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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Pokémon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tales of Vesperia, and Legend of Zelda.

Hello Hello! My name is Aijoran It's great to meet you all! This is my page. Well I hope you'd know that. Hehe I have a wide range of likes and not very many dislikes and I'm always open to finding new likes. I'm into anime and writing art and books. I have a deviantart page that has a lot of information about my original works, as well as a partner owned deviantart account that has all kinds of fan works. I love anime and video games. Here is a list of anime and games I like along with pairings I support. Don't worry, I rarely bash pairings and I don't like when others do that. I find it immature.

My stories I'm working on
The way I will cycle through my fictions. Is when I finish a Chapter for one I will move onto the next one in line. There may be some times where I don't feel like writing that fic or those characters and I may skip it. Or if I feel I am on a roll with one Fic I will continue it.

Mermaid's Wish: This is going to be my tribute to my fist liked Pokemon Pairing. Ash and Misty. Also it will have Jasmine and Brock love in it. But mostly will revolve around Ash and Misty. (Chapter 1 currently writing)

The Legend of Zelda: Dark Ages: This was completely impulse and that is how I would like to keep it. I may sometime upload more then one chapter then I may also go some time without updating at all. This is for me, refreshing. It will have little to no romance in it whatsoever. (Updated on impulse)

I got second Place! Painless Sunrise: Originally started out as a contest Fic, but I enjoyed it so much I will continue it on as a long story. It's an Ego shipping Fic where Gary trys to take advantage of Misty while ash is gone just so Ash won't be able to have her. (Will start ch 2 after Mermaid's Wish ch 1)

On a Cold Desert Night: My Lemon flavored RavenxRita fic. I never really expected it to be liked and It was requested by a friend. Well so many people want more so I will give them more. (will work on at my leisure. I need to play through the game again to get a grip on the characters again)

I like

AshxMisty GaryxMisty GaryxAsh BrockxJasmine

GaaxSaku NejixHina SasuxNaru

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ouran High School Host Club
KyoyaxTamaki HikaruxKaouru MorixHoney

Tales of Vesperia
YurixFlynn YurixZagi RavenxRita RitaxEstelle

Tales of Symphonia
ZelosxSheena ZelosxSeles LlyodxColette

fallowing is a list of anime/games I'm not too fond of. I won't bash you for liking them as long as you don't bash me for not liking them. I also hope that you will respect me and not try to push them on me.

I don't like

Death Note

One Peice

That's about all. _ I hope that we can be good friends.

I Herby give Magikpantz@Deviantart ( right to upload any and all of my fanfictions to her Deviantart account. No one else my take my fanfictions.

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The Legend of Zelda: Dark Ages
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