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Something you must know already: I am known in mostly everywhere I have gone for my utter loathing of Princess Zelda in OoT, but the last time I drew a REAL bashing pic was over a year ago. My fanfic here doesn't count since it's of subterranean rating and I'm only leaving it here since I have nothing else. I don't hate Zelda anymore, in fact I never really did. She just annoyed me and bugged me a lot, but the character itself... nah. In fact, I always use her a lot on Melee... (AND PEACH. MUST NOT FORGET PEACH) however, she is over-the-top fun to bash and I shall continue poking fun at her. As of Kairi, I've come to like her too. Talim is still just as annoying, and I DESPISE Axel. Period.

I left the anti-Zelda rant below here because it is just so much fun to read and I sound 1/8 more intelligent than usual. Of course, ANYONE can sound smarter than that...

Call me: Nati.

Age: I lost count

Height: 5'4"

Place: Follow the yelow brick road

Birthdate: July 13

Hair: Light brown.

Eyes: Brown.

Favorite games: Kingdom Hearts 2, Zelda OoT and WW, Soul Calibur 2 and 3, Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles, Super Smash Brothers: Melee. (Not soon to be Brawl because I'm not getting a Wii. XD;), Super Mario Sunshine, Donkey Kong 64 and MAJORA'S MASK!! BEST FRICKIN GAME EVER!!

Favorite anime: Fruits Basket, and that obsession is staying for too long, damn!


Other favorite characters: Peach, Saria, Taki, Tetra, Siegfried, Hatori, Akito (s.t.F.U. Akii rocks damnit), Shigure, Ayame, Kureno, Kakeru, Saix, Namine, Riku, Roxas, Fado, Laruto, Sheik, Ganondorf, Sophitia, Seung Mina etc... I'll list the rest later.


Do I hate any characters?: ZELDA!! She's an annoying, idiotic, bratty, pain in the ass, vexing, ruddy git, bloody wench, maddening, pesky, screaming bitch, sorry excuse for a princess. She's a lazy ass, good for nothing, moronic, useless, ugly, lame, aggravating, annoying, smart ass, spoiled, bratty, pathetic excuse for a royal ass princess.

That's my point of view. Some people see her as a divine hot goddess that makes Link go crazy, and others view her as a brat. I dislike her. I suppose that all Zelink fans that see this are going to sue me. Well, guess what. I've come across a load of people that have very different taste than me in many, many things, and sometimes I feel like screaming at their heads for the ridiculous things that they write and draw, but they turn out to be great people in the end. So, I'm not telling you that, even if you're mad at me, I'll force you to be my friend. I'm just saying that you shouldn't hate me if I have different taste in characters and pairings that you do. That is all.

Oh yeah...and some SC characters?: Talim is an annoying bitch. I don't understand how is she so popular. I can't stand her. She's a bitch to fight, and her quotes are irritating. She also doesn't seem to have much of a backstory and has that goody-two-shoes feeling about her that gets to my nerves. In other words, they tried to make her the Asian version of Sophitia (Like the way Siegfried and Kilik are similar, yum) but they failed. I don't care if she's cute to people and all. Mina is cuter. =P

NEW: I also despise Kairi. Simple as that. She wears slutty clothes, has an annoying voice and thinks that Sora belongs to her. Silly little bitch. Sora is gay. He loves Riku more than you. She's also like the Kingdom Hearts version of Princess Zelda, except with less fabric.

UPDATE: I don't hate Zelda or Kairi anymore, though they're still fun to bash. XD Talim still annoys me, and now I hate Axel, that idiotic egotistical pain in the ass... and another overrated character. Flame me.

(that was the most HORRIBLE pun. ever.)


More about me?: Well, I'm an amateur writer. I love the Zelda series, and I like to write about them a lot. I've written some fics with Digital Winter. (She told you to visit me, no? XD) We both have a burning hate for Princess Zelda, so don't expect any fanfics about her in our pages. Or her and Link. Bleh. AND WE HATE KAIRI WITH A BURNING PASSION. (Ha, "Passion" pun intended, seriously o_o;)

Please visit my deviantART account, ! Though don't expect much because my art is just as good as my fiction. Augh. Go there at your own risk. Peace, love, may God bless you and may Zelda and Talim die for all that is good. And you too, Kairi.


UPDATE: In case you haven't noticed I'm not writing anymore... I guess since my only fic was really terrible I don't feel like updating, unless you guys want PORN... and the bad kind.

KIDDING. I can't even write that. But seriously. Thank you all for your good reviews, and your views. And sorry for not submitting anything anymore. I guess I'm not as confident as I seem...

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