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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter.

Hello Friend. Welcome to the twilight zone. Thank you for taking your time to know more about me. Lot's of love! ;D

News and Updates:

You will notice that my pictures are based and derived from originals found on the internet. Just so you know, they are not mine. I am not using them to get paid or anything that involves such a thing. I chose the images because they are simply the characters of my story. I did not edit them in any way, other than putting my initials to imply that I am the author of the story. I understand that it would still be a bit sketchy, If I have the time to draw my own banners, I will do so as soon as possible.

Innocent love is the surviving story of the noob trilogy. I killed the others. The story truly does have a somewhat noobish start. But it is continually improved and revised, and I find it to be a wonderful development. The Beta reader for IL is Rei Haruno. Sakura Imooto is doing a great job editing. She is also an author, so be sure to check out her works. Innocent love chapters 1 to 14 are recently revised. Latest chapter, His first rival 17, is now currently posted.

I have a new story in the Harry Potter category: We're having a teenager! Aussie readers might find the Australian accent odd, don't worry they will be revised. I have to admit that they are lengthy chapters and are prone to wordiness and a little stalling, you have been warned! I am ecstatic to finally have a beta reader on board for this project, the Beta Reader for We're having a teenager! is Mrs. Stockwell. The editing process is still under construction, so check tawny's works as a writer while you wait.

Spoiler for Innocent Love: Yes. It is a happy ending. Only 5 to 6 chapters until it is completed! :D

Spoiler for We're having a teenager!: Hermione and Draco's son is named Damien Scorpius Malfoy.

AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Avrille 'Introverso' Nordlicht

Avril - French of the month of april, Lee - Middle English 'lea' of meadow or forest clearing, Introverso - Italian for Introvert, and Nordlicht - German for Aurora Borealis. In the Fanfiction World: Although I do have a new name, I am still fond of that old enigma: Smilestiches. I decided to change as a symbolic way to being in my 20's. Renewing yourself is part of life. I figured, changing my name signifies the stage I am in now. My stories describe my personality. For example, after taking a test to know which House you belong to in Hogwarts, I belong in Gryffindor; typically brave, daring, and chivalrous. Very accurate to be honest. In the Real World: I graduated from a bachelor in Counseling, I am aspiring for a masters and a doctors in that same field. I am working as a School Guidance Counselor. Having finished my degree, I aim to have another occupation. I'm thinking Education or Graphic Design. I also want to grow as a travel blogger and an online or published comic illustrator. Having taken a short literature course, I see myself as a writer at my 50's. Music I like: I like anything that involves sentiment, but I majorly like Rock Alternative. Favorite Food: Rice, Grilled food, Fresh organic veggies, and Green tea or Avocado flavored ice cream. My Bad Habit: Stressing out to the point of melting my teeth from acid and burning my stomach from gastritis. Also, absentmindedly spending a day on my own or ending a day with only a few words spoken. My Message to You: I work and study. And thus writing fan fiction is a hobby for me. So if I do not update consistently, do forgive me. My life condemns me to write limited stories. I will do my best to create my ideas.

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We're having a teenager! reviews
Parenting class 101 is inevitable fate that every senior must conquer. Unfortunately that's not the only thing that they are doomed for because instead of babies, they get teenagers. And they're not your average delinquents, they're their future children.
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