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Triplet Challenge - Dark Lord Rostam

Challenge # 1

This challenge revolves around Aberforth, Albus, and Grindelwald. Sometime during 5th year, Harry is looking at a list of previous Dark Lords and their timeline to gain insight on Voldemorts actions and possible inspirations; when he notices there is no "Grindelwald".

He goes to Dumbledore with this information, and inquires why there is no mention of the Dark Lord, Dumbledore defeated. Dumbledore tells Harry that he shouldn't bother with these things. So, instead, he goes to Aberforth, the Hog's head bartender.

Aberforth tells him the following, that's because he wasn't a Dark Lord, merely a Dark Wizard, like a Death Eater. Then, he tells him the story of what truly happened. Aberforth, Albus, and Alphonso were triplets. They grew up together and went to Hogwarts and they all went to Slytherin, where Dumbledore's have always gone. Albus, like a true Slytherin, has always had ambitions to be Headmaster. But, they would never give that position to someone who comes from a Dark family like the Dumbledore’s.

After trying for years, he opted for just being a Transfiguration professor. Then, he hears the news. His brother has made a name for himself as a Dark wizard. He also hears, that Dippet has been planning on firing him, as parents don't want the brother of a Dark wizard teaching there children.

So, as a means to become Headmaster, and redeem the family name, Albus duels and kills his triplet Alphonso, or Grindelwald as he call's himself.

From there, Albus became famous for defying his family's dark past, Aberforth became the Hog's head bartender, and Grindelwald faded into History.

Upon hearing this, Harry realizes that he can't trust his Headmaster anymore; after all if he is willing to kill his own brother to get ahead, what will he do to Harry.

He then enlists Aberforth to help him escape, and he goes on to learn and train and try and stop Voldemort.


Albus is NOT just a manipulating bastard trying to use Harry as his weapon. He merely is trying to help the world with what he thinks is right. He is already Headmaster; he has no other ambition than to just want to defeat Voldemort, even if Harry is hurt.

The trio either has to break apart. But, not because they spy, they just drift apart because Harry leaves.

I would prefer no pairing; there is really no need. But, if there is one, Tonks or Fleur. No Hogwarts girls, that involves them leaving, Albus can then charge Harry with kidnapping to get him back.

Some of the Order members must know. Among those choices could be Madeye, Tonks, Kingsley, and Snape.

Part of Harry's role, is to show the people they have a different choice, other than Voldemort, and Dumbledore.

And that’s it.

Superstitions ~ Dark Lord Rostam

Challenge # 2


Superstitions abound; you name it he has it. Harry Potter is one superstitious bastard. At Hogwarts, when the stairs move, he runs away. When a black cat comes, something bad happens to Ron. He throws salt over his shoulder and blinds Ron. Harry is one superstitious bastard, and Ron is one unlucky fellow.


Anything bad that follows a superstition must never happen to Harry. Always to someone else, usually Ron.

Lycan ~ Dark Lord Rostam

Challenge # 3

The Dursleys decide a vacation is in order. Harry age 5, and the Dursleys decide to go to an Island haunted by a wolflike man and natives. Vernon, ignores this and calls it rubbish. After setting camp, a distant thud awakens young Harry. Then, a call echoes in the background. The natives rush forward, capturing the Dursleys and Harry. One must be sacrificed, in order to leave the island safe, they give up Harry.

The natives take him to an Altar, where he is given to a man; a monster some call him, he becomes a wolf at will, there have been whispers of a Lycan among the village people. He sees the potential in Harry, and takes him as his cub. The wolf's name, Fernir Greyback.

Fast-forward 11 years. It's what would be Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts. Fernir has been hired by Voldemort to attack Hogwarts. Harry was tasked to kill Dumbledore, to prove himself worthy from ascending from Werewolf, to a High Lycan.

Lupin has gone with Dumbledore to get the Horcrux, Dumbledore thinks his wolfish strength and speed might help in combating the Inferis. They get back, Lupin smells two werewolves waiting outside the door of the Tower. Readying himself, he tackles Fernir Greyback. During the fight, Harry sneaks upon Dumbledore. Before he can attack though, Dumbledore raises his wand and shoots a silver spear at the struggling werewolves. It pierces Greyback's heart.

Ignoring his mission, Harry bounds toward Greyback, who in his last moments on Earth, bites Harry, giving him the power and skill of a High Lycan, and transfers his Leadership of the Werewolves to Harry. Knowing that he needs to find a place to rest, Harry runs. Dumbledore and Lupin chasing him.

He senses a presence in the school, an ancient presence, one of power and darkness. He finds himself in a Girl's lavatory. He sees a mirror, the moon is rising, almost full, his transformation to a High Lycan will be terrible the first time; he must escape. But he is drawn to the presence; acting on instinct he speaks Parsletongue. He bounds in the now open hole. After going through the sewers, he sees a Basilisk.

The Basilisk is the head of all Basilisks, an ancient who comes to Hogwarts when one of the Noble Tongue calls. He sees not a werewolf, or wizard, but a struggling leader of a species of Dark Creature, one hunted and treated worse than him and his clan. He lets him rest, and they form a friendship, he also promises to show him to the clan of Vampires, and there leader; one who he is friends with.

Fast forward 1-2 years; Harry is a Lycan, one who rules over all Werewolves. He has alliances with two of the other two strongest Dark creatures, Vampires and Basilisks. It is time to march upon the Wizarding world. They will be oppressed no longer. But first, he has a score to settle, one with Voldemort for abandoning him and Greyback when all went wrong, and one with Dumbledore, for killing his Mentor.


Harry must ascend to Lycan on the night of the attack, not before or after.

You must use the Basilisks and Vampires, though you are free to use other Dark creatures if you wish.

During the skipping ahead, you must at least touch upon what he learns under Fernir, and how he amasses his men with the other Dark creatures.

He must also eat the Dursleys, kill Voldemort, and torture, and kill Dumbledore.

You must show the Hierarchy of the Dark creatures. Remember, they aren't going to have councils, or Democracy where they vote in their new leader. It's an all out fight to see who leads whom. Show Harry fighting to lead the Werewolves, and further fighting to lead all Dark creatures.

One more thing, Harry will not know magic. He has no wand, and as a Lycan, he sacrificed his ability to use magic so he can control his transformations. A Lycan is strong, fast, and has an ability differing from a Werewolf; he can use magic to help him in fights. When fighting under a Full moon, he has temporary control, little though. He can cast a cutting spell while slashing, and when punching, a bludgeoning spell for a little extra kick.

EDIT: Harry can potentially steal magic from wizards. Depending on the phase of the moon, he can steal more or less magic. Then, on the night of the full moon, he has the ability to use his magic, and whatever he stole. As a restriction, he can only take one per month. Depending on the author, it might involve a ritual.

Have fun.

Yule Ball - Dark Lord Rostam

Challenge # 4

Voldemort is impatient. In Harry's fourth year, he decides to change his plan a little, and launch it earlier. During the Yule ball, it happens, Voldemort has used Polyjuice to it's fullest potential. Killing the Weird Sisters, Voldemort takes pieces of their hair, and uses a Polyjuice to sneak in some of his Death Eaters.

Before the song starts, they ask if they can have volunteers for the show. They bring Harry up; when he gets up, the head singer grabs him, thanks the audience, and leaves through a specialized Portkey Voldemort gave. The Portkey is tied in to the wards of Hogwarts through Slytherin's blood, Voldemorts blood to be exact, which allows them to bypass the wards.

The ritual takes place, and Voldemort decides Harry shouldn't leave. For the following year, Harry is broken, and rebuilt. A whole year of torture, pain, and Harry is broken, and rebuilt and trained to Voldemorts standards. But he isn't done yet.

Harry goes to get an item in the Department of Mysteries to retrieve and item Voldemort asked him to receive. Upon arriving, he finds it and sees his initials. His curiosity overrides his mission and he opens it. The prophecy unfolds, and Harry is mad. Voldemort better watch himself, for an angered, trained, and a dark magic wielding Harry is ready to fight back.

You must show what Harry has gone through. His torture and mental trauma is a main part of the story.

Voldemort must be defeated, but not after multiple battles and losses on Harry's parts.

Dumbledore and party aren't important. You may feature them, but to Harry, this is simply between him and Voldemort. He is also a little hurt by them; he wonders why they didn't try to save them. Though he is not angry enough to kill them, unless you want to of course.

Have fun.

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Yule Ball

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