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okay first i wanna thank u for reading this so thanx! and if u dont agree with some of the things i say dont bitch to me about it ok? ok!

name: call me neko!

age: UP YOURS! IM NOT TELLING! but I'm in 7th grade T.T

hair: brown with red streaks

eyes: light brown

fave color: dark purple and orange

fave bands: My Chemical Romance, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Trapt, KoRn, Taking Back Sunday, Panic! At The Disco, Greenday, Blink 182, Sugar Sult and Drowing Pool ~ punk rock music is awesome! XD ~

fave animes: inuyasha, naruto, fullmetal alchemist,and fruits basket

fave characters: i.y.- koga, rin, sesshomaru, kagome, iunyasha, sango, ayameand miroku

naruto- KIBA!!!!! gaara, sakura, sasuke, naruto, hinata, tenten, and neji

fruits basket- kyo, tohru, kisa, haru, hiro and momiji

fullmetal alchemist- ed, roy, envy, al, winry, hawkeye, and hughes

fave pairings: i.y.- inu/kags rin/sess kog/aya kog/kag san/mir

naruto- sas/sak gaa/hin nar/hin kib/hin gaa/sak nej/ten

fruits basket- kyo/toh kis/hir

fullmetal alchemist- ed/roy al/win haw/hav

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fave quotes:

"i'm just full of useless stuff" "that's not all your full of"

good friends bail you out of jail, but best friends are there saying ' that was so fucked up...but it was sweet' (i alterted it with my friends)

if i say because i can will you be happy?

i'm not evil! i'm just not good...

hobbies: rocking out on my electric guitar, reading about vamps, writing FF, drawing, acting emo... yeah i scare my friends and hugging my squishy pillow when im depressed (which is a lot) :D ne thats about it.

theres a pic in here with Kakashi without his mask: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KYmorbzWOE8&mode=related&search=

pics 4 so what now:

suki (just imagine she has brown hair):

hottie pic:

Sandsibs for So What Now:


Suki Makoto:

height: 5' 8"

wieght: 110 lbs. (not anorexic skinny but not chubby)

eyes: light green

hair: brown

things to know: hyper like on a sugar high. she loves wearing all black and red. loves punk alternitive music. IN LOVE WITH KIBA!!!!!! (like me ;P)

if in an AU story usually will be paired up with Kiba.

Ayama Atarshi:

height: 5' 6" (short)

weight: 110 lbs.

eyes: dark brown/black

hair: purple with black bangs that cover her left eye

things to know: clumsy and loud, falls alot. favorite color is dark purple and is mainly what she wears with black. into My Chemical Romance. loves setting things on fire but usually gets burns.

paired with Kiba in 'Trouble Love'

well thats all ur gonna get if ya got a ? send me a message or a reply! read my stories plz! ja ne! says in a bad accent I'll be back!

~X~ later!

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