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Name: The Cardinal Sin

Age: 20

Fav Films: The Underworld Series, Blood and Chocolate, Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Devils Advocate, Equilibrium, Batman Returns, The Rock, Con Air, Sin City, Godfather, and a whole host more.

Fav Books: Paradise Lost, The Inferno, Dr Faustus, Knowledge of Angels, Wuthering Heights

Fav TV Shows: Prison Break, NCIS, Buffy, Angel, Blade the Series, Vampire High (Most people hate it, I still think it rocks.) Dragons Den

Fav Music: Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Inkubus Sukubus, Disturbed, Cradle of Filth, Trapt, Paramour

Fan Fiction: I absolutley love the whole Underworld Universe, so much so that I devote a fair bit of time to writing Underworld Fan-fic.

I also enjoy reading Buffy, NCIS, and other Vamp fics


Underworld: Selene/Kraven Erika/Kraven Lucian/Sonja Markus/Amelia

Buffy/Angel: Spike/Dru Angel/ Darla Wesley/Fred Angel/Faith

About the Author

Not a huge amount to say really, I'm a student in London, if I'm not out getting drunk and doing something silly I'm sitting at my computer doing an essay or making up stories about Vampires.

About the FanFics

I've really enjoyed writing all of my stories, especially A Dark renaissance, which I just can not seem to end. I love the Canon Underworld universe, but there are so many fics out there that I like to try something a little different. Hence the reason why there are so many Original Characters that pop up in my story. Like most Writers I have grown very fond of my OC's, and sometimes feel sad that they're not actually in the movie : ( Oh well, they still make me happy and a lot of you apparently, judging from all the nice reviews you've sent me! Thanks for them by the way : ) So here's just a little bit about my OC's, and how I came up with them.

Malachi: As you've probably guessed by now I love the first Underworld film, and when I see a film I love I usually go and read some fanfics about it. However afterUnderworld I was determined to write one. However I wanted to stray away from traditional pairings and Scenario's, so I thought I'd invent my own history for the new World Vampires. Malachi came about as a need to bridge the gap and serve as a convinient link between Budapest and New York. You may notice that if I ever need to bring New World and Old World characters or story lines together, Malachi is the means in which I do it. As for his character origins I wanted someone who had vamp-ish qualities without being a stereotype, so it's hard to lable him in any sort of way. He's something of an anti-hero, but not evil. He's the most loving person in the world around people he cares about (Amelia/Nina) yet ruthless and damn right nasty to almost every one else. He has eternal youth, (Sired when he was 18) yet is a man out of his time, he does not always realise that the world has moved on (he still considers himself an Englishman despite living in America for a century, quite chauvinistic at times, although he would call it being a gentlemen, does not do subtlety very well.)His role within the Coven is also somewhat ambiguous, he is the fiercest warrior Amelia has, yet also has a large decadent side to his personality (Expensive suits, Cars etc) From a character perspective I built up Malachi's personality on the idea that he had the best of Selene's qualities and the worst of Kraven's. However he is usually so emotionally removed from the issue that you are unsure what part of his personality is dominat. I have tried to bring out the Selene/Kraven contrast into his character development during A Dark Renaissance: Throughout Amelia's journey and The Rise and Fall of Kraven, Malachi is very much the loyal bodyguard, never really having to worry about anything other than Amelia's safety, and fighting. However when he is ressurected he finds himself at the head of the Vampire Empire, with and Entire Coven looking to him for guidence. Worth noting for the first time in the stories he has to make a decision on his own, without Amelia or Nina. As such his personality has to adapt to deal with his new responsibility, and his more Kraven like tendancies come out. Interestingly enough, although he seems to resent having to be a leader, he is reluctant if not unable to give up his authority after Amelia is awoken.

Nina: The character of Nina came about simply as a means to explain why Malachi and Amelia were not together, and I find she fills the role quite well. (Well she must do, there are a lot of anti-Nina reviews.) Nina is everything Malachi has ever wanted since the day he was born, normality. He sees in her everything that is good in the world. Nina is the character I am probably most proud of, she is an interesting tool, she is intentionally meant to antogonise the audience, as the relationship between Malachi and Amelia is such a dominant theme of my stories. And yet she is one of the only truly good characters, her only dark side came about when grieving for Malachi. Nina and Malachi are supposed to contrast each other yet their routes are not that different. She came from wealth and a loving family (which perhaps makes her a little spoilt, but when surrounded by murderers and psycos is that really so bad?) However that was all taken from her, and she learns what it is like to be truly lonely, something her and Malachi share. Unlike most of the vampires she did not ask to be turned, but rather she had vampirism forced on her, in one of the most brutal ways possible. Although she is meant to antogonise the reader it is very hard not to like her, she's sweet, means well, cares for the humans that Amelia, Viktor and Malachi seem happy to use or leave to their fate. Like Malachi Nina is more youthful than the rest of the coven in apperance, however unlike her imposing and very powerful paramour, Nina looks out of place amongst the rest of the coven. A doll amongst monsters, as one of my friends describes her. Despite this however she is by no means week, she is universally respected and is strong enough to lead the coven (Ziodex in particular) to prosparity after the disaterous Hungarian incident. Her ownly discernable weaknessess are her love for Malachi, which cause her no end of stress. And her naievity, she seems oblivious to the attention she recieves from Casper and more recently Lestat.

Daniel: Daniel is an interesting character, I wanted to set Daniel up as a noble, peace loving man who wanted nothing more than to be rid of the war his brother and Viktor had brought on the immortals. Daniel at first, with his naievity around Dracon, attraction to Abigail, the way he loves the first Generation Lycan likes pets was designed to act as an opposite to Malachi, who seems to blindly follow Amelia's orders, and is not that adversed to killing people. However as his character develops so to does his past, and it becomes apparent that he is not so much an opposite to Malachi but more a mirror image. It was interesting to see the reactions I got whenever Daniel fought with one of the vampires... there are a lot of Lycan lovers out there.

Abigail: Abigail serves as a means to test Nina's loyalties, she is brought into the story to show that Andre is not compltely evil, her past is purposly kept secret, it is only hinted that her life was not good before Andre found her. She along with Nina, and Michael Corvin are the only truly good characters, everyone else (Selene included) has a true dark side to their character. Abigail is used to show the differences in relationships between the other characters, through her relationships with others. Her relationship with Andre, is what Malachi and Amelia could have been, purely the love of a parent to a child. She also acts as a contrast to Nina, where as becoming a Vampire forced Nina to grow up, Abigail's transfromation allowed her to have a childhood. Herslef and Nina represent the fact that peace between Lycan and Vampire is entirely possible, and it is just the hatred and habit of the rest of the bloodlines that keeps it going.

Trinity: Trinity is very much the product of Malachi's sin. It was his actions that lead to the death of her mother, and although he tries to make ammends my placing her with a wealthy and loving family, by doing this he brings her even deeper into the vampire world. She is chief of Security at Ziodex New York, mirroring Malachi's position with Amelia. Unlike Nina, and many of Malachi's Vampire allies, Trinity seems to always be fully aware of Malachi's plans, and is contsantly providing the Vampires with armed human guards to do with as they see fit. Although Trinity was not raised by Malachi and Nina, the three are strongly connected, and have had much to do with each others lives. Trinity's first memory is being held by Nina, similarly it is Trinity that reveals the CGR process to Nina. Although Trinity calls two humans her parents, she is very much the Prodigal daughter of Malachi and Nina.

Chastity:The latest in the line of Viktor's favorites. Having lost Sonja and Selene Viktor took Chastity under his wing, sired her and taught her to fight. Chastity is very much a combination of Selene and Malachi's characters, and is a pivitol piece in the ongoing game between the two covens. She is something of an arogant character at first, somewhat resentful of Nina's position within the coven, however I also wanted to give her a vulnrable side as well, as is seen when Viktor seemingly casts her aside. Chastity is similar to Trinity in the way that Malachi takes her under his wing, offering her guidance, that being said he is also fully aware of her skills as an assassin. However he is overly protective of her none the less.

Andre: The first major nemesis in A Dark Renaissance. Andre was an interesting character to write, I may revisit him in a future story. Andre is first introduced (mentioned only) In Amelia's journey, he is the Alpha which signs the Peace Treaty with Amelia following the events of the films. However this was merely a means of buying time before he could make his move. Like the Vampire, the Lycan to had a presence in the New World, Andre was the man Lucian chose to build in America. Andre is very cunning, more so than Malachi, he was able to ally with the political and industiral might of the Cain brothers in order to buy protection. It was Andre that came up with the idea of a Renaissance, he wanted to move away from the fighting, and return to a time when Vampires and Lycans co-existed (Only this time he would rule over the immortals) with a trophy Vampire queen at his side. After losing to Malachi's Andre's legacy lives on with Abigail who tragically finds herself dependant on her fathers killer for survival.

Owen: Formally Andre's adjutant, had been with him since the early days of Lucian's rebellion. Following Andre's death Owen was not strong enough to unite the Lycans, and so he came up with a plan to have Abigail sit as a pupet ruler on a Council of Alpha's. Owen is desgined to be a weak character, as he not only betrays the trust of his former master by using his daughter but also for being a tool of the Cain brothers. He was killed by Dracon.

Dracon: Dracon was an amusing chatacter to write, simply because he is such as bastard, everyone hated that guy. He served three main purposes in the story, the first was that he controlled Daniel and the First generation Lycans, which showed Daniel's naievity, the second was that he linked Viktor's arrival with the ongoing war with the Lycans. He is responsible for the death of Eli, which puts him on Amelia's bad side, he is tortured to death by Casper.

Casper: Casper's purpose is to show Malachi's transition from a bodyguard to a leader. We see Malachi delegating tasks, and relying on someone else to watch his back. Casper is an ambiguous character as you never know how loyal he is to Malachi. He also serves as a means of upsetting the ballance of the coven, as both Nina and Malachi extend he and his team privalges that would usually be reserved for the Death Dealers. His only weaknesses are money and his love for Nina, which everyone except the Princess seems to be aware of. Although Malachi uses him as an asset, there seems to be a genuine respect, probably falling slightly short of a freindship between the two. Malachi placed much faith in the mercenary, preferring to entrust sensitive matters to Casper rather than the Death Dealers or Counci, perhaps echoing the relationship between Soren and Kraven.

Eli: Eli is Amelia's last real link to her human life, he was entrusted with her care following the death of her father and served as her viceroy for centuries. His purpose accross the stories is to offer wisdom and advice to the rest of the coven, and to show that unlike Malachi Amelia was not completely deprived of a family growing up. His seat on the right hand side of Amelia's throne also serves as a contrast to who ever sits on the left (Malachi at first, then Nina, and Casper during Nina's reign.) it is a contrast between youth and experience, and often offers two conflict pieces of advice for Amelia. Eli, though primarily reduced to an advisor, did in fact die a warriors death in a conflict with Dracon.

Gunnery Seargent Jason Merton/ Subject L6/ "Malachi": L6's purpose was to provide a sympathetic enemy for the Vampires, it was not actually his fault that he became what he did, he was merely trying to survive, he is mainly inspired by Frankenstein's monster. Having him belive he's Malachi meant that Malachi had to fight himself, however as L6 was insane, Malachi would have to try and be rational, something the foul tempered vampire is not always capable of. The Hybrids affection for Nina was a way of antognising Malachi into losing his professionalism and making it personal. I wanted his death to be different to the others, I wanted a weakened Malachi to win without throwing a punch, I was quite happy with how it turned out.

Zoe: Is the only other character L6 has any real contact with, her relationship is never truly explored, as to whether he sees her as a Nina, Trinity or Chastity figure, I'll leave that to your imaginations. She serves as a means, along with the introduction of Adam Lockwood to explain the Hybrid infestation of New York, and to provide yet another sympathetic face to the Hybrid cause. Malachi uses her when he is negoting with L6, promising he will take care of her if the Hybrid agrees to his demands.

Agent Washington/ Senator Cain/ Chairman Cain: Used soley as a means to show how the human masters of the world interact with the immortals, shows that they are seen as both allies and tools, and offers an explanation as to why none of the species really trust each other. Agent Washington is also Malachi's main link to the world of human politics.

Lestat: Used to highlight Malachi's more devious side, like Kraven and Selene there is a constant competition to see which is the best chylde. I also thought it would be amusing to tie in Vampire popular culture in with the stories by having a well known Anne Rice character as a major element of the Underworld universe. He is also another example of Nina's inability to see her effect on men.

Relationships: First and foremost everyones favorite pairing Amelia/Malachi. Probably the most interesting of Malachi's relationships (if not somewhat disturbing.) I wanted to present Amelia and Malachi as kindred spirits, they meet by chance, yet there is an instant connection. The nature of their relationship is again somewhat ambiguous. When they meets both characters are very lonely, Malachi is an orphan with no future and no purpose in life. Amelia is a centuries old Princess with the weight of a coven on her shoulders. They seem to both find what they are looking for within each other, Malachi finds someone to love him, who will be there for him, who will give him a purpose. Amelia finds someone to share eternity with, someone to adore. However it is not as straight forward as that. There is also a self destructive attraction between the two, that neither wants to admit to, nor do they want to ignore it. Although it often looks as if they want to be together, I often feel that they crave the tragedy of their seperation just as much.

Malachi/Nina: Now we move on to a less popular pairing, but one I quite enjoy, that is of course Malachi and his Princess. Their relationship serves two purposes in the story, first and foremost in highlights the fact that Malachi and Amelia can not be together, and secondly it shows that Malachi is not comletely inhuman. They meet under unusual circumstances, Malachi is actually hunting Nina when they first meet, however there is an instant connection, very much a love at first sight. This relationship is also what enable Malachi to be ressurected, as following Amelia's slumber Nina is left in control of the Vampire world.


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