La Zorra
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Joined 04-21-06, id: 1033443

Real Names Samantha, sam, slam, sammy, tuesday sam, cheerios

age 17

gender female

country united states

state washington

Favorie shows Avatar the last airbender, trigun, FLCL, Pirates of the Caribbean, monty python and the holy grail and whatever else I feel like.

favorite things the color green, otterpops, art, T.V., the internet, Spotteee (my dead car) Meryl (my working car), the ocean, nintendo and fireworks.

Favorite music wolfmother, rancid, the fratellis, the beatles, the doors, supertramp, the pillows, the ramones and the clash. There are others that escape me at the moment.

least favorite things slugs, clowns, country and rap, the color pink, the desert, preps, math, waking up before 9:30, myspace freaks(people who are obsessed with myspace and or texting) and stupid people.

Yeah, thats the basic profile of me. I haven't written any stories yet but I review almost all of the ones I read. I don't really have extra time to write due to schoool and work but I have ideas for stuff... I'm just lazy.