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Kat. 18. Writer. Editor. Lover. Fighter.

I have too many interests and too many passions.
My mind's a mess, cluttered with bits and pieces of ideas and my imagination is everywhere.
I love theories and analysis, digging deeper into relationships and characters to find ulterior feelings and motives.
What's the fun in a person if they're cut and dry?


The rabbit gave another splutter and Amy moved forward to brush her hand along her back soothingly. Slowly, the moments of sheer spluttering grew more scarce, and in fifteen minutes she was back to speaking full sentences. “I’m so sorry,” Cream apologized, flushed. Amy’s gentle smile never left her face. “I just... boys are so confusing sometimes...”

The pink rascal took a moment to drink out of her own cup before responding. The last remains of lemonade glistened on her plush lips before she licked them clean. “It’s okay, really! It’s not like I haven’t hopped in on you and your mother plenty of times crying like a baby! I mean - what, was it, like, every week when I was fourteen? You guys were my personal therapists, I should be thanking you!”
Moonstruck, Chapter 5

s h i p s ;

My OTP, as of now. I love everything about these two. I love their ambiguity. I love their game of cat and mouse. I love how Amy's temper can get crazy out of control. I love how Sonic's a bumbling buffoon around her. I love SonAmy. It's my favorite pairing in the Sonic fandom and of all time, at this rate. I find the pairing to be infuriatingly almost canon and it's that quality about it that makes it so alluring. You can almost tell that SEGA enjoys teasing it's fanbase (especially the SonAmy portion) and it's that playfulness that leads me to believe that maybe Sonic doesn't 'hate' her as much as most of the fanbase makes him out to be. C'mon, when has he ever snapped at her like that? Fanon strikes again. On the same terms, I hate it when people change Amy from a giggly, spazzy fangirl with her head in the clouds to someone who doesn't give a flying fladoodle about Sonic. In simpler terms, SonAmy is my love.

I love love/hate relationships. Typically, the pairing that never stops arguing is my favorite and Knuxouge/Knouge is certainly close to it. I love how much they 'hate' each other and at the same time they're totally into one another. I love how Rouge can hold her own against a big guy like Knux. I love how she's a treasure huntress and he's a guardian; it's sort of a forbidden love thing but on a different, less strict level. I think these two could really work out together. Definitely sooner than I see Shadouge ever happening.

I've recently grown to like the pairing a lot more. I think that since Tails is to Sonic as Cream is to Amy it definitely could work but not until both of them are a little older. After all, they're both just kids and their innocence is in the way. I think they have the potential to be adorable together because after all, both of them are pretty cute to begin with.

Wow, am I going to get shot for shipping Taiream and Taismo? SCANDAL. But no, I seriously loved Cosmo. I loved her almost!relationship with Tails and I think, had she not died, they could have been really good together. I ship it but not to the point that if you don't think they should be together I'll shun you. I know not everyone likes Cosmo. I ask that you respect the fact that I, indeed, do like Taismo, and I might write it, but about as often as I'll write any Tails pairing.

I don't really ship this one too much. My best friend Nell used to ship it obsessively so I slipped it into some of my stories. Don't expect a fangirl squeal from me if you mention Shadaze to me.

I used to like this one a lot more, but all of the Shadaze got stuffed down my throat with a burning pitchfork so I sort of grew out of it. Don't get me wrong, I still like it enough to mention I moderately ship it, but it's not a blazing fire in the pit of my soul like SonAmy and Knuxouge/Knouge are. Blaze has a certain maturity about her that compliments and completes Silver's naive nature. They could definitely be cute, written correctly.

Who doesn't love this pairing? Sonic X, guys. Honestly.

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