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I am the Queen of (Kingdom) Hearts
When I was little I named myself queen of hearts. Then I made up a kingdom called Kingdom Hearts.
Hence the name. Yes Kingdom Hearts is also a game. Its a nice game. I played it. I don't play it that much anymore though...

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. It's when you argue with yourself and LOSE when it's weird. If you agree, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe,Ai no Miko500, Queen of Kingdom Hearts
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About The Queen of KINGDOM H-e-a-r-t-s

Age...No Comment
Purpose in life...To rule the world! Also to become a social Worker.
Why...Because I like helping others. Maybe a children theripst would be good too... (I want to rule the world so it won't be as screwed up as it already is)
Occupation...Student and aspiring witch(I'm also a vampire on this website)
Sexual ortientation...I'm Straight.
Relationship...I have a Boyfriend now.
Favorite Anime...Ayashi no Ceres (Also Love Hina)
Favorite Video game: KIngdom Hearts (I've never played FF7 but I like it too)
Favorite Movie: Titanic,and FF7 Advent Children
Favorite Song:Passion by Utada Hikaru.
Why do you write fanfics...I don't
Characters I love: Leon (Squall) 'cause he's hot. Vincent 'cause he's so...Vincent. Yuhi 'cause he's cute.Cloud, too many to list!
I admire...Sephiroth 'cause he'spowerful Nuriko 'cause he's the perfect man for me (I think) Ceres 'cause she's strong, Idepndent, powefuland beautiful...
If you had one wish come true what would it be?...To get 100 more wishes. _

~)(~)(~)(~My Muses~)(~)(~)(~

Cloud Strife (No I don't own him!)
Type: He's my "normal" muse

Miho Kagami
Age: 19
Type: My "Evil" muse
Notes: She has a boyfriend. Is gothic. Plays the guitar.

Lily (last name unknown)
Age: 20
Type: My "good" muse, my conscience
Note: Is nice but powerful. Might be weird. Likes to draw.


~)(~ I like Yaoi, Yuri or Het. I like humor and Angst. I like light and dark. I like Sephiroth and Cloud. I like fire and water. I'm only picky with food. BUT I do not like:
Yaoi/Yuri haters
Bunnies (don't ask) Relena (only in rare cases do I like her), Kairi (only in Sora/Kairi stories)
Racists, Sexists, people not tolerant of different religions and belifs.~)(~

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