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Things That Appeal To Me

(1) Bishonen/Bishojou

(2) White Tulips

(3) Every color but hunter green and dirt brown

(4) My Wife

(5)Martial Arts

(6) The Moon

(7) Life

(8) Dreaming

(9) Pretty Eye's

(10) Being Able To Believe In Fantasy's For Just Awhile Longer...

Thing's I Dislike:

(1) Lier's

(2) Racist/Homophobes

(3) Hypocrites

(4) People Who Don't Give Others A Chance

(5) Rude People

(6) People who are against others relationships

(7) Old people that think they're better just because they're old.

(8) People who believe their better then all

(9) People Who Don't Know How To Cry

(10) People Who Don't Allow others to Believe In Fantasy...

Favorite Anime's/Mangas:

Inuaysha, Naruto, Gavataion, Yami No Matsuei, Tactics, Bleach, Chobits, Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genises, Evangelion, Samurai Champloo, S-cry-ed, Kaikan Phrase, Legal Drug, DN Angel,Kodomo No Omocha, Loveless, Sukisyo, Ai Yori Aoshi, Tenjou Tenge, Full Metal Panic, Fruits Basket, .hack//Sign,Kyo Kara Maou, Maburaho,Papa to kiss in th dark, Sensitive Pornargphy, Haru Wo Deitaei, Earthian, Sakura Card Captors, Kire Papa, Death Note, Trinity Blood, Strawberry Panic, Princess Tutu, Tokko, Sprited away, Princess Mononoke, Kasho no Tsuki, and anything Yaoi Shonen-ai or just regluer anime...ano...there's like a bigillion more but I can't remember them _"

Favorit J-pop and J-rock Music:

J-Rock, J-Pop: Change The World, By: V6: Ai No Uta, By: Every Little Thing: Every Heart, By: BoA: Sunny Side Up, By: Yo Hitoto: Nennen Saisai, By: Yo Hitoto: Houku Boshi, By: Younha: Life, By: YUI: D-Tecnolife, By: UVERworld: Motherland, By: Crystal Kay: Go, By: Flow: Just A Survivor, By: Tatsuhisa Suzuki: Fukai Mori, By: Do As Infinty: Dearist, By: Ayumi Hamasaki: Yura Yura, By: Every Little Thing: Asterisk, By: Orange Range: Ichirin No Hana, By: HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR: Life Is LIke A Boat, By: Rie Fu: Thank You, By: HOME MADE KAZOKU: Ready Steady Go, By: L'Arc~en~Ciel: Reckless Fire, By: Yasuaki Ide: There are quite a few more...but I don't have THAT much time in the day _

Let me leave you with a fleeting thought.

To who've say'ed they can not love, to all who say they can not cry, I'm giving you this simple prayer so spread you wings and fly, you will find love one day,as well as all the others, all you have to do is wait and not hide under the covers, don't run from all the hate, don't hide from all the tears, becasue for one to truly know love they must know all it's fears...

Original Poem By: maryjane239

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