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Hello! My name is Philip A. Byard, AKA: Dr. Mack Foxx.

I am a fan-novelist, amateur animator, amateur film-maker and voice actor.

My stories are all Pokemon Fan-Fictions and they focus on the Ralts line species (IE: Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade).

I call them "Fan-Novels" due to the considerable length of my stories with the size of my smallest story being 117 pages, while my largest fan-novel to date weighs in at a staggering 536 pages. All of my stories are formatted at 12-point font and singled-spaced.

Despite being a fan of Gardevoir and the like, I do not like the garbage artwork and even other fan-fictions that have plagued many of the Ralts line Pokemon. I really think they deserve better than to be thrown about the web either as ecci, hentai or so-called "Adult" fan-fictions.

Therefore, me and the co-author of the many parts of The Village Guardian series, Aaron M. Byard, AKA: Aaraboga Jones, work hard to keep our stories as clean as possible with Teen ratings applied where we feel that violence or romance is considerable and possibly exceeds a K rating.

Well, if you are a fan of the Ralts line Pokemon, I hope you will check out and enjoy mine and Aaraboga's growing series of fan-novelizations.

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