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Hi, this is Paul, the author behind the "Dragonball: Total War" series of fanfics. I'm a big fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, as well as other anime such as Evangelion, Gundam Wing, Blue Gender, Cowboy Bebop,Outlaw Sar, Excel Saga, Nadesico and many others which I won't name because I'll be here all week. As well as anime, I'm also an avid fan of the Discworld and Dune series of novels, and I frequently play Table-top RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and the lesser known 'Kobolds Ate My Baby' and 'Ninja Burger' - I like to think of myself as a neo-nerd (I make it look sexy!) or as a "Djordie." (a term a made up myself meaning "a nerd from north-east England who is a fanatical supporter of Newcastle United Football Club")
'Total War' is my first DBZ story, and it's full of surprises- So check it out, people! 'Death Saiyan' is the humourous sequel to Total War, where the gang form a rock band, as well ashaving weirdand wonderful adventure so the side, witha supporting cast of The Beatles, The Knights Of The Round Table, the Third Reich, and a middle-ages Arabian Hareem. I dare you to read it.

Also, I intend to go back and correct the many mistakes and typos in my fanfics at some point. I'll probably do this between "Death Saiyan" and the next story in theDB:TW saga, "The Final Toy," which will take us back into my well-known fast-paced graphic violence style of writing.

So, keep on rocking you guys, keep on rocking - Paulus.

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Wish For The Past by Burenda reviews
A misspoken wish lands Goten in the past, traveling alongside Bardock, the grandfather he never knew. Concerned for his friend's safety, Trunks soon joins him, and together they travel from Vegeta-sei to Earth, trying to find a way back home. -Complete-
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The Lone and Level Sands. by Logan4 reviews
50 years have passed since the end of DBGT. The Saiya-jin Bloodline has been all but eliminated from the universe and, in the far reaches of the afterlife, Bardock sets out on a quest to find Kakarotto- the son he never knew...
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Dragonball: Total War: Death Saiyan reviews
When 'The Noise' threatens to take over Capsule Corp and the Son residences, the Saiyans take drastic measures to stop it. They form a rock group...
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Brolli, after Vegeta wishes to Earth every Saiyan who survived Frieza, is running amuck on Earth, and the Z Fighters find themselves in a battle for survival. Some humour. FINISHED
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