The Key of Destiny
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Ummmm... Hi. My name is... (looks at nametag plate) KITTY! (reads intro card) now grab hypno gun and repeat "Let me rule the world"... i think i got the wrong card... (digs in jacket till she finds the ACTUAL intro card) mwahaha, victory. anywayz. a little info about me:

0000000000About Me000000000000

Name: didn't we already go through with this?... it's Kitty! STOP STALKING ME!

Hair color: Blonde (of course... i have to be the exact example for all those dumb blonde jokes)

Eye color: Blue... sometimes a light silvery color if i'm sick (which i AM currently... i hate not being able to breath through my nose)

Likes: anime, video games, shounen-ai, Org. 13 members (yes, even Lex... BE BUFF!), crackfics, the wonderful forrest of mystery and mythical creatures that resides in my mind, harry potter, reading, drawing, etc...

Dislikes: Gothy music of suicide (i love hard core rock, but if you MUST talk about killing yourself then please don't brainwash me to do the same), yaoi-haters, umm... over-competitive people, etc.


Fave Charas: (Kingdom Hearts) Roxas, Axel, Demyx, Zexion, Let's just say the whole Org. 13. it's shorter... (anything else) too lazy to put up, if you wanna know then plz just ask me.

Fave Pairing: AkuRoku. It's just so obvious...

Fave Movie:... currently? Blade: Trinity

Fave Book: Narnia (the 5th one)

Fave Music: Country... plz don't kill me

Fave Song: "Savin' Me" by nickelback

Fave Sayings:

"Oh Zexy, You're so Sexy" (My friend's new org. club slogan)

"Do I look like spanish teacher to you?... Wait, don't answer that" (something my hispanic friend said after i asked her what this spanish chick was saying on a tv commercial)

" (walks up to her irish-looking history teacher) So, I hear you're magically delicious" (a dare my cousin made me do...)

"Don't touch my tra-la-la" (... bumper sticker... don't ask)

"All Hail Roxas! For he is hot and knows more than I" (friend's old org. club slogan)

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!" (the saying on one of my t-shirts)

"When I can't sleep at night, I count the buckles on my straight jacket" (another bumper sticker)

"Do not interfer in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup" (t-shirt saying i saw at walmart)

"OMG! That squirrel has a 2x4! Run!" (...something i made demyx say in my newest story. which will be posted luckily by the 20th)

"Your stupidity amazes me. How do manage to remember to breath everyday?" (something my friend said to my brother XD)

"Hello, My name is Demyx and I find amusement in getting my fellow members sugar-high and/or drunk" (another story i'm making)

"Hello, My name is Roxas and I am addicted to pixy sticks" (same as above)


Upcoming Stories:

Slow Down: My very first songfic. woot-woot. Akuroku of course.

Confessions of Evil Org. Members: In which Xemnas makes all the org. members have a confession meeting

10 Ways to...: In which Demyx expiraments on 10 ways to do things to Zexion. Whether they be ticking him off, swooning him, and getting him to smile

Know Your Org. Members: Something that's probably been used before. In which i get to screw around with the org. members' heads

I Live To Complete You: Something not funny for once @_@. A simple love story between my fave KH2 pairings

Well... That's about it. Thanks for taking your time to read this... Hope you like the fact that i updated. plus i changed my user name to roxas's code name thingy... heh... I LOVE YOU ROXAS!
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