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Author has written 11 stories for Twilight, Death Note, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Hello everyone!

I'd like to start off by saying that I have been an avid fanfiction reader for several years (starting with teen titans and gradually expanding my scope) and am glad to finally be contributing something. Although my stories may be poorly written, (I know that my style is incredibly stiff and not very likable) I try to write original pieces, if nothing else. Right now I only have a couple things posted, but I hope for more inspiration in the near future.

I have some art posted on Deviantart, so please check that out as well... link->

My avatar is an example of my artwork...hope you like it.

I'm a female, now a senior in high school. Class of 2010. WOOT.

Some of my favorite works (literature, manga, TV shows, movies etc.) are (in no particular order...)

Death Note - I think that both the Death Note manga and anime are extremely well done. Plus, I love L. He's probably one of my favorite characters out of anything.

Twilight series - Lets face it, it's an easy read with (mostly) likable characters. And who doesn't want to believe in that kind of love? ...I might get rotten cabbages thrown at me for this, but does anyone else think the actress who played Bella was, oh i dunno, really bad? I mean really, the hospital scene? Who twitches out like that? blah, but i guess the good thing is that Rob acted really well when compared to her. I was actually more worried about Edward's character being played as less than satisfactory, but thankfully the spaz took care of that problem for me i guess.

Avatar the last Airbender - Alright, so maybe its not very mature for a 17 year old kid to like this show, but I find it very funny and love to fanatsize wildly about the possiblities of Zuko and Katara. Yeah, sometimes i like to go for the non-canon...

East - although there's no category for this book on this site, this is one of the best books I've ever read. If you get the chance, I recommend reading it (by Edith Pattou)

Abhorsen - this series is incredible. It has just the right amount of creepy things and dead people.

Inheritance Trilogy - Yes, everyone knows that it's Star Wars with dragons. But really, how much cooler would Star Wars have been if it had dragons to begin with?

Harry Potter - DUH

LOTR - what self respecting nerd hasn't read this?

Smallville - Tom Welling. Enough said.

The Legend of the Seeker - lately I've been obsessively watching this on Hulu. I'm actually a bit ashamed of myself...but alas, the heart wants what the heart wants.

annnnndddddd lastly, but not least-ly

Teen Titans - I know, right? What am I, like 12 or something? I don't watch the show anymore (Is it even on TV?) but sometimes I'll read a fanfic or two, just to see what my two favorite characters ( Beast Boy and Raven) are up to...

At this point, I'm not sure if I can handle a multi-chapter fic. I've always wanted to improve my writing, so if anyone has helpful tips on planning and plot development, it would mean a great deal to me. But for now, I'll just stick to one-shots.

Just finished Zutara week 2009. I'm really sad it's over, but it gave me some great motivation to get some new things written.

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Katara has secretly continued to sneak around as the Painted Lady. What happens when Zuko follows her one night as the Blue Spirit? Oneshot. Zutara. Has been edited.
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