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Hm, I realized I should update this. I'm now a graduate student burying myself in student loans and with painfully less time for reading fanfic. I do find it useful in avoiding homework (as I'm doing now), but the consequences seem much worse now than they did as an undergrad. I wish there was a way I could know all the best stories so I wouldn't waste time on crappy ones, but really I've refined my searching skills as much as I can. Back in the day I'd read almost any crappy thing just for the characters, but now I find myself relying on the favorites of people I consider good authors or reviewers to figure out where the good fic is. Keep on faving things, people, it helps those of us too lazy to search through the dregs ourselves!


I'm a semi-recent college graduate (Slippery Rock University, BS Environmental Science) looking for a graduate program in energy policy or /shudder/ a job. I currently work as a home health aid, best job ever because I mostly just watch satellite TV and play on the computer, though poopy diapers, feeding tubes, jumpy dogs, and house cleaning play a part in my day, too, so it's not for the weak of heart or nose (I actually have no sense of smell so I guess I lucked out there).

I've enjoyed fanfic for a number of years now (you could say it got me through college, except mostly it distracted me from my studies...) and have written a few stories, though not too recently. I considered making a website, but I must admit my total lack of skills despite an html/java class I took one semester. Now I finally decided to try to put all the fics I can find (I went through many computers and email addresses over the years so nothing I wrote is in the ones I currently use. Luckily some people were kind enough to archive some of my stuff) together in one place here at ff.n.

I'm only going to put Magnificent Seven fanfic up until I write something else. Maybe some nice reviews will get my writing juices flowing again. I will respond to each and every review I get that has some way for me to contact the person. With the new reply feature here, there's no reason not to show my appreciation and gratitude for any praise or criticism I receive. I really hate it when people don't respond to reviews, I mean it's the only reason I finally joined ff.n instead of just browsing (though it is useful that I can finally keep track of stories I start reading. Terrible memory for fic.).

I enjoy reading from a number of different fandoms. My first obsession was X-Men (woohoo Cyclops), but I didn't know about fanfic back then and when I did find out I really didn't enjoy reading it as much as I liked the comics. I started reading fanfic with Highlander way back in the day (loved Richie), then M7 really got me hooked into the whole idea of fandom (yay Ezra!) and I've maintained an interest even if I don't read it as much as I once did. I finally felt comfortable trying to write in M7 because I'd come in from the start and seen all the episodes so I figured I could do a decent job being true to the characters (it's debatable, you tell me). M7 let me branch off into other fandoms though I mostly stuck with anime/cartoons (too many to list) and didn't really do anything more than read. As far as grown up shows go, I currently enjoy NCIS (Tony!) and Stargate Atlantis (McKay!) very much and that's where I'd most likely try my hand at writing next besides M7.

Despite my age (20s), I'm a baby as far as my fic goes so no swearing and no sex. Shucks, I'm not even one for reading stories with more than friendship, why does everyone feel the need to pair people up? I do, however, enjoy beating up the ones I love, or at least reading about it. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with my brain wiring either...

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