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update 2012:

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm still reading fanfic. I admit I've found (then lost interest) in a few more series. My current -- NCIS. We've been buying the DVDs and are currently watching season's one of the few shows (NCIS and Top Gear UK) that we as a family sit down to watch.

One thing that has me the beginning, authors were consistent about labelling and disclaiming their fanfic. It seems to becoming a disappearing art. I realize part of it was back in the 1990s, authors would post on websites/archives, and it was policy. Then came the LiveJournals and forums boards where people "didn't see the need" as it's their "private"'s really sad, and FRUSTRATING as a reader! If an author labels their fanfic, I won't get a nasty surprise about what I author was writing a fic "easing" the characters into a BDSM relationship, and decided not to let anyone know, and thus didn't label -- wanted to "educate" the readers and surprise us...I was royally pissed when I figured it out.

April 2006:

I’ve been reading fanfiction on the ‘net for many years now. Started off with The X-Files in 1997, then switched over to Harry Potter about 3 years ago, focusing on Harry/Draco slash for about a year now. (My 2 favourite WIP’s are Wishweaver’s nonslash fic "Realizations" and Vorabiza’s slash fic "Secrets".)

Early April 2006 I watched Brokeback Mountain, on a whim. Movie ended with me stunned, tears running down my face. Took me 10 minutes before I could move off the couch. I ran over to the library, found a copy of the short story in “Still Wind: Short Fiction of the American West” as all copies of Annie Proulx’s work were out or on hold. After devouring the story, had to watch the movie again. And again.

Tried to read HP again, but Jack and Ennis kept popping into my head at the most inopportune times. Have been reading the forums at David Cullen’s BBM website to hopefully ease this new obsession of mine.

I’m a reader, and a forum lurker – not a writer. I’m hoping my little story will let me get back to reading!

FYI: I’m a Canadian girl (35!) city living (about 190k) in Saskatchewan, so I’m used to the flat land, big sky, and not too many people. When I was younger, my dad took the family camping in the Rocky Mountains every summer. I can identify with the mountains as a ideal retreat – someplace to fondly look back on, but not to live. It’s funny – I find too many trees (or hills or mountains for that matter) claustrophobic now. It’s amazing how some people can’t leave the land where they live. (My other siblings have left, but I can’t….)

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