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Hey? What's up with that? I KNOW how many stories I wrote and what section tehy are in thank you very much and anyone who wants to find out the number and section should scroll down and see for themselves!

--Look! It's Me! (It may still be a spoink for a while though) In real life I have a lot of acne and messier hair but I doubt you'd wanna see all that...


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Hello, I'm Hannah and welcome to my profile. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT under any circumstances insult my profile, spelling or both. you must remeber writing and spelling is not as easy as for other people as it might be for you and I am taking a spelling class so don't say I'm not trying .

For people who are here to be nice to me and be my friend come on in. there is always room for good people trying to be nice and even we weren't friends before and even if you did insult my profile I still want to be your friend, it would be nice if I could be everyone's friend and everyone would be everyone friends and there would be no wars and fights and...(wishful thinking) but if you do want to be my friend PM (woah...I'm acting like everyone would actully want to be my friend).

NICE PEOPLE: Kida Yuki,The Living Enigma , Sonic4life2006, Endsville, Nightmare car, Oakeneye, Sarah303, Snowy Egypt, Journey Beyond, Rahkshi500, AfterDarkHours, Coco gash niccals, Seoshi-Alina, Kiyo Crazy, Metalner, OneDreamADay, Snipersword Rykun, Gentleman Jirachi, Waterdragon719, dbzgtfan2004, Sinned, General Subwoofer, The Fiercesomest Dragon Ever, trapboo522, Freak0592, Tragicoutcast, Cutelilteen, Spongy4u14, Jessesgirl1549

Me: there are two more non-user nice people. the teacher and the wife (see Zatch's Camp Adventure's 13th chapter and you'll unerstand)

Dr Riddles: What about me and Kiddo?

Kiddo: Yeah!

Me: Ok you're officaily on this list too

Dr Riddles and Kiddo: YAY! Were nice, and FINALLY on your profile!

People who hate me: Why would anyone bother be nice to you. you're a waste of time!

Me: Well you sure wasted your time being rude to me then!

You know what: there is an account called the abuseteam or something dedicated to reporting stories? i thought der, ramb and danni (short for real penames) needed a life but them woah...why would somebody spend their free time being a snicth? I wonder...

People who hate me: how can YOU have friends?

Me: simple, you bother me, the word spreads, people who are NICE feel bad and be my friends so if you really hated me you wouln't have ever bothered me. it's a blurry line; love and hate...(why did I say that!).

( hope this link works, it'a a link to Ranger15, some creep who PMed me on a nother account with some incoherent(sp) nonsense about something I couldn't understand. read his profile, tell me if you can translate what he's saying to english, yes I am not very good at reading that sort of stuff).

STORY INFO (for the story I'm working on now)

Zatch's New Adventure

Zatch goes on an adventure in a different world to stop the evil Naomi and her group caled the Patrol who go around causing trouble and...being evil. he and the friends he meet along the way work together to overcome any obstacle and if you were a character in Zatch's Camp Adventure (like Yuki, Kida, Sarah, Alina) you're automaticly in this story too and if other people (for some odd reason) wanna be in it, they can be because I'm nice like that! IT IS ON HOLD!

Beep You!

The story about how Zatch and Tia learn curse words, (even though in the Japanese version they already know them). It's kinda based on Spongebob.

The Seven Sues

Seven ultra perfect Mary-Sues have to win the hearts of Zatch Bell Male Characters so they can collect their love in a bottle and use it to take over the Mamodo World. But Flamers are on the move to try and stop them.


I Hate The Holidays: Completed since I didn't feel like writing it anymore...

Zatch's Camp Adventure: Finished and has a sequel, which isn't done...

Well you saw the info now read the story it's somehwere after this conversation I made and put in...

People who hate me: good finally the profile is over...

Me: Well now comes the story!

People who hate me: Gotta get out of here

Me: That got rid of them but now I need some one to read my story. How about you? grabs you and puts you in front of the IT NOW!

Kiddo: Yeah, come on read it! me and Dr Riddles are in it (sometimes) and Dr Riddles knows everything!

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MarySues embark on a quest to win seven unsuspecting guy's love, so they can take over the Mamodo World. But with Flamers out to get them, can they do it?
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