of Lowee, Blanc aka White Heart, and yaoi loving goddess of Leanbox, Vert aka Green Heart. They then must find the four Key Fragments to free a mysterious person named Histoire and find out why Neptune lost her memories and Histy's connection with the evil Arfoire and the kidnapped and brainwashed magical girls. They will befriend and recruit anime characters and heroines from another dimension: Mad scientist MAGEs, busty ninja MarvelousAQL, masochist fighter Tekken, adventurer in training Falcom, otaku girl Broccoli and neko girl Cyberconnect2 aka Cyberkon. Revision of HDN: the Legacy of Neptune. Coming soon!

Next future story: Final Fantasy X-2: Depend on You

Summary: After having a argument with Elliot about who she really loves, Zoey Hanson was walking home one stormy night where she discovers a mysterious sphere like object and upon touching it, she is transported from Earth into the fantasy world of Spira. She is rescued by the Al Bhed and quickly befriends a Al Bhed girl named Rikku who introduced her to her friends and partners, former summoner and savior of Spira, Yuna and cool headed Paine. She learns the language of the Al Bhed and becomes a member of the Gullwings, a group dedicated to bringing peace to Spira during the Eternal Calm. However, Zoey feels homesick and Yuna longs for a man whom she loved and helped her saved Spira. The Gullwings must work together to not only find Yuna's lover, but also a way to send Zoey back home. But during their travels across Spira, they learned that Zoey isn't the only one who came to Spira and a dark plot to destroy Spira and the universe. First ever FFX-2 X Mew Mew Power crossover. Rated Teen for violence, blood, language except for Zoey, Mew Mew Power characters, Yuna, Rikku and maybe Paine, suggestive themes and nudity. This story is based on a Yugioh x FFX-2 crossover and will have anime and cartoons in it.

New future story: MS Saga: A New Dawn: Xover Edition

Plot: An unknown energy surge has sent Zoey into a alternate future of Earth where she meets Tristan, a survivor of a destroyed orphanage who seeks revenge on a black giant robot called a Mobile Suit, Fritz, a friend of Tristan who is scheming, but a coward. Zoey gains her own Mobile Suit and meets alternate versions of her friends from her own timeline, namely Corina. They also meet a mysterious girl named Aeon who has no memory of who she is except for her name. They then learned that one who destroyed Tristan and Fritz's former home is a evil man named Vladi Zarth who seeks to rule the world. Now our heroes must recuirt allies and gain the power of legendary Mobile Suits called Gundams and stop Vladi Zarth from using the G Systems, machines that caused a apocalyptic event called the Great Fall to destroy the Earth, but is Vladi Zarth really behind this? Also, they learned that Zoey is not the only one who is sent into Earth's alternate future. Rated teen for violence, blood, mild language, suggestive themes and nudity. This story will have the Mobile Suits which appeared in all Gundam series so far.

New story alert: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Mew Mew

Plot: You heard the story of how the creator of the MMORPG Sword Art Online trapping thousands of players in the game and if one dies, they die in real life and are gone forever, well what if Kirito and his friends are aided by our favorite half cat Mew Mew, Zoey Hanson who is also trapped in the game along with more anime characters. During the battle with the creator of SAO who goes by the name Heathcliff, Kirito and his friends including Zoey and Elliot who is also trapped in the game experienced a glitch that allows Kirito to defeat Heathcliff, but it didn't get them out and the virus is keeping everyone trapped, now Zoey and Elliot must team up with Kirito, Asuna and their friends to get to the 100th floor and beat the final boss in order to free themselves, but they discovered a diabolical plot and the true mastermind will reveal himself. And Kirito and Asuna will help get Zoey and Elliot together like never before in the power of the four's love for each other. First ever SAO x Mew Mew Power crossover based on SAO: Hollow Fragment and its HD remake, Infinity Moment. Rated M for violence, language, blood, and nudity.

I decided to give Wordpress a try! https:///

Another fanfic update: Resonance of Fate: The Scarlet Ballet

Summary: In the not too far future, Earth is plagued by a mysterious posionous gas like cloud which almost reduce mankind to extinction with its powers of cancer and other deadly diseases, so the solution was Basel, so what happens when a ex-military soldier named Vashyron discovered a cryogentically frozen Zoey Hanson within the mysterious tower of Basel? First ever Resonance of Fate x Mew Mew Power x Queen's Gate x Super Heroine Chronicle crossover. Pairings: Zephyr x Leanne, Vashyron x Zoey and more. Rated Teen for violence, blood, strong language and nudity.

New future story: Tales of Grace: Xover Edition.

Summary: Zoey, her normal friends Mimi and Molly, and the casts of Inuyasha, Naruto, Yugioh, Fruits Basket and Yu Yu Hakusho are pulled into the world of Ephinea by a mysterious storm. Seperated from her friends, she meets Asbel Lhant, a knight in training who has abandoned the life as a lord's son due to a tragic event in order to protect those dear to him. Now, Zoey and Asbel must find Zoey's friends and unite with Asbel's friends and the five anime shows to save Asbel's world and believe in the power of friendship and love. But what made one of Asbel's friends, Richard go mad and what secrets does a mysterious amnesiac girl named Sophie hold? Rated teen for violence, blood, strong language and nudity.

Upcoming Mew Mew Power Crossover Story Alert: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Xover Edition

Genere: Adventure/Romance/Horror

Crossovers used: Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakshou, Naruto, Yugioh, Fruits Basket, Heaven's Lost Property, Girls Bravo, Log Horizon, Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos, Super Heroine Chronicle, Mai-Hime and Green Green

Summary: Bridget Verdant is mysteriously transported back in time in the year 1797 in a mysterious castle of dark and evil design. She is rescued by Alucard, a mysterious half-vampire who is as cold as ice. Bridget then joins forces with Alucard in order to find out how she got sent back in time and for a way to go home to her timeline. As she and Alucard travels, Alucard slowly falls in love with Bridget who also falls in love with him. They also learned that Bridget isn't the only one who came to the past and some of them are from other worlds and universes. What happened to the legendary vampire slayer, Richter Belmont? And what connections does Alucard have with the evil Count Dracula? First ever Mew Mew Power x Castlevania: Sotn crossover. Rated teen for blood, violence, strong language except for Bridget, suggestive themes and nudity.

Alucard's Full Vampire Mode Description for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Xover Edition, a form based on Dante's Devil Mode forms from the Devil may Cry series.

Alucard's Full Vampire Mode is a form he can control and activate at will, here's info on what his Full Vampire form looks like.

Alucard's FV Mode form has his hair black and long, dark devil like wings out of his back, his right bicep is exposed, he wore white pants with runic symbols, his feet are exposed and they looked like a demon's feet. On his left bicep is a half black armor with a green ruby embedded in it, his eyes are glowing red and when he reclaims his Alucard Sword, it becomes a huge black sword whenever Alucard activates Full Vampire Mode. But Alucard can only be in this form for about 20 minutes before he has to recharge.

Future Story update: Tales of Hearts R: Strength of the Heart

Summary: A mysterious force has transported Zoey Hanson into a mysterious world where she, along with two people from her world, York Nelly and Miko Aiba lost their memories, only Mini-Mew is the one who hasn't lost his memories and is doing his best to help Zoey remember. They meet Kor Meteor, a Somatic in training who also meets a mysterious girl named Amber Hearts (Yes, I'm using Amber's English Dub name from Tales of Graces F) and her hot headed brother, Hisui who he and York don't get along at first and is wary of Kor's relationship with Amber. When a mysterious evil witch killed Kor's grandfather, a legendary Somatic named Sydan and infected Amber's heart called a Spira which Kor accidentaly and mysteriously broke into pieces that scattered across Kor's world, they embark on a mission to bring them back together to fix Amber's Spira, along the way, they meet other Somatics with noble goals, otherworlders who may have lost their memories upon being transported to Kor's world and other allies who will aid them in their quest. But soon, they'll discover something sinister by a group of villains, some good, some evil from other worlds who wish to turn every living being in the universe into lifeless dolls and a dark secret about Kor's hidden powers. First ever Tales of Hearts R/Mew Mew Power/ Cross Edge/ Queen's Gate/Dengeki Gauken RPG/Super Heroine Chronicle crossover. Pairings: Kor X Amber, Zoey x Elliot, York x Nelly and more. Rated teen for violence, blood, strong language, suggestive themes and nudity. Coming soon.

Destiny: The Legend of Zoey Hanson the 3rd


Summary: Long ago, a mysterious but benevolent being called the Traveler has saved humanity from extinction from the tragic end of the once glorious Golden Age. Now, in the 28th Century, humanity again faces the threat of extinction by four warring alien races who now populated most of the planets humanity once colonized and the Traveler is their only hope for salvation against these ruthless alien invaders. And the only one who can awaken the Traveler is the descendant of the legendary Mew Mew, Zoey Hanson, Zoey the 3rd, Ace Guardian. Armed with her family's heirloom katana which is powered by the good spirits of her family's shrine in the last city on Earth and a selection of weapons, she takes the fight to the invaders, but she will not do it alone, as the Traveler will call in heroes from different universes to aid her in the battle against the four warring aliens and their anime villain allies and Zoey will find love along the way. Rated M for violence, nudity, blood and gore, suggestive themes and strong language except for some. Coming soon.

Happy New Year, everybody. I know I haven't finished a lot of my fanfics in the past due to my low interest in them, but I'll get to finish them one day. Also, on another note: Stop asking me about when I am gonna continue Strike of the Red Baron. I'll do it when me and Tailsmos have time to co-write them. Also, I have been brainstorming some new ideas for future fanfics and this is another none Mew Mew Power crossover, this time with MegaMan X, my favorite sub series of the MegaMan franchise. Here's the title and plot summary of the MegaMan X x Infinite Stratos crossover.

MegaMan X IS

Summary: In the year 21XX, a scientist named Dr. Cain found the ruins of famed robotics researcher Dr. Thomas Light and discovered his last creation, a advanced robot with the ability to think and feel for himself: X. Dr. Cain decided to put Dr. Light's research to good use and created Reploids, robots who share the same abilities as X and act like humans who work alongside humans. One year later, X lead a ruin expedition team and discovered a lab which houses cyrogenic capsules of five certain girls: Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Huang Lingyin, Charlotte Dunois and Laura Bodewig. When Dr. Cain awakes them from suspended animation, the five former IS pilots are shocked to learn that Ichika Orimura is dead and ISes have been banned due to a tragic event that puts the five girls into suspended animation to begin with. How will they cope in a world where everyone they know from their timeline are dead and the world is populated by both humans and Reploids? And when Mavericks who turned against humanity start attacking and the leader of the Maverick Hunters, Sigma turns evil, will the IS girls help X and a mysterious Reploid named Zero save humanity and the world from Sigma's evil? Which IS girl will X fall for? First ever MegaMan X x Infinite Stratos crossover. More crossovers to be added on and follows all 10 MegaMan X games and the MegaMan X RPG Command Mission. And by ten, I meant both the mainline X games and the GBC games.

Sly Cooper and his Girls update: Since Charlotte and Ling are tied, I decided to pick Charlotte as the winner because for some reason, she is my favorite IS character and figured she and Sly are perfect for each other, so Charlotte has won the poll. Now I will began another IS girl pairing poll, this time, you'll decide which IS girl will be X's soulmate in MegaMan X IS. Thank you for voting and expect me to work on Sly Cooper and his Girls Season 1 soon as soon as I'm finished with MegaMan X IS.

Information regarding Sonic the Hedgehog: Strike of the Red Baron: Hello all, time for another update and this time, it is focus on why I haven't updated Strike of the Red Baron and it being the last entry in the Sonic Crossworld Trilogy, well, since my first co-author Tailsmos4ever is busy with real life and everyone was wondering when will Strike of the Red Baron will be finished, well, it will be finished when me and Tailsmos have time to work together again, so please stop pestering me about it. TheNew959 did it once and it got on my nerves, so I had to block him to avoid getting annoyed by his outbursts and such. Also, since I am now interested in making Infinite Stratos crossovers now, it will be a long time before I go back to writing Mew Mew Power crossovers, so as of now, all Mew Mew Power crossovers I written so far are on hold until interest comes back on, so please don't pester me about it, okay? Thank you for your time and I hope you understand.

Update 8/25/2015:

Since I am now writing Infinite Stratos crossovers for awhile, I am thinking of rebooting one of my old Mew Mew Power crossover fanfics and replaced the main crossover with IS, namely my Record of Agarest War fanfic. It will be called Record of Agarest War IS which will follow the same concept as my ROAW x MMP one, but with Infinite Stratos as the replacement for Mew Mew Power and Houki Shinonono as its main throughout the five generations. Don't worry, I will go back to writing my ROAW x MMP crossover one day, I promise you. So expect it to be published after me and Panther J finish MegaMan X IS.

Update 8/30: Future Story Update: LBX IS, a Infinite Stratos x Little Battlers Experience AU crossover.

Summary of story: In the year 2050 AD, popular miniature toy robots for all ages called LBXes (Short for Little Battlers Experience) were popular with everyone and tournaments were held to decide who the LBX Champion is. LBX were once banned because they were too dangerous upon release, but thanks to the super strong cardboard boxes in 2046 AD, LBX were once again popular four years later. Ichika Orimura, age 16, was fascinated by LBXes and wanted to become the next LBX champion by entering the Artemise tournament like his sister, the current champion of the Artemise Tournament, Chifuyu Orimura. But Ichika's big sister disappeared four years ago in a tragic plane accident and his butler, George wouldn't allow him to buy LBXes. However, all that changes when Ichika meets a mysterious woman who gives him a mysterious and powerful LBX called WZ-99 and tells him to keep it safe and not let it fall into the wrong hands and he must use it to save the world. The mysterious woman also told Ichika to seek out Van Yamano, the son of the man who created LBXes and protect a item called the Platinum Capsule. Soon, Ichika acquires parts for WZ-99 and calls it Wizel, named after and modeled after Wizel the White Knight of White Knight Chronicles. Together, with Van and his friends, Ichika teams up with his childhood friend, Houki Shinonono, veteran British LBX player Cecilia Alcott, Ichika's second childhood friend. Huang Lingyin, French LBX representative Charlotte Dunois who has a dark past with her family, a mysterious transfer student at Van's school named Laura Bodewig, and sisters Tatenashi and Kanzashi Sarashiki, they use their LBXes to battle foes and try to find out what happened to Ichika's sister and Van's dad and save the world from an evil organization called the New Dawn Raisers who want Van and Ichika's LBXes to conquer the world. Our heroes are aided by anime characters and battle the New Dawn Raisers' anime villain allies who want LBXes for their own dark agendas. Rated K for violence and suggestive themes. Coming soon after MegaMan X IS is finished! Genre is Adventure and Romance with a little bit of humor.

Update: 9/24/2-15: Future Story: MegaMan Legends IS

Summary: Ichika Orimura and the seven main girls of Infinite Stratos are sucked into Ling's favorite game series, MegaMan Legends, namely the first one by one of Tabane's inventions. They meet MegaMan Volnut, his foster sister, Roll Caskett and grandfather Barrel Caskett. Ichika and his girls then find themselves on Kattelox Island where they help MegaMan Volnut defend the island from the notorious Bonne Family. But soon, our heroes will go from Kattelox Island to around the MegaMan Legends world to help MegaMan discover his true origins and why Data, MegaMan's monkey companion knows more than he knows. They also have to deal with foes that know MegaMan in the past and save the MegaMan Legends world from a deadly disaster. Can Ichika help MegaMan pick which girl to fall in love with: Tron Bonne or Roll? And will MegaMan help Ichika pick which IS girls that he loves the most? Also, anime characters are sucked into the MegaMan Legends. Rated K for adventure, romance and bits of humor. Coming soon! Note that the ending of Legends 2 will change incase the final third MegaMan Legends game won't come out anytime soon.

Update: 11/7/15: Hello all, time for another update by yours truly. I started playing the Spectrobes series again after so many years and since I'm taking a break from writing Mew Mew Power crossovers for awhile, I figured I want to write a Sepctrobes x Infinite Stratos crossover. So hence, the title: Spectrobes IS. Here is the plot for the crossover.

Summary: The seven IS girls are in for a intergalatic adventure when they find a fossil of a unknown creature and are transported to the Nanairo system on the planet Kollin where they meet eager young Nanairo Planetary Patrol officer Rallen and his partner, Jeena and they become NPP officers as well. They then discovered a old man named Aldous who is the survivor of a destroyed star system called Girrona. They then learn from him that his star system was destroyed by a evil alien race called the Krawl and the only way to combat them is by awakening the ancient protectors of the omniverse, the Spectrobes. Now, our nine heroes embark on a quest to find and awaken the Spectrobes from their century long sleep to combat the Krawl in three adventures that will lead them to a final showdown with the evil leader of the Krawl, Krux! But what does NPP Commander, Grant know about Krux? Also, our heroes learned that Krux's evil has spread throughout anime worlds. And which of the IS girls will Rallen fall for? Rated K for violence, romance, action and bits of humor.

Future Story Update Alert! 11-12-2015

Xenoblade Chronicles XIS, a Xenoblade Chronicles X x Infinite Stratos crossover

Summary: In the year 2054, Earth was destroyed by two warring alien races and humanity has escaped their doomed planet in advance interstellar space ships called ARKs, one of these ARKs houses Ichika Orimura and his friends from the IS Academy and his sister and her friends. When the Japanese ARK Ship crash landed on the Planet Mira, Ichika is found and awoken from stasis by a mysterious woman named Elma and is reunited with his friends and family. Now attempting to begin their new life on New Los Angeles, they soon learn the the sinister alien race, the Ganglion is hellbent on humanity's destruction and has tracked them to Mira. Now, Ichika has acquired a strange but powerful large humanoid robot called a Skell named Weltall and it grants him the ability to use Xeno Souls, essence of heroes of the Xenoverse. Aided by his friends, new and old, Ichika and BLADE must fight off the Ganglion and their anime and game villain allies, find the rest of the Xeno Souls while Ichika and his friends allied themselves with anime and game heroes to help combat the Ganglion all while solving the mystery of the Queen's Gate and Elma. Which IS girl will Ichika choose as his soulmate? Rated Teen for violence, blood, strong language, nudity and suggestive themes.

Poll Update 1/16/2016:

Last year when I made a poll on who should be X's soulmate on MegaMan X IS, Char won. Well this year for Tales of Zestiria: Legend of Sorey, Houki won by three votes and Char only one. So Houki will be Sorey's soulmate in the future Tales of Zestiria x Infinite Stratos crossover, so happy new year and look for more updates.

Update 2/23/2016: Possible Next Story after MegaMan X IS depending on how I feel: Tales of Zestiria: The Legend of Sorey, an IS x Tales of Zestiria crossover and possibly the first one ever.

Summary: One day, the IS girls were hanging out at a cafe, debating about which one of them will ask Ichika out and be his girlfriend. Suddenly, Char noticed a mysterious and sinister man in a alleyway and she and her six friends confront the man whose head looks like a lion humanoid. Before they can fight him, the man held out his hand and steals the IS girls' memories and transported them to his world. When the IS girls wake up in some ruins, they found out that their memories are gone, but they still know each other. As fate would have it, the seven IS girls met a young handsome teenage boy named Sorey and his companion, a Serephiam named Mikielo who doesn't trust the IS girls at first and later, a trouble princess named Ailsha. Soon, Sorey becomes a legendary hero called the Shepard who battles monsters created by malevolence called Hellions. Now Sorey and his friends including the IS girls embark on a quest to save Sorey's world of Glenwood and restoring the IS girls' memories by finding Memory Historias and eventually come face to face with the evil mastermind of the Hellions and the one who took the IS girls' memories, the Lord of Calamity, Heldarf. They soon learn that Heldarf plans to use seven powerful gems called the Chaos Emeralds and a powerful dimensional relic called the Queen's Gate to destroy the omniverse. Sorey and his friends are aided by anime and game characters including ones chosen by the Chaos Emeralds. Rated teen for violence, blood, language except for Char and some OCs, suggestive themes and nudity.

Update: 7-24-2017

Hey everyone. Sorry if I haven't updated my profile in a long time. I have been working on Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth IS with my friend and co-author Panther J. So here is a summary of an upcoming Sonic Mania x Infinite Stratos x Super Heroine Chronicle crossover, celebrating 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog and a new Sonic story since Sonic: Strike of the Red Baron was put on a temporary hold.

Sonic Crossover Mania (Action/Adventure/Romance with bits of humor. Rated K.)

Summary: Ichika and the IS girls were leaving school to discuss their upcoming graduation at the IS Academy, but suddenly, a mysterious energy surge occured out of nowhere and transported Ichika and the IS girls into another world, however, that also transported the Phantom Task organization (Including Panther J's OCs Gen and Erika who were escaping from the terrorist group.)

When Ichika wakes up, he noticed his friends are missing and before he knew it, he was approached by a blue humanoid hedgehog with a black nose, and red and white sneakers accompanied by a yellow humanoid fox with twintails which he couldn't believed he was seeing. The blue Hedgehog introduced himself as Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of Earth (Sonic's Earth) and his best friend Miles Tails Prower or Tails for short.

Sonic and Tails explained that Tails has detected a mysterious energy source that is possibly more powerful than the 7 Chaos Emeralds (Which Ichika asked on what they are). Ichika then explains that a mysterious energy surge came out of nowhere and separated him from his friends which Tails deduced that the same mysterious energy source is also the one that teleported Ichika and his friends to their world. Sonic, willing to help a new friend, explains that he can get Ichika and his friends home by collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds and using their power of time and space to send Ichika and the IS girls (Once they find them) back to their world as well as helping them find the energy source. Ichika agrees and joins Sonic, Tails and their new friend, the guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles the Echidna on a journey to find not only the Chaos Emeralds and the mysterious energy source, but also Ichika's friends.

However, Ichika learns that Sonic's archenemy, the evil Dr. Eggman is also after both the Chaos Emeralds and the energy source so he can use them to conquer Sonic's world. To do this, Dr. Eggman has created a elite-Egg Robo force called the Hard Boiled Heavies and has recruited a mysterious but sinister woman named DIVA (She's the main antagonist of Super Heroine Chronicle who would also be the main antagonist of Sonic Crossover Mania) and her allies. So it's a race against time to find the Seven Chaos Emeralds, the energy source and Ichika's friends to save not only Sonic's world, but also the universe. Along the way, Ichika, Sonic and friends are joined by a mysterious ammeniasc boy named Claude, two girls named Noel Kazamatsuri and Meu Ranshell who were pulled out of their worlds by the same energy source and Ichika, Sonic and the gang learned that Ichika's group and Noel and Meu's group are not the only ones who appeared in Sonic's world. It will action, adventure, romance, and bits of humor and child friendly. So coming in 2018 or 2019.

So there you go. Once me and Panther J are done with Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth IS, you can bet that we will work on Sonic Crossover Mania.

Update 8/26/2017: New future story to publish after Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth IS.

Hey everyone, me and Panther J have decided the next fanfic after we're done with Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth IS. It's a Final Fantasy XV x Infinite Stratos x RWBY crossover. So here is the title and summary of the story.

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of Eos

Summary: Ichika, his seven female friends from the IS Academy, Team RWBEY (If you don't get this, it's Panther J's Assassin's Creed Syndicate OC) are mysterious transported into a Earth like world called Eos and found themselves regress into 8 year olds including Laura. They are found and offered a place to stay by the ruler of Lucis in the continent of Insomania, King Regis Lucia Caelum CXIII. They meet and befriended King Regis's son, Noctis who was a shy boy at the time. Eventually, Noctis and his new friends meet and befriend Gladious Amitctia, Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum. 12 years later, Noctis and his childhood friends are tasked by King Regis to travel to Altissa so Noctis can wed the Oracle of Tebenebrae, Lunafeya 'Luna' Nox Fleuret, another childhood friend of Noctis and his love interest to establish peace between the Niffheim Empire and the Kingdom of Lucis.

However, things go wrong when Noctis and his friends learned that the Nifheim Empire betrayed Lucis, killed King Regis and stolen Insomania's most powerful treasure, the Crystal of Eos which is said that whoever controls the Crystal controls the universe. Now, Noctis and his friends embark on a mission to fight the evil and cruel Niffheim Empire, retake what rightfully belongs to Noctis and prevent the Crystal from being used for evil while searching for Luna and finding the legendary weapons of Lucian Kings, the Royal Arms.

However, they are hindered in their quest by Niffheim's mysterious Chancellor, Ardyn Izunia who has dark plans for the Crystal, another of Eos's legendary treasures called the Queen's Gate and seven mysterious and powerful gems from another world called the Chaos Emeralds. Soon, Noctis and his friends learned that Ichika's group and team RWBEY are not the only ones who are transported to Eos. Genre is Adventure, Romance, bits of humor, bits of tragedy, suspense and mystery. Rated teen for violence, blood, strong language, nudity (Females) and suggestive themes. Coming soon.

Final notes for Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of Eos: Now this story will cover Noctis's childhood, has refences to the FFXV Movie Kingsglaive and has bits of the FFXV anime, so expect spoilers if you didn't beat the game and its DLC. It will also have Episodes for Ichika, his friends and Team RWBEY similar to the DLC Episodes of the game. So stay tuned for more information soon.

9/7/2017 New Story Update

Hey everyone. Just two days, I got two new games, and one of them is the much anticipated return of a famous gaming icon who made his debut in the Sony PlayStation 1 back in 1996. That's right, his name is Crash Bandicoot, a famous video game icon who is finally back after years of no games with his first three adventures being remastered and now released as a hit selling game. Now I want to do this future story with Panther J to celebrate Crash's return. It will be a 3 part trilogy following all three remastered Crash games. The story trilogy's name? The Adventures of Crash Bandicoot. Here is the summary.

Summary: Ling has loved Crash Bandicoot ever since she was a kid before meeting with Ichika and now she has gotten Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy. But when Houki's sister, super genius creator of the IS Tabane asked her to test her new Dimensional Portal, Ling accidently slipped and her copy of Crash N.Sane Trilogy goes into the portal and she jumps in despite Tabane's protests and find herself in Crash's world. Not only that, she has become a Sonic like leopard with her clothes still intact. She then meets Crash and soon, the wise and kind Aku Aku, protector of the Wumpa Islands. Figuring that the events land her in the first game of her favorite series, she aids Crash and Aku Aku in saving the world and rescue Tawna Bandicoot from the clutches of the evil Dr. Neo Cortex who plots to steal the gems to conquer his world. But soon after Ling helped Crash saved the world, adventure calls to her as she takes her friends with her to Crash's dimension to aid Crash in two more adventures of the Crash trilogy. They are aided and joined by Crash's little sister, super bandicoot genius Coco and anime and game characters and they will engage in a final showdown with Cortex and his master, Aku Aku's evil brother, Uka Uka! Along the way, Ling will find love and adventure in her journey through Crash's world, same with her friends including Ichika. Rated K for adventure, romance and humor. Coming soon.

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Crossover - Legend of Zelda & Tokyo Mew Mew - Rated: K - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,943 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 11/25/2011 - Published: 11/22/2011
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In The second and final book of this saga, Zoey, Reina and their friends join forces with Felix and his party to save the world while struggling to control the unstable Psynergy in their bodies.
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A mysterious girl, seven pieces of a mysterious tablet... What fate brings together a son of a adventurer and people from other worlds? NostlagiaXMMPXPretearXART crossover
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Join Ryu, Zoey, Nina, York and their friends as they fight to save the universe from the Dark Dragons and the evil Goddess Myria in this epic crossover
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During Zoey's birthday, The Mew Mews are transported to Hyrule for a adventure of a lifetime. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeMew Mew Power crossover. Full summary inside. Now Finished!
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Bridget Verdant is sucked into the world of Lunadia. She must join forces with Lance Bennet and his friends to save the world from the Dark Lord. First BD:LOL, MMP crossover
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Zoey Hanson has an addiction to Tales of Symphonia, while Lloyd Irving has the same thing for Tokyo Mew Mew. So what happens when these two meet? First TOS MMP crossover.
Tales of Symphonia - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 650 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Published: 7/18/2006
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A accident lands Zoey into another world. First Tales of PhantasiaMew Mew Power crossover. Full summary inside.
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Renee is transported to the Monster Hunter universe with no memories of her past. First MHMMP crossover. Full summary inside.
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Are there worlds other than our own? One Mew Mew is about to find out, the hard way. First LOH:ATOVMMP crossover. AvinBridget and others.
Legend of Heroes - Rated: K - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,368 - Reviews: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/16/2006
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