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Author has written 6 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts.

Announcements: Well, I've recently rediscovered my love for writing, so more chapter uploads may ensue. I'm mainly going to focus on one story at a time though, the whole juggling of multiple stories just doesn't cut it anymore. Hope I haven't alienated anyone, and I hope to see some comments and hits on my story!!

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Tears for the Union- COMPLETE - Set in the Civil War time period with Naruto characters. Naruto Namikaze, the local tailor, who just so happens to be the son of Minato Namikaze (a great war hero in the Mexican-American War), gets asked to go into service for the Union army. Hinata Hyuga, the heiress of Philadelphia's most prestigious family, is kept in a sheltered environment by her father and meets Naruto by chance one day while walking in the streets. Chouji Akimichi, a private first class in the Union Army and also an enlister, is descended from the Scots-Irish frontiersmen of the early 1800s. Their lives meet explosively as Naruto and Hinata get swept up in a blooming romance, that is to say until he decides to take the chance to be a soldier.

Hiatus: 4

Assassins of the Night- AU Kingdom Hearts story. Starring Axel, Xigbar, Lexaeus, Riku, and Roxas as main characters. Besides Riku, the others had been experimented on in the new human colony on Antarctica. They then become known as the feared vampiric assassins that serve under President Dalv Kreff. Second chapter hopefully up in the next month or so.

Hero from the Unknown Quadrant- AU Smash Bros. story. Stars Link, Solid Snake, DK, and Ike on a quest to find the Unknown Hero from an uncharted section of the Galaxy who will bring peace the the Universe of Nintendo once again. It is a war story involving all other Smash Bros. characters in a secondary fill. Second chapter coming soon!

Behind the Stage- My Second Song Fiction. My first story that has absolutely no action in it! I mean action as in fighting and what not. Mainly Axel/centric. The story is about Axel and his band that is rising to stardom, but like all bands they will face obstacles and challenges. Many lyrics will be used, but if anyone could suggest songs, that'd be great. Second chapter posted: June 03, 2008.

Organization Rebirth- A new take on what would happen if another Organization would rise from the ashes of the old. It mainly involves the Organization, but I plan to have later chapters focus on a wider conflict with a new Keywielder in addition to the four established ones.

General Stuff

I've been on and off with writing for the past couple years, but I'm gradually making my first tentative steps into the writing world once again. Updates might be infrequent and have long pauses in between them, but I'm asking everyone to bear with me. I'm pretty busy with classes and outside work for my major, so I'll try as hard as I can to get some new chapters up.

Name: Well, I actually have quite a few names: P.J., Pete, Peter, etc.

Age: Well, I am above the age of 17, that's about it.

Hobbies: Reading, you can guess the rest I assume. I'm a music freak, so I'm always listening or downloading something. I'm pretty much influenced by anything I happen to be listening to in the way of music, and lately I've been pretty hooked on viewing anything as art. It's an enlightening experience.

Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet & Clank, Fallout 3, Prince of Persia (2008), Assassin's Creed, Pokemon: Heart Gold, Super Smash Bros., and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Favorite Quotes.Why? Well, because all profiles have 'em and I decided I should too.

" You're fading away!' 'Yeah, that happens when you put your entire being into an attack.' 'Why'd you help me?' ' I don't know, you remind me of him...he was the only one that ever made me feel complete and you made me feel that way again." Axel and Sora; Kingdom Hearts II

"What is history but a fable agreed upon?" Napoleon Bonaparte

"There is nothing either good or evil, but thinking makes it so." William Shakespeare

I've managed to find some good writers that produce quality stories in genres that otherwise are sometimes filled with bad stories.

Wesker888 hits that mark for his amazing series: The New Organization. You should seriously check that out, and his Resident Evil story: Another Side, Another Nightmare are good too, even though I've only played Resident Evil 4. DuskRising is my best friend outside of fanfic and is currently writing a story that parallels my series: Kingdom Hearts: Dusk's Beginning. He's behind on his work there though. That's about it for Kingdom Hearts.

As for Eragon, I'd like to say that Black Imperial's: Forest of Evermore story is a nice piece of work and is deserving of feedback.

The SOC Puppet's Set In Stone is an amazing Naruto AU story, so check into that as well.

Also, Silent Dre has two good stories (I haven't read his Heroes story yet) that are in the X-overs and Transformers fandom. They are: The Fable and Sub Rosa, respectively.

Shout Out Time!

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Tears for the Union reviews
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