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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Valdemar universe.

About Me: Nickname(s)-Kael
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If I was a Harry Potter character...

I saw someone's profile that had this on it... they'd copied it from someone and now I'm copying it from them.

House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch Position: Seeker
Favourite Teacher(s): Flitwick, McGonagall, and whoever the Arithmancy professor is, most likely
Favorite Classes: Charms, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy
Hated Classes: Herbology
Electives: Care of the Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes
Hated Electives: Divination
Future Occupation: Unspeakable
Pet: Shadow Falcon (Falcon with shadow powers. Pretty much a shadow phoenix, but no singing)
Wand: Ebony, Shadow Falcon feather, 11 3/4 inches
Animagus Form: Ice Falcon (Opposite of Shadow Falcon)
Patronus: stallion
Element: Ice

(thanks to all those who helped me find the name of the last story I was looking for)

Thank you to Lyn908 for helping my find the second story I couldn't find.


Books-Harry Potter, Dragonriders of Pern, Eragon, Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey Anime-Angelic Layer
Food-Tacos, Pizza, Olives(Spanish or Black), Pasta(No Sauce)
Pastime-Read FanFiction(Why else would I have an account?) and play on neopets
Animal(s)-Dragons, Phoenix, Gryffyn, Wolves, Dolphins
Ships-Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione Neville/Luna Harry/Hermione Ron/Luna Neville/Ginny Harry/Blaise(F) Kel/Dom Roald/Shinko Neal/Yuki Jon/Thayet Diane/Numiar

Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
Eternity’s longer than forever, count the letters.
There are three types of people in the world. Those who can count and those who can't.
Duct tape is like the force, it has a Light side and a Dark side and it holds the Universe together.

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Story Quotes:

“I want to find her, Sirius, I do,” Harry said, getting up and heading for the door, arms outstretched in front of him. “Come on.”
“Harry, have you forgotten something?” Sirius asked, trying to keep from laughing.
“My wand,” Harry replied, heading back to the nightstand and grabbing it along with his cane.
“Actually,” Sirius said, darting into Harry’s way. “I meant the fact that you’re blind and I’m a fugitive.” (Seen and Unseen by The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien)

"Why do you have a green uniform?" Hermione changed the subject, "I always thought they were red.""It's a rifle regiment," Harry explained. "Scouts and skirmishers, the story goes that they needed the green to help blend in to the surrounding background and do their jobs."
"So that's why they wore green," Hermione nodded. "I guess that makes sense."
"That's the official reason anyway," Harry nodded. "The Unofficial reason is that it was done so that the brass could pretend that all those unsporting irregulars were in a different army." (Old Soldiers Never Die by Rorschach's Blot)

“Look at them over there,” said Draco with a sneer. “Betting on a wizards duel like it was some muggle sporting event; it's disgusting.”
“I know what you mean,” answered Harry blandly. “So how much do you have on you?”
“Two Galleons,” the blond answered grumpily. “I wish I'd known about this ahead of time. You?”
“One Galleon, six Sickles,” he said, handing the money to Draco. “All on Severus, right?”
“Of course,” answered the blond as he went to place the bet. “Do you think I'm crazy?” (Blind Faith: Slytherin's Heir by xyvortex)

“So, child, how did the brewing go today?” Albus gently asked the obviously exhausted Potion’s Master.
“Sweet Merlin, I can’t even find the words to begin to explain what happened!” Severus was leaning back, his head against the top of the couch, his eyes closed as he rubbed them tiredly with one elegant but slightly potion stained hand. “I have never experienced anything like that before and I imagine that I shall never again have that opportunity. I never wanted it to end, though, it was truly magnificent!” His voice was soft and full of wonder and even awe, a tone of speech the three men had never heard him speak in before.“Brewing Wolfsbane?” Remus asked, confused. (Growing Up Snape by teacherbev)

Harry shook Neville’s hand and remembered part of the history of the Voldemort war. “Are you related to Frank and Alice Longbottom?” Neville looked down and shifted his feet uncomfortably. “Er, Yes. They’re my parents.”
Harry realized that Neville was uncomfortable with this topic. “They’re famous heroes even in America for defying Voldemort.” Everyone winced. “Sorry. In America we’re not afraid of names. Mind you, if he showed up I’d be scared enough, but the only thing scary about that name is trying to spell it. A lot of people spelled it with an ‘I’ instead of an ‘E’ on the history test at school.” (Harry McGonagall by witowsmp)

“Harry!” Hermione screamed behind him. “Wait up!”
Harry didn’t stop; he didn’t stop until he heard a soft innocent voice say his name as he past, “Harry?”
“Ginny?” He said stopping for a brief second. He saw her with Dean Tomas and Neville.
“Is everything alright?” She asked worried.
“I’ll tell you later.” He said and started running off again.
Ginny frowned, something was up with him, he was hiding something for sure, something big. Maybe it had to do with that stone she heard him talking about. He did say that if it got in the wrong hands something dangerous was going to happen and that HE was the one to stop it.
She looked down at her notebook then at Dean and Neville. “Um… sorry boys, but I have to go check up on something. I’ll help you with your studying another time.” She got up and gave her note book to Neville. “Give it to Hermione or Lavender later. Tell them to put it on my bed.”
She ran after Harry.
Dean watched as she left. “One day I’m going to marry her.” He said to Neville.
Neville let out a small laugh. “I think Harry already called dibs on that.”
“No he can’t do that!” Dean said immaturely and he pouted a little.
“Of course he can; he’s Harry Potter!” Neville argued. (All Over Again by Leovanna)

“Want to play a round of chess while we wait for Hermione? It’ll be nice not to lose for once.”
“You’re a bit mistaken there,” Draco said, accioing the board over from the bookshelf. “I never lose to anyone, except Blaise, at chess.”
“And I’ve only ever lost to Ron. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who likes to play me. Hermione refuses to do either of us and I’ve never had the chance to play with Ginny yet.”
“Then let’s play, Potter.”
Harry grinned. So Draco was reverting to last names? He must be really serious. “You’re on, Malfoy.”
Three hours later…
Two very frustrated boys were glaring at each other from across the table, their pieces in the fourth stalemate for that day. “Why can’t I beat you?” Draco growled, picking up one of his pawns and chucking it at Harry’s head, the small marble piece crying in alarm as it flew through the air.
The Boy-who-lived became the Boy-who-ducked and the screaming chess piece flew over his head and hit the couch. “Because I have superior skills,” Harry smirked.
“Then why can’t you beat me?”
“…” (Parenting Class by IcyPanther)

Anita led Harry toward the Leaky Cauldron, humming the Macarena. “Non-magical people are called ‘muggles’ by the magical world and they can’t see Leaky unless it’s pointed out to them.”
“Is this how you get to Diagon Alley?” asked Harry, smoothing down his jet black hair.
Anita nodded. “There’s a brick wall in the back; when you have your wand, you tap the correct pattern on the bricks and the wall opens up.”
“So what happens when you don’t have a wand?” asked Harry, slightly alarmed. Hartz introduced herself earlier as a straight non-magical person.
Anita laughed. “The barkeeper, Tom, knows me pretty well. Also, Auggie will be there with some muggleborns to show them around, so we coordinated our times.”
“Augusta Longbottom. Her grandson, Neville, is your age. Actually, his birthday is a day before yours. He’s also going to Wyckham,” commented Anita, holding the door open for Harry. Whispering, she added, “Move quickly, and don’t say your name. You remember what I said about the rabid ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ syndrome these people have.” (Wyckham Academy by Kneazle)

“Min.” Harry whispered loudly.
Minerva turned around abruptly. Quickly changing from stern Transfigurations Professor to kind and loving Aunt Min.
“Yes Harry?” she asked softly.
Harry suddenly sensed all eyes were on him. He smiled shyly and continued his loud whispers.
“What colour eyes does Forks have?”
He scratched his head and scrunched his face into a look of intense thought.
Minerva had to bite back a smile.
Merlin he is adorable!
“Yes dear, black.” (Rescued by PiER)

“Prefects,” shuddered Blaise. “Can you imagine prefects at Wyckham?”
Harry shuddered alongside his friend. “No more midnight snack raids in the kitchen – no more sneaking into the library at two in the morning – no more late night hide and seek games in the dormitories with the other years…”
“No more late night potions experiments gone wrong?” inputted Susan wryly. “We all heard about the two of you sneaking into Flamel’s lab and blowing up a cauldron.” (Wyckham Academy by Kneazle)

Also, Salazar will be second in command and is doing research as well as meeting with the vampires. I will check up on all of Harry's agents and Sirius, if you will listen to this quote I will have one less item on this insanely long list.
Sirius looked puzzled so Draco pushed on, "item 17: Sirius- make sure he doesn't twist my kidnapping so it was his fault. I have no idea how he will do it but he is quite capable. Also, make sure he doesn't try to find me." Everyone smiled at how well Harry knew Sirius.
"Okay, one last thing if anyone sees agents, vampires, griffins, Angels, scary black dogs, Elves, or dwarfs please direct them to me." (Saga Side Story: The Disappearance)

“Harry? But you died! James and Lily! Your alive! How? What? Who? Did you say Lord?” His confusion was silenced as Ginny leant over and hit him on the head with a copy of the Daily Prophet.
“Bad Moony, no chew toy for you!” (A New World by Finbar)

In the stands, Hermione blinked for a moment then buried her head in her hands as she groaned softly.
“What is it Brains?” Ginny looked concerned.
“The buggers are showing off.” Came the muttered reply. “Remember that movie we saw about two months before we came here? While we were waiting for Ron to regrow the bones in his legs? I knew I should never have let Harry pick the film. Thats it! No more Hong Kong action films for him.” (A New World by Finbar)

"You're like a mother hen, did you know that?" Jake asked innocently. Derek stopped talking in mid-sentence and sent an indignant glare towards him.
"Are you implying that I'm a chicken?" he asked in a dangerously soft voice. (Alone by salt+pepper)

"You want me to look after James Potter's son?"
Dumbledore nodded.
“I think you two share a certain kinship that cannot be denied…a bond so primal it may very well be magic…but we shall see.”
“Sir, with all due respect, he is James Potter’s son…” Severus trailed off.
“You would do best to remember that James Potter did not raise young Harry, as he was suffering from the all-too-common ailment known as death. (A Change in Perspective: Sticks and Stones by RamielR)

“You don’t recognize me from the butt whoopin’ I handed to your Order members?”
“How do you know about the...” the he looked at Sirius who started to whistle innocently in the ‘I didn’t do anything’ kind of way. “Never mind.”
“Yeah, Sirius has a really big mouth.” (From the Cold by Tsukiakari-hoshi)

“I'm just saying. He's smart, and Dudley has the same forehead as your Grandfather Darryl. You don't want him to inherit the same brain too...do you?”
Vernon shuddered. His Grandpa Darryl had died in World War 2. His commanding officer reported that Darryl had thrown the wrong end of the grenade. (Too Much Time On My Hands by neopyro)

"I think that I can answer that, Sirius," Harry said after a moments thought. "I didn't use a wand to perform the animagus transformation. I used thought, or wandless magic, though most animagi obviously haven't realised that's what makes their transformations happen, otherwise I suppose they wouldn't be allowed to do them. That's why it's so dangerous to do without proper wards."
"I have a genius for a godson," Sirius remarked. "Of course that's what it was! Why didn't I think of that? God, I can be dumb sometimes …" (Deceptions by WolfMoon)

“I’ve just…realized,” Sirius stammered. This was very uncharacteristic of the Hogwarts heartthrob, “I was…that was….”
“Well? Out with it, Paddy!”
“That was going to be my next snogging closet! Can you imagine if my bloody mum appeared in the middle of….?” (Protecting the Past by Crookshanksroxmysox)

~Harry! Language!~
~Sorry ‘Mione, Voldy’s diapers!~ Sending them all into silent laughter
~Much better~ (Deceptive Rewards by Juniper Kiayla)

"Once I couldn't even help Neville locate his wand, we found this hilarious to no extent. It wasn't until he would need it that I could locate it. Though how it got on top of the tent I'll never know, I still say the twins had something to do with it," he says with a small smile at the memory.(Destiny's Ghost by JadeLMSkywalker)

"Good reasoning….All right, here we are…do you have every thing?"
Harry nodded, "Yes Grandmother"
"Do you have Oculi Venenati? The last thing I need is to accidentally sit on a Basilisk." (Ophiuchus by Shadowface)

"But I don't want to be a sand snake." There was a whine in the basilisk's hiss.
Harry chuckled: "I said we will act 'like the sand snake,' not that we will be sand snakes."
"As long as I don't have to be one."
"You don't," he reassured her. "Good night." (Ophiuchus by Shadowface)

"Yes, well, let's go to Herbology, shall we?"
"What? Oh yes. I had forgotten."
"You're sure we have to use fertilizer 'B'?"
"Do you swear?"
"Will you allow me to teach you Pureblood Etiquette?"
Neville sighed "Yes, Harry, it's fertilizer—WHAT?"
"You already said yes." (Ophiuchus by Shadowface)

Draco, his eyes wide, ignored the sarcasm: “We have to steal it!”
“Draco,” Harry sighed, “When will you learn? We don’t ‘steal’; we just conveniently forget to give it back after pocketing it.” (Ophiuchus by Shadowface)

The Shadows had captured their share of Death Eaters. Over the years, Lucius Malfoy had been caught a grand total of five times but Voldemort had not relinquished one of his most important followers easily. He had managed to get him back, only for Lucius to be captured again. And again. And again. And so on. (Shadows by Alroy)

"Since when did you become so perceptive?" Remus looked at his former student in a confused manner. "Your sixth year." Harry began to explain. "You remember watch-your-back week?" Both Remus and Sirius grinned evilly before they nodded. "Your 6th year, the teachers decided to get some... Shall we say, payback?" The pair thought a moment before frowning and glaring at Harry. The latter merely smiled back innocently.
"You were the Defence Professor!" Sirius exclaimed but Harry waved a dismissive hand.
"A mere formality."
"You deliberately turned me into a canary!" The man shouted in mock-anger and again everyone fell into peels of uncontrollable laughter. (Golden Oppertunities by Messrmarauuder017)

“Alright. I believe my Hanky has everything you might want to eat.”
A pause. This time, Dumbledore made no secret the real meaning of his words – Hanky was his house-elf, not his handkerchief.
“You are really barmy, Albus.”
The old man’s answer was a wide grin, and the two teens left to pack. (Mastermind Huntingby Louis IX)

She grinned, “About three weeks, neither of ‘em has admitted anything yet.” They watched the two bicker until Snape got up with an annoyed sigh—grumbling about the noise. On his way out, the book fell out of his pocket, so Harry picked it up and offered it to him, “Here you go Professor,” Harry said.
Snape nodded his thanks, then took it and left—the room was dead silent.
Harry found every person in the room staring at him and the empty space where Snape had been. “What?” he demanded.
Ginny looked at him strangely. “You and Snape—in the same room without fighting was okay… you and Snape being civil, that’s just not normal!” The entire room—including Remus and McGonagall—burst into laughter. (Red Bolt of Lightning by A. S. Leif)

“Do you have any allergies?” he asked.
“Fatuis.” Harry said seriously. He had never been so happy for his forced lessons in language. Rowena had continuously drilled him in Latin, among others, and had even got Salazar to test him.
Harry had just said ‘idiots’ in Latin.
Percy looked at him blankly. Fudge looked confused and impatient. The rest of the Ministry workers ranged in between the two, although one of them looked like he was having some difficulties and was holding a hand over his mouth. Harry thought he recognized him from the Order. Harry held in a smirk as he saw both Snape and Albus shoot him highly amused looks.
Percy uttered an intelligent “Uh,” which prompted Harry to continue the encounter.
“I don’t think you’ll find it in any potions.” he said, still serious, “Especially Veriteserum.” (The Founders' Heir by Renatus)

“And what, pray tell, caused you to be in such a hurry?” the unnamed man said. Harry looked at him. He had forgotten he was there.
“One of the Heirs had managed to get themselves in a bit of a pinch with a herd of Hippogriffs.”
Albus chuckled, clearly remembering the incident, and Harry quickly joined in with the laughter.
“A student being mauled by a herd of hippogriffs is funny?” Remus asked.
Harry sent the man a smirk. “It is when it’s Tom Riddle.” (The Founders' Heir by Renatus)

“Tell me again why we’re up here along an unused corridor, in a dusty old classroom by ourselves?” Hermione asked.
“Avoiding Pomfrey.” Harry commented at the same time Rowena said, “I asked him here.”
Harry sent a scowl up towards the portrait above his head.
“Ok, so avoiding the vulture-doctor is just a bonus.” Harry said sullenly.
“I doubt Helga would appreciate the sentiment.” Rowena said.
“She doesn’t need to worry,” Harry said, “she’s not a vulture, she’s more like a kangaroo; always wants to keep me in her pouch like some way-ward chick. Poppy is the vulture. She even circles around you like one.” (The Founders' Heir by Renatus)

“All right!” She said sniffily. “I only came in because people outside are behaving like children.”
“Maybe because they are children?” Harry interrupted neutrally. The girl glared at him and stomped out. Ron and, to Harry’s surprise, Dudley both grinned. (Legacy by Shutsumon)

“What, Kaelbrith? You’re hungry?” St’kay asked quickly, climbing off his bed and toward the dragon. Away from K’ronz.
No, I’m not, she said, lifting a sleepy, confused head.
Yes, you are, St’kay said forcefully.
I am? Why?
K’ronz, St’kay said tersely, by way of explanation.
“OK, c’mon then!” St’kay said loudly, pushing on her shoulder. “If you want to eat, we’ll have to go to the kitchens!” (Green and Proud by Eminempern)

“Well my darling,” Kaylan said exaggeratedly. “We should prepare for dinner with the natives.”
Kel’s smiled widened. “Oh yes, lets.”
“Shall we dress up?” Kaylan asked.
“Nice but not too nice,” Kel replied.
“Great! I shall be back to coordinate our garments after I see if I actually own anything wearable!” Kaylan said with more exaggerated.
Kel smiled again. “You do that,” (Shang Phoenix by VamoiricEternity)

Kel half smiled. “Good. I’m glad.” Then her eyes widened. “I forgot! It’s today!”
“Em…yes Kel, it is today, it isn’t yesterday, or tomorrow,” Neal said with a bemused expression on his face. (A Yamani Warrior by PsychoLioness)

Dom just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re always right!” Neal shouted.
Well just because you’re younger doesn’t mean everything gets to be your way!” Dom yelled back.
They started calling each other childish names.
Dummy!” screamed a young Nealan.
Idiot!” retorted Dom.
Meanie!” shrieked Neal.
Dolt!” bellowed a very short Domitan.
Poopyhead!” hollered Neal.
Meathead!” shouted Dom.
Neal stopped. “What’s a ‘Meathead’?” he asked, confused.
Dom grinned evilly. “Allow me to demonstrate,” he smirked. He picked up his meatloaf, put it on top of Neal’s tiny head, and pressed down. It gushed into his hair and rolled down the side of his face. Neal screeched. “Thus we have a Meathead,” Dom said loudly.
(Weddings by On top of cloud 9)

"Come on, Berry," she addressed one of the birds. "You can do it! Look, your brothers and sisters are already flying."
"Nat, nat, natu!" the bird complained.
"No, I will not believe you're afraid of heights," she told him sternly. (Loss of a Leader by SilvorMoon)

Outside in the corridor a bunch of people were leaning on the door, or the person in front, to hear what was being said with Fred and George Weasley in the lead. When Harry opened the door the twins fell forwards, the rest after them in a chain reaction.
The Weasley twins looked up into Harry's face.
"What was it this time?" Harry asked, a sly smile playing at his lips. "There was a silent bomb that went off and blew you to the door? You were worshiping the ground I walk on? Practicing new ways of spying at our enemies through keyholes?" (The Saga of the Red Dragons Order 3 by The Red Dragons Order)

"By the Phoenix himself! The guy was a professional! Not one single, bloody, slimy, idiotic trace left!"
"Calm down Madisa," came Cassar's calm reply. "That sandwich has never done you anything, you know." The only reply he got was some vicious munching noises.
"Madisa the Sandwich Slayer strikes again." (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by The Red Dragons Order)

“Well, you won’t need to worry about passing out and drowning,” I informed him, tapping my wooden leg against the basin, “as I have charmed the tub to prevent anyone from drowning in it. If my enemies want to drown me, then they’ll just have to bring their own damn tub.” (A Simple Assignment by Aeryn Alexander)

Tracey lunged at him, and, noticing his singed state, she gasped.
Pomfrey lunged at Slughorn, and, noticing his wounds, she gasped.
Dumbledore lunged at the Death Eaters, and, noticing their identity, he gasped.
Mr Thomas didn’t need to move to gasp: Harry’s wings were impressive by themselves. (Mastermind Huntingby Louis IX)

“I’m Arthur Weasley and…”
The spectral figure leaned over and whispered into his ear with a cockney accent. “Sorry Gov didn’t recognize you, do you want me to continue the show for the others?”
“Show?” The still shaken Weasley repeated dumbly”
“No huh?” the man said now in a normal voice, “hey Murry, cut the effects”
The three watched in surprise as the thick and ominous bank of fog disappeared.
“Sorry about that folks but folks expect the boatmen on a ferry to Azkaban Island to act in a certain manner and they get a bit disappointed when we don’t deliver,” he said pulling off his hood to expose a handsome face
“Plus,” he added after a moment of thought, “it keeps the tourists away.” (Lord of Caer Azkaban by Rorschach's Blot)

"Don't worry, we're probably close, now."
"Blaise, you've said that twelve times now."
"But I mean it this time!"
"That's what you said the past five times."
"But I'm sure we are!"
"Then why is this the fourth time we've passed this tapestry?"
"No, you're thinking of the one with the dancing camels. These are dancing llamas." (An Altered Destiny: Once Upon a Time by Insane Slytherin)

Spots… Daine called out.
Yes mistress Daine? He answered eagerly.
Numair is almost at the door to the barn and I was wondering if…
If I could run him over for you? Spots asked excitedly.
Daine giggled again. Well maybe just be standing there when he opens the door and give him a bit of a scare…Don’t hurt him though!
It would be my pleasure…The horse said evilly.(Weddings by On top of cloud 9)

“I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking,” Fred said slowly as they marched up the stairs. “I had just stopped one Bludger when Baum sent the other right at your melon. When I realized you didn’t see it, I was out of position at mid-field.”
“I was closer,” George said, “but the angle was wrong. No way I could get it with me bat.”
“I could see that too,” Fred continued. “But I had this one Bludger handy, so I winged it at George.”
“You put it right in my sweet spot, brother,” George congratulated him. “As nice a set-up as I’ve ever seen.”
“Not as nice as that shot you made,” Fred disagreed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone block a Bludger with a Bludger before.”
“I think you were both bloody brilliant,” Ginny said with a sniff. “Just for that, I’m even going to forget about you two snooping in my room last summer.”
Fred and George stopped in mid-step.
Ron let out a low chuckle. “That’s quite a prize,” he said, “you don’t want to know what she and Harry had planned.”
Ginny hadn’t stopped moving, and Harry followed her. As he passed Ron and Neville, who had also resumed their climb, he heard Neville whisper to Ron, “What did they have planned?”
“Don’t know,” Ron whispered back without moving his lips, “but whatever it is it can’t be as bad as what they will imagine.” (Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by S'TarKan)

“POTTER! I KNOW IT’S YOU!” Voldemort screamed as he ducked away from another blast of lightning, so far he had been hit three times.
There were whispers, “Tyler Potter, it can’t be. It must be; he’s the-boy-who-lived.”
The jig was up, Angel had to confess, “SO?”
The Dark Lord was stunned, he was right; this really was Harry Potter that must mean…..he was the boy-who-lived. Not Tyler Potter.
“YOU’RE THE ONE THE PROFECY’S ABOUT, AREN’T YOU? HARRY JAMES POTTER?” Voldie yelled, clearly enraged, “I’ve been chasing the wrong Potter brat! Damnit!” (Harry Potter and the Black Rose by genogoth)

“(Now Tayce, what’s the rule about playing with Uncle Brie’s guns?)”
“On’y shoo’ a’ imama-inama-inanina,” she frowned in frustration, trying to wrap her little tongue around the big word.
“Inanimate,” Brie prompted gently.
“Imamimate,” she agreed. “On’y shoo’ a’ imamimate objec’s an’ idiots.”
“(That’s my girl,)” he ruffled her hair and handed her the gun. She squealed happily, struggling to lift the heavy gun and aim it out the window.
“Pow!” she cried as he pulled out the books that Audric wanted. “Pow! Pow! Pow!” (Gabriel by Shikatanai)

"Well maybe it does, I'll come to your wedding, heck I'll even be your best man, but I won't show my face. Besides it will be your day, the attention should and will be exclusively on you two"
"And the person who forgot the flowers" lightly added Remus. (A Troubled Past by Quillitch)

In ‘Gerbil land’ Peter was ecstatic, he had finally managed to get the wheel to himself, those goons Crabbe and Goyle hogged it all the time! As he ran around and around, he thought to himself, ‘Whee, I love this place, why didn’t the Weasley’s ever have a fun place like this? Run, run, run, oh I love this.’
Lucius looked through the clear plastic at the next chamber where his ‘son’ was trying to hide under the disgusting cedar shavings in one corner. ‘If I go through that yellow tube and them make a right at the elbow, maybe I can find a way…’
Nine of the younger death eaters that had just been caught at Hogsmeade were playing with a small plastic ball, ‘Now, why do we want to escape and go back to that mad man, this is much better than Azkaban or that idiot throwing crucios at everyone! Oh, my turn, my turn, push the ball this way to me!’ One of them thought, as he ran after the ball.
Buckbeak just watched the maze of plastic tubes and chambers while eating a dead ferret, ignoring the cats that had been charmed to smell repulsive to him. Maybe today those little rats would escape, maybe today he could play! (Harry Potter and the Gaurdians of Power by teacherbev)

“We have been asked to make this announcement together,” Sev said by way of explanation to a confused bride and groom.
“Because, you see, it wasn’t our idea,” Sirius continued.
“We just contributed the most,” Sev said.
Sirius elbowed Sev rather roughly. “You’re jumping ahead, and it was only because we have the most,” Sirius whispered roughly.
“Sorry,” Sev said loudly, while rolling his eyes.
Sirius gave an exaggerated sigh before continuing on. “Everyone here contributed at least some money to a brand new Weasley account that is waiting for you two in Gringotts.”
Sev handed over two keys to Ron. “It’s everyone’s wedding present to you two. With the money that’s in the vault, you are set for life, if you’re careful with it.”
“Exactly how much is in there?” Hermione asked.
“You’ll just have to go there to find out,” Sirius said.
“Translation: we don’t know, because we don’t know how much everyone put in,” Sev said. (Acceptence by enb2004)

“Oh Ginny, you don’t have to spend the day here. I know you’d rather be in the common room…”
“I’d rather be with you!” said Ginny defiantly. “I thought my boyfriend would like to spend time with me, but if I was wrong…”
“No, Ginny. You’re not wrong! I love spending time with you! I just don’t know why you’d want to be with such an insensitive, forgetful git like me!”
“I already told you, I’m not mad about you forgetting my birthday, but I will be if you don’t drop it!”
“I realized that last year I was at the Burrow on your birthday. I should have remembered! Even if I didn’t know the exact date! You didn’t forget my birthday! You are such a better person than me!”
Ginny sighed and said, “Fine! I’m better than you at remembering birthdays, and you’re better at slaying basilisks! Can you please drop it?” (If You Can Help Her by witowsmp)

“Dumbledore! Snape’s in the Infirmary! Where’s Potter?”
Dudley whimpered and hid behind his father when another wizard stepped towards the bearded man. He was freaky in every sense of the word: he was covered in scars and limping, but the most disgusting thing was the eye in his face that moved every second and even disappeared as if it was also looking behind. Dudley shuddered when the eye fell on him and hid his fat body even more behind his father.
Alastor grunted in mild disgust when he saw the muggle family but chose to ignore them in favor of getting his answer from Dumbledore.
Albus sighed. “I already saw him, Alastor. We should give him a wide berth for a while. I think we underestimated him. Apologies are in order but we should wait; he won’t accept them so easily. Tell everyone who has been looking for him to stop searching and leave him and both Marauders alone. They will also be included in –every- Order meeting, if Harry even wants to be in them anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a family to accommodate.”
Alastor’s eyes narrowed. “Why the sudden change, Albus?”
But Dumbledore didn’t answer and the Auror sighed frustratingly.
However, he did hear the fat boy mutter something which made Moody hold his breath in disbelief and run to the Headmaster’s office to see the wreckage.
“Why the sudden change he asks?” snort “He wasn’t there when the boy melted the door as if it was nothing!” (The World Without Me by Eternal Cosmos)

“I suppose not. So we’re Sorted, we start building lives here, we defeat this Voldemort character—who’s supposed to do that, anyway?”
“Er . . . well, everyone thought it was Harry—I mean, Seif—but his scar’s gone—”
“It is?”
“Yeah. Last night, when Queen Mab made you look like that, the scar went.”
“I didn’t notice.”
“Anyway, he was supposed to mark one of you two as his equal, and he never got the chance since you were already gone. So is it Seif, or Harry, or one of the two of us, or all four of us together, or a combination of two or three, or someone else entirely?”
“We’ll figure it out later,” Neville shrugged. (Seven Pointed Star by Chailyn Cole Runewood)

When Ginny was called to compete against Gregory Goyle, the crowd burst into laughter. Ginny bounced onto the stage and grinned evilly while she was checked. It could be said that this duel was one of the more painful to watch. Upon being given the leave to begin, she conjured a shield and started muttering incantations. Her wand dipped and wove through the air in a series of highly complex movements that had most spectators more than a little confused. She ignored the weak hexes and curses that bounced off her shield as she wove her magic until, with a flourish, she released her spell. It was with a loud ‘thud’ that the Ballista landed in front of her. It’s arms creaking under the strain due to being fully drawn. A large, barbed spear sat ready to be launched.
“Are you sure we can’t use siege engines?” (A New World by Finbar)

“I’m fine,” Harry cut her off.
“You know that fine stands for Feeling Incredibly Nasty and… um… Eggplant,” Blaise told them.
“Eggplant?” Malfoy asked.
“Er, well, I couldn’t think of anything for ‘E’,” she replied sheepishly. (Rhapsody of Harry Potter by Fiery Goddess of Ice)

“You know what is going on. Why aren’t you doing anything about it? Practically everything is at stake because of what she is doing.”
“I’d love to hear them.”
“I’m a dark god which means I think. That means I’m different from the light gods. Unlike them, I don’t follow you because you are high and powerful and also not through blind devotion. I was born from Erebus and Nyx, dark deities themselves. The Universe itself created the dark gods, not you. So I don’t have to follow your orders if I don’t want to. So I’m not being impudent. Now what are your reasons?”
“You can’t!”
“Who told you that?”
“Figures. Aunt Destiny always messes things up.” (Elemental Genesis by Raven Dragonclaw)

Etienne nodded, “Are you a Parselmouth, then?”
“Yeah,” Harry answered, still not understanding what the big deal about his being able to talk to snakes was.
“That’s a rare talent,” Etienne said, “A lot of times it is associated with dark wizards, but you don’t seem like an evil overlord to me,” Etienne finished with a grin.
“That’s just because I want to lull you into a false sense of security,” Harry said solemnly, his eyes sparkling with amusement.
Etienne clapped his hand dramatically to his heart, “Oh, woe is me, to have fallen in with an evil wizard. Who ever can save me from your dark power?”
“No one,” Harry answered fighting back his laughter, “I am unstoppable, and you will be my servant until the end of time.” (A New Destiny by foursidedtriangle)

"Technically, so am I, Moony," Rowan shrugged. "Any brilliant ideas on how we find young Mr Weasley?"
"Prongs was always the best at thinking on his feet, Rowan," Lupin pointed out.
"But the schemes that didn’t involve scaling a tower to escape Mr. Filch, leaping off a third story balcony, squeezing four of you into a broom cupboard or various other insanities were generally yours," she countered laughingly. (The Heir of Merlin by Kat Morning)

"No one move," the thug waved his pistol around. "Give me everything in the cash register."
"Alright son," the bartender said trying to keep everyone calm. "No one has to get hurt."
"Don't talk back to me," the thug screamed shattering the bar mirror with a badly placed shot. "I'm the one with the gun, and that means that I'm the one with the power . . ." The man's tirade cut off abruptly as an empty beer bottle hit him in the side of the head.
"All I wanted was some peace and quiet," Harry lamented as he lowered his arm. "But noooo, something always has to happen. Why can't I have just one week without something like this happening? Just one bloody week." (The Hunt For Harry Potter by Rorschach's Blot)

Neville returned to the Gryffindor common room to discover pandemonium.
“Nev? Where the hell-ouch get off Hermione have you been, mate?” Ron swatted at Hermione after being clipped across the back of the head.
“Just out exercising my pureblood political clout.”
“Neville? I never knew you believed all that pureblood rhetoric,” Hermione seemed a little taken aback.
“Believed? Hah. It’s a load of Hogwash. On the other hand, getting Snape fired may well be worth the effort.” Neville was casually examining the fingernails on his left hand while watching for their reactions out of the corner of his eye.
The entire room froze into a stunned silence.
A first year was the first to recover his voice, “Did you just say the bastard is getting fired?”
A second year smacked him on the head, “That’s Professor Bastard to you.”
Seamus Finnegan gave them both a quick clip behind the ear, “We like to refer to him as Professor Greasy Bastard.”
“Or the overgrown bat,” Lavender looked up from her latest issue of Teen Witch Weekly. “How did it happen?” (Harry Potter and the Forgotten Shards by wargear)

Harry entered the common room from the dorms, and nodded to Hermione, who immediately got up to follow him.
Which attracted the attention of the entire house. Half of whom immediately got to their feet, while the other half were still putting aside their various activities.
Harry paused, “It’s just a meeting with McGonnegal. I promise.”
The room seemed to deflate as everyone returned to their seats and activities. The sentiment in the room could be summed up in the words of two of the first years.
“So, we’re not rushing off to sack the Dark Lord’s fortress?” followed by a sigh of relief.
“Aw nuts, you mean we’re not rushing off to sack the Dark Lord’s fortress?” in a tone of distinct disappointment. (Harry Potter and the Forgotten Shards by wargear)

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