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Yo, I love music but I also love The Legend Of Zelda, so that is mostly what I'll be reading and writing about on here. I love to write fluff, slow burn, adventure, and romance fanfictions becuase I find cute/mushy/affection stories that make you go "awww" to be entertaining and fun. I might occasionally write lime, lemons, PWP's, and smut just because they are as fun to write as fun as they are to read and vice versa. Besides, there's always lots of room for great comic relief!

Also, yes, Mipha is my favorite Legend Of Zelda character as you can tell by my profile picture. I think her character could've used more devolpment but she's a very cute character! She is best fish/ zora waifu for laifu/ better than Zelda. (Referring to BoTW Zelda, I'm not sure if I like Mipha more than SS Zelda lmao) So don't be too surprised when you see me commenting on users who write Mipha fics lol! Nintendo doesn't do direct sequels and it's understandable as to why, a problem would be the layout of the map. They said that the reason Hyrule's geography is always different is so that it won't always be the same. This is very unfortunate since this means we proabably will never see Mipha or many other BoTW characters in another Zelda game ever. :'(

I would like to make friends with similar intrests as me on here so PM me if you'd like!

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Archive Of Our Own/Ao3: HylianAuthor

Feel free to PM me here or on any of my other social medias if you somehow have any questions for me or have criticisms you'd like to voice to me without needing to comment.

I like mostly all Legend Of Zelda games (except for TLoZ2) but here are my top 5 as of now (4-10-18)

1) Breath Of The Wild (Switch)

(It's the Zelda title that got me back into gaming after losing complete intrest in it, my mother gifted me a Switch for Christmas which I was not expecting at all, I'm glad she got it for me along with BoTW, the game was without a doubt life-changing for me, it helped with my depression, and really ignited my love for the series again but this time more than ever. It made me cry so much, I poured so many hours into it, and of course, my favorite character from the series as of now who is Mipha is in this game! And wow did her cutscenes make me weep like a baby. Lol rip. There's so much more I can say, but I don't want to go on and ramble)

2) The Windwaker (GCN)

(It was the first Legend of Zelda game I ever played as well as the first video game I ever remember playing since I was born in 2002, there's such a magical charm to its art style, characters, and world. Maybe nolstalgia is blinding me but I had a difficult time choosing a game for the second spot here, since I might actually enjoy A Link To The Past more on a gameplay level)

3) A Link To The Past (SNES)

(I have actually never played it on an SNES but rather on an emulator when I was about 7 years old, if I can recall correctly it might have been my second Zelda game I ever played but I can't remember my second one too well. Anyways, the gameplay is still solid to this day, the music is still great, and the dungeons, bosses, and items are all so sick. So iconic and such a classic, I don't think A Link Between Worlds is better than it but hey, that might just be nolstalgia again.)

4) Skyward Sword (Wii)

(For a while this actually used to be my favorite LoZ game of all time. I was about 9 or so when this game came out, I beat it once and it was really fun, I originally had lots of troubles and issues with the motion controls but I played it for the first time in about 7 years last week and 100 it and the controls didn't fail once, it was so much fun, Fi's farewell and Zelda sealing herself made me cry when I replayed it last week but it actually didn't make me cry during my first playthrough of the game lmfao. I actually love the progression of the game and oh Hylia do I love the story of it! Let's not forget about the soundtrack either, it's incredible.)

5) Twilight Princess (Wii U)

(Yep, I prefer this one over Ocarina Of Time, if this list was top 10, Ocarina Of Time would be number 6 lol. I played it for the first time in my life last month in Master Mode and boy did I have a good and frustrating time, I must say that Midna is such a good character. TP just feels like a definitive version of OOT to me. The credits cutscene hit me in the feels so hard, it was too much for me to handle oof. I really enjoyed the final boss, at least it was better than Breath Of The Wild's target practice final boss, and all the bosses for that matter, but dear Hylia does the Lakebed Temple make me want to put a fucking bullet in my brain. Also, the music is really good here in TP as well! :D Well, I guess that's the way all of the OSTs for TLoZ are eh?)

Not sure why you read all the way down to here, whether you just scrolled through everything or actually read all of the stuff above, let me ask you one thing, why?

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