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Stop Flamers Now!

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You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.

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Random stuff about me:

Favorite bands: Nightwish, System of a Down, TaTu, Rammstein, Hinder, Sonata Arctica, Bon Jovi

Favorite songs: "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Nightwish, "Dead boys poem" by Nightwish, "Rosenrot" by Rammstein, "Dangerous and Moving" by TaTu, "How Long?" by Hinder, "Obezonki Zoi"(sp?) by TaTu, "Clowns" by TaTu, BYOB SOAD, Out in the Fields Sonata Arctica, Anything by Bon Jovi (not actually a song...)

Animes/Mangas: D. Gray Man, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, Azumanga Daioh, S.A.

Things that I hate (Long list ahead):




"Scene" hair: If you can pull it off, fine, but it looks like it takes hours to take care of.

Cancer(who doesn't?)

Bad Reveiws:

The "i wuv you, update!!" reviews: These do NOT help the story. I want to know what I'm doing wrong because no one's perfect and I really do not want to make mistakes over and over again because if I do, I'll get into habit and I really don't want that the happen.

The "You suck and your readers do too" reviews: If you must attack something, let it be my story and let it be for a legit reason. I don't want you to talk about me or my readers in any review, even if it is positive. I want you to focus on my story and what I can review.

You may notice I'm in the "Stop Flamers Now!" thing, but I don't have flames listed. That's because flames can be useful, so long as you aren't flaming because you can, the author, or pairings. While 99 of flames are extremely harsh, they do indeed point out problems with the story and can help you improve, even if they do say to "Stop writing for the sake of all of us"

Random stuff about me:

There is no mediocre for me, I'm either good at it or I suck.

Online, I talk to everyone and am social, in life, I'm quiet and only talk to my friends.

I practice writing reviews ahead of time. I try to point out good parts of a story as well as bad.

I am not a grammar police. As long as you indent when new people talk and look like you didn't fail 9th grade English, I'm happy.

I love D. Gray Man and sometimes use things from it in my stories (Ex. Naming an OC Allen, etc.)

I always run any OC through a limitus test, sometimes two. I try to avoid using OCs just because I'm always overly critical of mine, but if I have to, I will use them.

You don't need to be shy about reviewing or PMing, I always try to be open to people.

Pairings: (Cause we all know that's what fanfiction's for)

Zelda: Link/Malon, Link/Romana (Majora's Mask)

ToS: Lloyd/Sheena, Zelos/Raine, Regal/Raine, Genis/Seles, Yuan/Martel, when I'm in the right mood Zelos/Sheena.

ToP: Cress/Archie

HP: Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Neville

D. Grey Man: Allen/Lelanlee

S.A.: Kei/Hikari (what fan DOESN'T like that?)

Fire Emblem:

Blazing Sword: Eliwood/Lyn, occasionally Eliwood/Ninian, but not often..., Heath/Priscilla, Hecter/Lyn, Hecter/Florina

Sacred Stones: Ephraim/Tana, Eirika/Seth, Eirika/Innes, Amelia/Franz, Amelia/Ewan

Path of Radiance: Ike/Nephenee(Don't mock me!)

Radiant Mythology: Reid/Main Heroine: Look, he has no other characters from his game and no love interest and redheads are too smexy to waste, so who else?

I'm baaack from the dead(again)!!:

Well, Symphonia's starting to look more interesting with Radiant Mythology and the OVA on youtube (you should see it). So, in whatever free time I have, I'll write.

Plans for the future:

Sheloyd one shot: Just doing my part to bring Sheloyd back to life. No idea what it'll be about though. Well, look forward to it any way...please?

Um, well...

Sheloyd, sheloyd, sheloyd. Gotta bring it back to life. So I'll be writing more sheloyds (I'll make them short though...)

Previews for TLOAR Chapter 20:

Lloyd's back home, but his troubles are far from over: Colette's been kidnapped and someone who he thought had been dead for so long is alive. But who is it? The answer will reveal just how the reflected world affects everyone.

P.S.: Many of you have asked "When will the Sheloyd start?" Well, I'd thought that I'd hinted at it already but I can say this: By chapter 21 the hints will stop and the romance will begin (mind you, they won't be see each other for a while, but the feelings will be out there) And, if you are confused, stick with me, I promise I'll leave no plot holes.

The Author:

Weapons: None

Stats: Awful

Skills: Writing

Appearance: Long dark brunette hair, gray eyes, short and thin, usually wearing tennis sweatpants and a drama T-shirt

Description: The most useless fighter in the game, can't fight, cast spells, or do anything but write. Do not use her in battle, she will die and you'll need to use all your life bottles, pheonix downs or whatever the games healing items are. She sucks at fighting, put her in the back of your party and never use her. kthnx.

Made up word of the update: Polysexual: Loves many things, is not restricted to humans, may involve nonliving objects, mostly found on furry forums.

Now, since I have a list of things I hate, let's have a list of things I like:

Redheads: While hair color doesn't dictate hotness, I have a weakness for redheads. In fact, I have a group of redheaded men/boys from different fandoms right here to show my obsessiveness:

Any Weasly except for Ginny and her mom: Harry Potter

Eliwood, Roy, Raven, Kent, Seth, Joshua, Ewan, Kieran, Rhys: Fire Emblem (let me know if I missed any)

Zelos, Kratos, Reid, Luke: Tales of (let me know if I missed any)

Kyo: Fruits Basket

Soo..yeah, for me the perfect guy would have red hair...moving on to more things I like

Spending a day hanging out with my friends

Hot chocolate/coffee/tea


All sorts of fruit

Making new friends

Acting in the school play

Singing along to my favorite songs

Going to summer camp

Getting a text that isn't from my brother on my cellphone

Having someone leave a nice, honest review

Having the couple I was rooting for come up on top.

And now, you have come to the end of my profile. Either you skipped down without reading anything, or you have some time on your hands and have read everything. Either way, thanks for visiting my profile.

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The Life of a Renegade reviews
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