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Author has written 14 stories for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Misc. Cartoons, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Happy Tree Friends.

If anyone bugs me, I yell at them, and maybe pull out my crossbow. I HAVE NO WORK ETHIC!!

Favorite things: Playing video games, 24/7, watching T.V., watching ATHF, FIRE, making video games, and reading fanfictions.

Characters Created- Butter Toast & Gravy, Robber, Captain Nutkickah.

As the great and wise Master Shake said to his roomate... "Dancing is forbidden!!" and then broke his jambox.


I also think that Shifty from Happy Tree Friends is cool...even though he does get killed alot.

Favorite Video Game Genres

Action and Adventure



And the occasional RPG.

Favorite Video Games

Resident Evil 4

Earthworm Jim series

The Suffering

The Suffering: Ties that Bind

Gears of War

Hitman: Blood Money

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Paper Mario

Conker Live & Reloaded

Second Sight

Stories I am working on

A Splendid Job
Category: Happy Tree Friends
Summary: Our favorite superhero just wants to relax, but with all the danger thats going on, that isn't going to happen.

Unfound at Sea
Category: Happy Tree Friends
Summary: Russell is lost at sea with various Happy Tree Friends. Watch as they get picked off one by one.

Nuttin' To Do
Category: Happy Tree Friends
Summary: Nutty is bored. Amazing! Isn't it. So he goes out to find something to do, leaving death in his wake.

Super Market
Category: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Summary: The Aqua Teens go out to the Super Market to buy some food.

Super Cake
Category: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Summary: It's Shake's birthday! Insanity will ensue!

Super Car
Category: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Summary: After 'borrowing' a car from a neighbor, Shake finds that the car has awesome gadgets, and decides to use them for good!...for a second, then starts getting
all he wants.

Favorite Quotes

"We also thank you Lord for that frost storm that done came and claimed our pointless nanner orchard. Oh, I was a fool for plantin' my nanners on a mountain." -Earlie Cuyler, Squidbillies

"We will most likely find him, in a wival westwaunt!" - Coifio, Perfect Hair Forever

"...Sphinctar..."-Peter Griffin, Family Guy

"I wonder what else will happen...on the internet..."-Gerald, Perfect Hair Forever

"Ba na na na na na na"- Uncle Grandfather, Perfect Hair Forever

"Didja get that thing I sentcha?"- Peter Potomus, Harvey Birdman

"Wow, it must be obvious day on Camp Stupid."- Master Shake, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

"Purate. Work, please."- Meatwad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

"FOR GOD SAKE! WHAT IS THAT MUSIC!" Church, Red vs. Blue.

"When I go to sleep, sometimes I think about my parents having sex, then I get really mad for some reason."- Caboose, Red vs. Blue.

"I programmed these to eat human flesh." Gaz, Invader ZIM

"There's waffles in 'em!" GIR, Invader ZIM

"I am Government Man, come from the government, the government has sent me." GIR, Invader ZIM

"Processing...PROCESSING!!" Computer, Invader ZIM

"My head's not big!" Dib, Invader ZIM

"Sell your organs live over the internet. Get money back off your baby. Wait sec, that don't sound right. Wheres my sheet?" - Meatwad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Favorite Conversations

Meatwad: Hey, it's a status thing. It's what seperates men from animals.
Frylock: Actually, Meatwad, animals have kidneys too.
Meatwad: Yeah, well, animals don't have jobs working for the city.
Frylock: ...Neither do you.
Meatwad: Well...damn. I got nothing.
- Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Kidney Car

Carl: Do you have a brush I can borrow?
Frylock: You know what, we don't. We're all..uh...bald.
(Meatwad rolls up, holding a toilet brush.)
Meatwad: You can use this one. I use this for my teeth AND my hair.
Carl: I forgot. I live next to a third world hell hole. Never mind.
- Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Clowning

GIR: Then a giant squirrel came!
Mysterious Mysteries Host: Don't you mean Dib?
GIR: Nope. The squirrel came first, then Dib.
(The actor playing Dib comes up and sees the actor dressed up as a giant squrrel.)
Dib Actor: Oh my goodness! What is that!
GIR: Then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head!
(The squirrel actor then attacks the Dib Actor, as the actor playing as Zim and Gir stood, watching the scene horrified.)
GIR: Then the squirrel flew away!
(Wires hook up to the squirrel actor, and start to lift him up, but one wire breaks,
and the squirrel actor's head hits the ground. The wire continues to carry the squirrel, as cheerful
music plays in the background. The background changes to space.)
GIR: He then flew back to his home planet, where he beats all the bad guys!
(The wires drop the actor on some giant figures, representing bad guys. The camera cuts back to the room where Mysterious Mysteries is recorded.)
Mysterious Mysteries Host: What does that have to do with anything!?
GIR:... Me and the squirrel are friends!
(The camera cuts back to the scene with all the actors, where GIR's character, 'Stacy', is dancing with the squirrel actor, as a man pulls on a wire, connecting to
a gourney with the Dib Actor on it, hoisting the gourney into the air. Cuts back to recording room)
Mysterious Mysteries Host: ...(His left eye twitches)..I am so fired.
- Invader ZIM, Mysterious Mysteries

Favorite shows



Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Perfect Hair Forever



Family Guy

American Dad

Robot Chicken

Code Monkeys

Red vs. Blue

Sealab 2021

Sonic Underground



Spongebob Squarepants

Invader ZIM

Happy Tree Friends

Favorite Characters

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Master Shake

Red vs. Blue: Caboose, Church, Sarge

Happy Tree Friends: Shifty, Lifty and Flippy

Spongebob Squarepants: Patrick Star

Invader ZIM: Dib, Zim and GIR

Code Monkeys: Dave and Jerry

Squidbillies: Dan Halen, Earlie and Rusty

Futurama: Fry and Bender

American Dad: Stan, Klaus and Roger

Perfect Hair Forever: Norman, Gerald, Uncle Grandfather, Coifio and Rod the Anime God

Bobobo: Jelly Jiggler, Don Patch, Bobobo

Oh! And regarding my hit story, Poketeens, I have not stopped working on it. I will update it as soon as possible.

Oh, and also, for some retarded reason in all of my fanfics, the instance of the word "Dr. Weird" is deleted.

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