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Wow, if anyone's still watching this space - and doesn't want to lynch me on post-sight - it'd be a miracle. There really aren't any good reasons for why Darkness has been left for so long. Learning to art (properly) has been incredibly tough for me, and it's taken up pretty much all my free time between jobs (two part time) and various family and other RL responsibilities. However, at the risk of reactivating my 'curse' and jinxing myself, I'm going to make this announcement now:

Starting on ond just after KumoriCon - that's Sept. 1-3, collectively - Rune Comics will be fully up and active, with a set of doujin-pages, model sheets, pretty artwork, and even an entire forum center for discussion. And two other comics besides, if anyone's so inclined. If anyone's attending KumoriCon and actually spots me (I'll be dressed as one of the main characters from Rites) you could win a kiriban or other cool things, so keep your eyes peeled!

That's it for now, though for everyone that's PM'd me - I know there've been several, even though my E-mail's being irritating and won't let me read them right now - I haven't ever forgotten my fanfiction, or you guys. And you have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to my writing spree after site-boot. Luff to ya all!

The Darkness in Their Eyes:

A Noir fic, obviously, and the first one in the "what-if" universe I've built up. Mirelle and Kirika have made it through their pilgrimage and faced the past, but now they must deal with something they never prepared for - each other. This will establish a lot of the basics for the stories that come after - plus, Mirelle gets to kick ass, and there's some rather adorable fluff with my favorite anime-yuri pair. (Pairings: Mirelle / Kirika, obviously.)

While Innocence Sleeps:

Another Noir fic, but also a crossover with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. When Elliot's children and Fin's son are kidnapped by a crime boss seeking revenge, the unit goes through hell - but when the kids are saved by two mysterious young women and the smaller one is wounded in the crossfire, the mystery only gets deeper. Who are these girls, and how did they end up rescuing the hostages? What are their ties to the small child discovered alongside the others, a little girl without a last name or a past, but with apparently lethal skills? What is Noir, and what will the SVU squad do when they find out the truth behind this ancient, blood-drenched fate? (Pairings: Mirelle / Kirika, Olivia / Elliot)

Forgotten Loves:

The third Noir fic, this time a crossover with the original CSI and set after the first two. Answering a call to the scene of a deadly car accident, Grissom and his team discover several mysterious corpses and a beaten, amnesiac teenage girl stashed in the trunk. "Yumi Kimuura" knows nothing about her past, with no identification, no family, and no idea who she was before the crash. Her nightmares contain only scattered fragments of unimaginable horror and bloodshed . . . and a name, Mirelle. "Mirelle, whom I cherish." Already stuck in the middle of a turbulent gang war, the CSI search for a way to return "Yumi" to herself and the family that obviously loved her. But as they soon discover, some people may wish for this Sapling to stay dead, for very different reasons. (Pairings: Mirelle / Kirika, Sara / Grissom)

The Dark Threads of the Heart:

The fourth of the Noir 'series,' set after While Innocence Sleeps and Forgotten Loves and crossing over between Noir / SVU / CSI. In one New York squadroom, a familiar young girl staggers through the doors, bleeding and savagely wounded. Across the country, a raid on a meth lab discovers two more small children, reciting a familiar, disturbing litany while hiding in a room of freshly-killed corpses. For most, these would be two unrelated, senseless tragedies. For the cops of SVU and the criminalists of CSI, they are the start of something so much closer to home. Who has attacked little Noel, and how did she return to the US? Where are Mirelle and Kirika? How have these two new girls learned the deadly legacy that is Noir? What is project Warrior, and how is it connected to le Soldats? In a race to unravel the truth before they lose more lives, those who have come to love the maidens of death - and the maidens themselves - will discover the true meaning of their fated bonds, and the dark threads that tie their hearts together. (Pairings: Mirelle / Kirika, Olivia / Elliot, Sara / Grissom, possible Cathrine / Nick, Greg / OC)

Possible other stories:

Witching Hour, Bloodied Moon - based on the absolutely fabulous Rachel Morgan stories by Kim Harrison. Set after the fourth book (A Fistful of Charms) and an action / romance mix with Rachel and Ivy, my only novel-yuri pairing. Long, with multiple chapters, so be warned.

Lilies in the Dark - My only Noir fic that works equally well with the "what if" universe and the doujinshi. Anyone remember the Belladonna Lily Woman from episode three? This is her story, and the story of the Noir pair who came before Mirelle and Kirika - told through her eyes and mostly in flashback, during the episode. Long, but a oneshot.

Daughters by Blood - Set between Forgotten Loves and Dark Threads in the "what if" universe, this one's a oneshot about Breffort's relationship with the Maidens of Death. Remy realizes his feelings for the girls of Noir - during a gunbattle at his little nephew's birthday party, of all places. xD

Gunglint - Based on my own manga, Whisper Blade, which will be coming out online soon. A oneshot, written look at the meta-battle atop the hotel, told mostly from Kelly's point of view. Angsty, but sweet at the end.

Open Water - A Suikoden V oneshot. After the war has ended, Subala remembers fishing with the Prince in Ceres Lake. Kinda sweet.

Powers and Promises - Another long one, this time based off the awesome TV series Birds of Prey. Also another action romance, this time with Barbara / Helena.

Current Fic Status:

See above.

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