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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Underworld, Song of the Lioness, Naruto, and Twilight.

Name: Jeshickah Knight

Nicknames: Jess to my family, or Jakki to my close friends, also my friends have lately been calling me Bubbles, and one of my coworkers calls me Tinker bell!

Age: 19

Location: As much as I'd love to say a number of random fake places; I live in an apartment Minnesota, and I hate it. It's cold! Hopefully moving out to LA in a few years

Appearance: This may sound like a lie but you can check if you want, my homepage is posted. I'm a natural blonde, even if it is a dark blonde, highlighted now so it's more gold, and it's short. I wish I could dye it blue again. My eyes that change color, they're mostly green but occasionaly they'll get a little blue or a little hazel-ish. I don't think I'm incredibly beautiful though, just kinda pretty, but you can judge for yourself. I'm a little less than 6 ft and just over a ...twenty or thirty pounds...I kinda based my characters off myself (okay, so I'm a little vain!), I couldn't help it! (Check out my picture on my VF profile (now updated!!), my cats are on there too if ya wanna see Moshi from my fics. Moshi looks like my Diamond, and the kittens look like any kittens you might find.)

Personality: Wow, okay, where to start? I'm weird, quirky, (very) flirty, insane, a little brainy, a huge bookworm, very earthy, slightly rebelious, kinda stupid, really bubbley (hence the nickname) a vampire-wanna-be! I think I might have OCD.

Hobbies: Hanging out, reading (books and manga), writing, watching anime, watching/going to movies, hanging out with my friends, thinking (...), horse-back riding, and I love little kids, playing with my 'niece', and of course anything related to VAMPIRES are big yes to me.

Other: Okay last time I wrote this, I found it way too long for y'all to read it all, and to those of you who did, I love you! Congrats! But anyways, here's a new sum-up of me from those of you who didn't read it. I moved outta my parents a year and a half ago and I work in a tiny little sushi restaurant. I have 2 cats, since my Diamond was just hit by a car and killed (Dean and Charlie) 2 gerbils (Rude and Reno) 2 hamsters (Lestat and Marius) 2 birds (Pandora and Persues) and fish; 3 brothers, Adrian (22), Jay (16) and Jacob (12), my influance for my tom-boyish charries. I've had a boyfriend for about two and a half years now, whom I love deeply. Lots of guy friends (my dad's given up on it) and tons of cousins! I'm just a hick who likes to write, and loves anime, basically. I love country music, but I'll listen to anything. I used to be a preppy catholic schools so much any more, thanks to my fabulous high school. I've been called 'one of the guys but also just a sweetheart' by one of my good friends. I love Harry Potter vampires, and I'm digging through publishing companies for my books now.

Anyways, happy reading with my stuff...and please, please, please, leave me a review...even if you didn't like my story, just let me know what I can do to make it better. I always reply to all my reviews, to thank you and sometimes to explain myself if there's something I totally stand behind. So don't just read and skip over my stuff, REVIEW!

Loves Hugs & Blessed Be (that's my trademark now, so deal with it!),

Jakki K

By the way; don't freak out if I call you 'hun', or 'babe' or something like that. I call everyone names like that. Also, hopefully, if I can talk my friend into beta-ing for me, I'll get some fics on some anime/mangas on here...Also, I should be having a Eragon one coming if I can figure out how to start it. I've made it on here for a long time! Thank you to everyone who's been with me the whole time or just found me recently, you make me continue on no matter how hard it gets some times. A million times, thank you!!

I'm still working hard! Here's a report for ya!

A Stormwings Revenge-(TP) I'm sorry, I haven't been working on it much recently, I really need to re-read and get some insperation. Plus the next chapter is being difficult, Daine and a baby, who thought it'd be so hard! Too many kids are running my life. HIATUS (due to lack of dedication)

An Uchiha Mother-(Naruto) I had so many good ideas for this! Then I got distracted and they're all gone. Any requests are more than welcome, I will work on this as soon as I can. I promise! Give me requests, please! I need them! I'm desperate! HIATUS (due to lack of ideas)

Malevolence & Mercey-(HP) Oh, my god, this story is still laying forgotten on my floor! SORRY!! I will find it again and I will do more work on it!! Mercey, Lucy, Vanessa, Lindsey, Nicole, and Castella are still plotting away...who next, for love, hate, or pranks? HIATUS (due to lack of notebook)

150 Things Not Allowed at Hogwarts-(HP) Okay, I was bored, I stumbed across a list on VF, and here is how insane I can be, given the right motivation. you ever wonder what it would be like if someone was worse that Fred and George Weasley? Well, meet Ian and Izy Jacobs! HIATUS (due to lack of commitment)

Second Generation Marauders-(HP) Just a working title (may change), bet it's gonna be Harry and Teddy post DH...going over it in my head it makes more sense than it does on paper but I'll do what I can. Poor Teddy, he's being abandoned by me. I still love you, Teddy, and I'm sorry! HIATUS (due to lack of ideas and time)

Returning to Forks-(Twilight) The twins are back for another story... but now the wolves are in to join the fun, and the Cullens may or may not have to come back to Forks to sort out the resulting mess... we'll see where this one goes, I have a better idea for this than I did for the Twins of Night and Day. HIATUS (the twins are dead)

Almost Like Royalty- (Naruto) Just me screwing around...I love Yondaime Hokage-sama way too much, so I wrote down almost his whole life story, from the prospective of his wife. It supports the Yondaime-is-Naruto's-father theory, so yeah! Look out for it! Anime's are tougher. HIATUS (due to lack of time for editing)

Please Don't Cry- (Twilight) It's a distraction from my depressing boy troubles...It actually works surprisingly you'll know when I'm feeling rather down 'cause you'll get a new chapter here...please, don't cry too much from reading this! I'll feel bad, I hate it when people cry! HIATUS (due to lack of insperation)

Onyx Twilight- (Twilight) It's a paradoy of one of my books, it's confusing and makes no sense and has no connection to Twilight other than the fact that it has vampires and werewolves in it. Anyway, I don't know what gave me the idea but I'm running with it, bare with me please. HIATUS (due to fanbase lacking)

EXTRA- Completely and totally on a hiatus indefinatly. I have lost all interest in Twilight and I've also been focusing all my extra energy on my novels when I'm not working my 40 hour weeks. Sorry.

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